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Customer reviews

3.4 out of 5 stars
3.4 out of 5 stars
Platform: PC|Edition: Standard|Format: Box|Change
Price:£29.95+ £1.99 shipping

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on 1 July 2011
OK, I'll start with the positives. Graphically stunning. The levels are truly nightmarish in their depiction. A level where Alice jumps around on playing cards way up in the clouds is not for anyone nervous about heights. The storyline is engrossing, and the London sequences show us some truly grotesque characters. The foes you face are varied, and you have some pretty impressive weapons, especially when upgraded. Replayability factor is high. There is a lot to do and find, and you're unlikely to achieve it all in one playthrough. For example, you may find yourself with more than one path ahead. One of those may lead you to a collectible object or a side-game, while the other advances you through the level. Take the second option and a door closes behind you. With no way back, you'd have to play again to find out where the other path would have taken you and to do/collect what you missed the first time round. As a general warning, this game is NOT for children. Paedophilia and prostitution are recurrent themes, and the f-word is used on a number of occasions although none of this is unrealistic for 19th century London. There are a few niggles. There is no manual save function. The game autosaves at checkpoints, and as far as I can see you can only ever go back to your last save. If you die by falling off a ledge or by contacting some hazardous object, you are returned to the game somewhere nearby. If you die in combat however, you go back to the last checkpoint with everything to do again and there is an annoying 'do you want to continue?' screen (all that is missing is 'please insert another coin'). Some of the platform-jumping sequences are very difficult and frustrating, and seem to go on forever. The auto-targeting feature is problematic; using the Tab key to switch targets rarely seems to work. Another minor niggle is that although the London dialogue is obviously British-voiced, the subtitles use American spelling. I suppose I should be grateful they didn't set it in New York. On the whole, definitely worth buying. I've played through it twice, both on 'easy', and I'll play it again (probably still on easy).
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on 17 June 2011
Alice - Madness returns is a very beautiful and great looking game. you will need a good PC to run it in the very high settings. Ive been playing for 5 hours and only 25% of the game is completed. It must be a very long game.Its a bit like Medieval on the psone / and Evil twin on dreamcast and pc.if you like these games than its a must buy for you. The game has Drm. after installing you have to Activate the serial code online. You DO NOT need to make a EA account to play.After you done this you can play the game from the Icon and with no CD-game in the cd-player.YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE ONLINE TO START THE GAME
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on 28 January 2012
Pros firstly
The game is styled within an inch of its life and as a result it looks beautiful
Interesting story line
The character of Alice is very likable
The game does support the xbox gaming controller which is a plus
Erm that's about it.

The graphics fall down on some of the most basic points. While the huge landscapes and characters are brilliantly done the smaller details have fallen by the wayside eg. A spiked floor with the spikes moving up and down through the floor and the spikes and the holes don't even match up.

The combat is very repetitive. Dodge, hit, dodge, hit. Repeat until done
The 'puzzles' or more correctly, the obstacle courses which comprise most of the game get very dull and frustrating very quickly. The main problem is no variation in the obstacles.

The aiming system which you are encouraged to use is terrible. Luckily its not necessary but if you want to use ranged weapons quickly then its pretty essential. The targeter keeps moving from one enemy to the next and if you try and focus on just one enemy then it flicks backwards and forwards between the two. This was very annoying.

The interesting levels were cut very short. The Card Bridge for example was very fun but took only about 20mins to complete
The game is also only 12hours long

When you install the game you are forced to install EA Download Manager as well. This then needs to update but once you agree to the update it tries to install Origin as well. Erm hello EA. No one wants spyware on their computer! If you cancel the installation then the manager keeps complaining about not being up to date.

In all its a very average game weighed down by bad gameplay mechanics and the standard DRM that EA feels compelled to smother all their products with now days. Don't bother unless its less than £5 and you are very bored
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on 16 December 2011
I am starting to wonder if there is a pattern in the EA titles I have. Mirrors Edge is one of my all time favourite games (sequel please!) yet despite periods of inspired play (chased along rooftops by a helicopter gunship whilst leaping between buildings comes to mind) it sorely lacks in the combat area. Alice: Madness returns is creative to the point of wonder with it's environments yet the gameplay is basic and repetitive. So, like Mirror, a great selling point interspersed with stale elements.

I loved the original and was delighted to see a sequel. But the original seemed more vibrant and the characters certainly weren't as nasty!

Madness really is grim (think Alice in Dante's inferno) and I would not recommend it for smaller children. It's too hard anyway. To those who find their mice too sensitive - I've been using a keyboard since the Acorn Electron (look it up!) and find the sensitivity fine. Some of the challenges are timed (rush between stomping pillars for instance) and are really frustrating. Combat is HARD and although I've got the hang of it I can see some people getting really narked by how 'hard' the colossal and insidious ruin creatures are to defeat.

Good points: utterly fascinating and beautiful environments, trippy, weird and makes you want to play further to see what is coming next. Good sounds effects.

Bad points: awful voice acting, repetitive combat, some parts way too hard

Overall, I think it's okay. I got it cheap so didn't feel cheated. I am glad Alice returned.
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on 29 April 2013
Oh wow ... What a game. If you played the original American McGee`s Alice, you`ve got to play this one.

As you`d expect, the graphics are so much more fluid and, after levelling them up, the weaponary is a lot stronger although the controls are a little different so you`ll have to get used to them but once mastered, you`ll really enjoy it.

