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Customer reviews

2.7 out of 5 stars

on 23 April 2013
I thought this story had the bones of a good story and was chilling in parts. It does need some work, however, once that's done, I think it would thrill the reader into wanting more by this author. I found the idea intriguing and worth a look.
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on 15 April 2012
I was really attracted to the synopsis of this book, and after reading the amazon U S reviews I was expecting an excellent read. However, I could not 'get into' the book because of the terrible typos / grammatical / spelling errors. I tried to persevere but it was just too distracting. I really hope the author will re edit this book and publish again, as I would definitely give it another go. As a reader, this is unusual of me to say this as I am of the opinion that if the author cannot take the time to check their work, or get someone to do it for them, then I won't waste my time reading their work as I feel that it hasn't been professionally done. And usually, this would put me off reading anything else by the author. However, I feel that if this author could polish her work then her stories would be very good. I don't usually leave reviews like this. If I pick up a poorly edited book, I stop reading and make a mental note not to read anything by the author again, but I am hoping the author will see this review and take the comments to enable her to rid her work of these errors. I know a lot of readers who are similar to myself and are put off by errors such as these. I want to read this book!
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on 17 April 2012
I really wanted to give this book more stars as I did really enjoy the story, but like a previous reviewer the typos and errors were distracting. The main problems I found were using the 'wrong' word - some examples that come to mind are loosing instead of losing, waist instead of waste and the strangest one - caricature instead of character. I also noticed that there were random speech marks around words, such as names, and sometimes a sentence would start with speech marks but didn't end with them. It made for hard reading when you are spending most of the time working out if someone is speaking or not. I found it distracting when characters were introduced, for example, as "Lindsey" and "Jonathan" - those are their names, why the speech marks?

I was lucky enough to get this book when it was free, but now there is a charge for the book I agree with the previous reviewer that this book would benefit from some good proof reading and being resubmitted.
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