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on 31 July 2014
This is a cheap, standard drive of (still) very high capacity. Not suitable for NAS (go for WD Red), but it doesn't claim to be .I have found them to be I have several of these drives (2 and 3 TB) and find them to be both reliable and quiet.

I believe (but may be proven wrong) they have 3 (667GB) and 4 (750GB) platters respectively. Essentially the more platters, the more data can be stored, but also the risk of a mechanical fault increases. WD Green 4TB drives have 4 (1TB) platters.

As it is a drive over about 2.19TB you will not "see" the drive under Windows 7 until you initialise the drive. Right-clicking of "My Computer" and selecting "Manage", then clicking on "Disc Management", then select the drive and chooses "initialize" you should choose "GTP".
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on 6 April 2015
Frustrating drive, I have two, and both have had problems. The power saving technology in these drives isn't quite right yet. First of all, they're a little off-putting, spinning up and down all the time. They almost sound like a dying disk on its way out. All this head parking every 8 seconds appears to increase your risk to bad sectors. Look at the attached image, 2x in the same system, 2x warnings about read failures. I ended up with one disk in really bad shape with reads around 200Kb/s (ironically running a chkdsk that found 0 problems speeded it up?) and boot times of up to 20 minutes (this isn't even the system disk!?).

The only way I've got these to be stable, is by going through the massively convoluted process of creating a universal boot cd (on USB), launch into FreeDOS and run the WDIDLE3 utility and turn off the disk parking in the firmware. Then wipe the disks and start again.

It's early days, but I'm kind of happy with them now. I should probably RMA them, but I don't have enough free storage elsewhere to temporarily be without them, so I'm sticking with it. If you're looking to buy these based on the great TB to £/$ rate...I'd personally look elsewhere. Western Digital are a good brand, just avoid these Greens.
review image
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on 9 August 2016
There's no point me performing disk benchmarks on an energy efficient drive as for one, someone else probably has and secondly this isn't meant to be a performance drive (However Green technology is now in Blues). I mainly use this drive for archival media storage which will probably get watched once then left for a while and watched again and it does the job perfectly, like most drives would.

The advantage of a WD Green drive is the energy usage is lower and the time to park heads is reduced, so if you forget to turn it off after use then you'll probably find its gone to sleep anyway. I wouldn't suggest using these for NAS usage although I haven't tried, but I have tried them in a PC as a game/program drive and they worked fine there.
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on 7 September 2013
I wanted a large fast but green 3TB hard drives for my Hornettek Enterprise 4X (Quad Bay Enclosure) and this seemed like the most affordable option in the long run. Arrived very quickly and well packaged. Should hopefully last several years. I monitor all my PC's drives health using Acronis Drive Monitor (Free Tool) just incase. My 1TB PC internal Seagate SATA drive which is only 2 years old is showing a problem. However the 5 year old Seagate main drive SATA HD doesn't. Everyone has different experiences but i still believe that if one brand is good for you then stick with them. I highly recommend this drive!
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on 28 July 2016
This was purchased for use in a HP microserver running Plex server. The server is not accessed 24/7 so the WD green range is ideal for this task. Slightly quieter then standard WD drives which makes all the difference when you have four of these spinning.
This is the forth drive purchased and has been running perfectly for several months alongside other WD green drives that have been running for much longer. There have been no issues whatsoever, even surviving a power cut or two with zero loss of data.
For network drives or secondary PC drives that are not being written to / read from constantly, these drives are ideal.
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on 8 June 2014
Installing the drive was easy (Windows 7) although I had to partition before use. I'm using this for backups only but I am very pleased with the time reduction which suggests its (6Gb/s) somewhat faster than my previous (3GB/s) drive. I'm using a Startech Controller card since my Motherboard doesn't have 6GB/s. It can be heard when waking up but the 'whoosh' soon settles & its no noisier than the other hard drives. Temperature is about the same as the other 8 drives in my system: (1xHitachi, 2xSamsungs, 1xSeagate, 2xvery old WD, 1xToshiba& 2xMaxtors): about 28oC idle & 32oC load. I am able to measure electrical consumption (240v) which the PC uses and since fitting this there is a measureable reduction.
As for longevity I can't comment as I've only had the drive for 2 months. But I've only had one drive failure (Maxtor). I think the secret is keeping them cool. My only gripe is the start-up from idle which takes about 15secs initially then causes system stutter (mouse is not responsive) intermittingly for a further 40 secs or so. But since I have the system set to backup when idle this isn't too much of an inconvenience. All in all its a cracker price and lower power consumption. Amazon's packaging was fine too 10/10.
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on 4 September 2013
I got this to complement an SSD in my new PC build (whilst the SSD is fine for Windows and most of my programs, my 300 GB worth of pictures, videos, music and documents needs something with more capacity rather than more speed.)

Installation into my case was nice and easy, and once formatted in Windows as an NTFS drive, I found myself with 2.72 TB worth of space to work with. Copying onto the drive via USB 3.0 was nice and fast (limited only by the USB 3.0 drive itself), and I had all my data on the drive within a few hours. The initial chkdsk showed no bad sectors, and have had no issues with it thus far (however one week isn't quite long enough to give a totally good picture of a hard drive's reliability.) Copying between this and my SSD is a consistent 150 MB/s, which is more than fast enough to satisfy me - especially given that I don't often find myself needing to do this.

The 3 TB capacity is colossal for me, and I find myself looking for new ways to try fill it - expanding my music tastes and downloading an assortment of films hasn't even put much pressure on it, still over half empty! It's going to be a long while before I need to upgrade this hard drive.

Overall, I'd strongly recommend this hard drive for anyone looking to build a new PC, or just looking for an upgrade to replace or supplement their existing storage. I can't report on it as a boot drive in terms of load times (use an SSD personally) but I'm sure it won't disappoint on that front either.
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on 8 April 2014
I switched to WD from Seagate when I lost a 1 TB HDD that had all my old data on. I bought 2 WD 3 TB drives for my data server. One is used as my data store for photos, films, music and important documents, (letters and scanned bills etc.) The second I use to back up the first 3 TB drive and I just make a disk copy every week of all the new files I have created. In the medium term it is much cheaper than your clouds (money making for these organisations at an amazing rate and you can get to your data through a vpn via your tablet anywhere if you need it sorry not easily iPADs rubbish Apple stuff).
These HDDs are fast, reliable, quiet and at 3 TB are quite big. I have one of those 1 TB my passport drives which I use on holidays and transfer data to and from that as needed.
These HDDs are solid, reliable, easy to use and have massive storage. I am very happy with mine
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on 22 November 2014
Bit noisy at start up but overall great drive. good value for money - I purchased this to put into a RAID1 with another WD 3TB drive I already had so i knew they were a good drive.

after reading some reviews about poor packing i was a bit nervous but then i noticed that all the recent reviews commented that the packing was improved so I purchased mine direct from amazon and waited. I have to say the packing was ok- nothing more. The hard drive is installed and works fine so apparently no damage but when it arrived it was loose inside the box with a little bit of scrunchy brown paper to stop it moving side-to-side but nothing to stop it moving up-and-down.
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on 4 January 2015
I've only given it four stars as it is not made very clear that modern computers don't receive 3Tb HDD's very well unless you have specific software installed. There is a lot of messing around trying to sort it out and getting the PC to read the whole drive. I sent it back and bought a 2Tb instead... same brand, same make... Western Digital drives I have been using for countless years and never had a problem. The only reason why I buy new HDD's is to expand the size of the drive in my PC and eventhough my old drives have been shelved, they are still in full working order.
Anyone who complains about these drives must be doing something wrong.
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