In the normal gameplay, Alice gets a new dress after each level completed which gives you the option of swapping around but (unless you fiddle with the .inf files) you won`t get the total of six until you`ve finished the game at which point, you can re-play it with a full wardrobe and in case anyone`s wondering, stripey tights are the order of the day except for the water dress which sees her barefoot.

There is a downside to this version though and that is the bugs. No, not the caterpillar or even the flying beetles that drop something suspiciously explosive on her head but the game bugs and if you find something not working as it should do and then `Google` it, you`ll find that a lot of people in a lot of forums have the same gripe but if you`re confident enough to mess about with the .inf files, there are plenty of guys out there with solutions to whatever difficulty you come across ... It`s just a shame that EA and Spicy Horse haven`t cottoned on to it and patched the game accordingly.

The concept of the game is brilliant and for the money it`s worth giving it a go even if you hadn`t been captivated by the original version as long as you`re aware that it`s sometimes a bit buggy although most problems can be solved with some in-depth researching. For the male population out there the answer is yes, you can get quite a few other dresses for Alice but you`ll have to work out how for yourselves ;-)
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VINE VOICEon 21 June 2011
Alice: Madness Returns stays true to the original whilst streamlining combat and exploration (of what little there is). Watch my video review to get the full lowdown :)
Warning: Video contains few uses strong language!
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on 9 November 2011
Beautiful graphics, fun to play but hard to put down! Plenty of save points and unlike some games once you've carried out a task, no need to redo if killed, auto saves for you. Well recommended.
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on 8 November 2011
Alice in Wonderland was always a trippy book to begin with, but when it is strained through the brain of American McGee it becomes scary as well as trippy. In `Alice: Madness Returns' you play as Alice in the real world (a cross between Fable, Oliver and hell) and in Wonderland (Hell, hell and hell). Within Wonderland the game becomes a 3rd person platformer with fighting elements and a few puzzles to solve. By making your way through the levels and taking on the various enemies of the world you uncover what is happening in Alice's subconscious and it ain't nice.

The entire game has a dirty and grubby feel to it. The real world is full of letches and turns, Wonderland is dark and the characters are rotten and corrupt. There is no real pleasure to be gained from stepping foot in the world of wonder and this is a real shame. The gameplay itself does not fair much better. I was always a fan of the old school 3rd person platform game; `Jax and Daxter' remains one of my all-time favourite games, but `Alice' feels ancient even in comparison with this PS2 title. The platforming is shoddy, the fighting slipshod, and the puzzles a bit rubbish (shod).

A world empty of joy and empty of entertainment does not make for a fun experience. A little more time spent of fixing the basic gameplay elements may have made the game more intuitive and forgiving. Instead you are bombarded with hateful imagery and hateful gameplay, not something that people look for in a game.
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on 1 August 2012
I've been looking for an interesting quirky game with a lead female for a while now and had hoped I would find this in Alice, however this game has many flaws that continually chip away at the enjoyment. The game starts beautifully some gorgeous graphics and top class voice acting allows you to get into the game and Alice herself right away although I would have liked to have some sort of over view of the previous game. The game starts to go downhill though once Alice is in wonderland. This is because although the first few levels are beautiful they are so repetitive and tedious one simply loses the will to follow the story, the fighting mechanics are difficult to get a hold of as are the jumping mechanics, I have spent hours upon hours trying to make the same jump because instead of floating Alice simply falls to her death. The storyline itself becomes a little lost as well and the only bits I really enjoy are those out of wonderland. As it stands I have been unable to complete Alice as it is not the game I had wanted and I have no desire to do the same levels again and again.
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on 15 April 2012
When American McGee released the original Alice game in 2000, it became a bit of a cult classic. Wonderland had gone wrong, thanks to Alice losing her parents in a house fire, and her Wonderland was now twisted and threatening to consume her. It was a rather original title, and the problem for McGee's follow up was how to improve on that creativity and imagination, without being derivative.

So his software house, Spicy Horse, based in Shanghai, had its work cut out to achieve a worthwhile follow up. The idea they plumped for is Alice continues to have psychiatric trauma over the death of her family and the house fire, and receives psychiatric therapy. Ergo, Wonderland is even more twisted than it used to be. Unfortunately, it's a bit too twisted and barely resembles any Wonderland we've ever seen before, with entirely new locations and completely new enemies.

The plot regarding Alice's latest attempt to save Wonderland sees a rampaging train burrowing through it, trying to wreck it, with Alice on the chase, going through different locations to try to catch up with it and destroy it.

In doing so it's similar gameplay to the original, but lacking the sparkle. The platforming, combat and exploration is still here, but we've seen it before and it gets repetitive quickly. The combat system is not the greatest either, and I had to give up on normal when I encountered a section of enemies fairly early on that I just could not beat. Going down to easy made it a bit more negotiable but even then, Alice's Hysteria mode, her sort of temporary God mode, was required to get me through it.

Visually the game is creative, imaginative, and even ingenious in places, but the technology hasn't been used to its fullest potential - the Unreal Engine can do better than this, and from a technical point of view the visuals are not astounding. One of the later levels sees Playstation 2-quality water at best. Not very impressive. But character models are well-conceived and 'Old London Town' looks terrific and atmospheric.

The voice acting is decent, same main two protagonists I believe as Alice and the Cat - although Cheshire's witticisms seem a little pointless now, and not as sharp as the original game.

Overall Madness Returns is a quality title if not an inspirational game in the way the original was. Indeed, the final section is a bit of a chore and I'm not sure whose decision it was to finish on a section of that nature. But there are much worse games out there.
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