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  • Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars

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on 31 July 2014
This is a cheap, standard drive of (still) very high capacity. Not suitable for NAS (go for WD Red), but it doesn't claim to be .I have found them to be I have several of these drives (2 and 3 TB) and find them to be both reliable and quiet.

I believe (but may be proven wrong) they have 3 (667GB) and 4 (750GB) platters respectively. Essentially the more platters, the more data can be stored, but also the risk of a mechanical fault increases. WD Green 4TB drives have 4 (1TB) platters.

As it is a drive over about 2.19TB you will not "see" the drive under Windows 7 until you initialise the drive. Right-clicking of "My Computer" and selecting "Manage", then clicking on "Disc Management", then select the drive and chooses "initialize" you should choose "GTP".
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on 7 September 2013
I wanted a large fast but green 3TB hard drives for my Hornettek Enterprise 4X (Quad Bay Enclosure) and this seemed like the most affordable option in the long run. Arrived very quickly and well packaged. Should hopefully last several years. I monitor all my PC's drives health using Acronis Drive Monitor (Free Tool) just incase. My 1TB PC internal Seagate SATA drive which is only 2 years old is showing a problem. However the 5 year old Seagate main drive SATA HD doesn't. Everyone has different experiences but i still believe that if one brand is good for you then stick with them. I highly recommend this drive!
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on 6 April 2015
Frustrating drive, I have two, and both have had problems. The power saving technology in these drives isn't quite right yet. First of all, they're a little off-putting, spinning up and down all the time. They almost sound like a dying disk on its way out. All this head parking every 8 seconds appears to increase your risk to bad sectors. Look at the attached image, 2x in the same system, 2x warnings about read failures. I ended up with one disk in really bad shape with reads around 200Kb/s (ironically running a chkdsk that found 0 problems speeded it up?) and boot times of up to 20 minutes (this isn't even the system disk!?).

The only way I've got these to be stable, is by going through the massively convoluted process of creating a universal boot cd (on USB), launch into FreeDOS and run the WDIDLE3 utility and turn off the disk parking in the firmware. Then wipe the disks and start again.

It's early days, but I'm kind of happy with them now. I should probably RMA them, but I don't have enough free storage elsewhere to temporarily be without them, so I'm sticking with it. If you're looking to buy these based on the great TB to £/$ rate...I'd personally look elsewhere. Western Digital are a good brand, just avoid these Greens.
review image
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on 1 October 2011
I have bought WD drives previously and have been happy with their reliability and performance. Whilst it is early days, so far I have not been disappointed with the pair of these which I purchased. I have experienced no issues as a direct result of the drives and the unit is keeping them working well.

On this occasion I have bought a pair of these 3TB drives to work in a dual drive NAS drive unit. A little over the top for the performance, but the price was very good and slightly better than the 3 GB/s option at the time. For the past few days I've been copying content to them, whilst also streaming some content from them. In preparation for these drives, I had updated the firmware on the NAS drive unit so that it can support 3TB drives before installation. You may also wish to confirm that you are using the latest firmware/BIOS/SATA drivers for you system as some older systems may have issues with the larger capacity these drives offer.

As with all SATA drives, it was a simple case of plugging them in, initialising, partitioning and formatting them. They were ready to use within an hour of arrival, but I know that formatting them for use on a PC would have taken a lot longer using the standard method (i.e. not quick format).

I have set them up using a RAID 0 configuration. This should ensure faultless HD Video streaming over my LAN, which will be their primary use. Whilst this configuration offers no data redundancy, the data isn't highly valuable. Any loss would be an inconvenience though. The unit does offer other RAID options which would support automatic data backup.

I intend to get a larger unit at a later date and would happily use these (or similar drives) if all works well in the mean time. In my case such a larger unit will make use of a better RAID system, meaning that there should be less chance of data loss. I already have my eyes on such a unit, but I will need to save up some money for everything first.

For reference, the NAS drive unit I am using is the Netgear ReadyNAS Ultra 2 (Diskless) RNDU2000.
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Surprisingly, I had not purchased a WD bare drive for a number of years, despite once using nothing else. I had originally searched for a different brand, one that I have strongly adhered to for some time, but their products seem to be in strictly limited supply, and I could find no-one with any stock. In fact, some supplier of similar drives stated that they were in such limited supply that numbers would be rationed to a single unit per customer.

I originally ordered a pair of these from a UK supplier for use in a RAID enclosure. Although they first appeared to have the stock, they did not. I reordered at a slightly higher price from another supplier only to find after the fact that the drives would be shipped from Germany and a 3-week delivery spread was given which gave me quite a nasty shock. Goods actually arrived within 7 days, protectively wrapped and packed to perfection, if not to excess.

Potential buyers may be unnecessarily swayed by the comments in some reviews about 3TB HDDs not being 32-bit OS-friendly. The reason is that 32-bit systems cannot see partitions larger than a full 2TB (2048MB) due to their use of NTFS, a little larger than a notional 2TB drive will provide. It therefore means that about 750GB of the drive's capacity will not be accessible. You cannot even partition it as a second 'drive' with NTFS. With a 64-bit system and HDDs larger than 2TB, another partitioning system, GPT - GUID Partition Table - becomes available. That allows much larger partitions and the full capacity becomes available. You can, if you wish, create an extended series of smaller partitions on the one drive rather than having a limit of four. As most recent PCs and laptops are provided with 64-bit systems, the larger drives becoming available are usable with those machines.

The drives appear completely silent in use and partitioning and formatting were surprisingly near-immediate using Window's Disk Management tool. As one of the functions of Green HDDs is to reduce their power usage, they do this partly by varying between 7200 and 5400rpm spin speeds, the faster speeds used for prolonged reading/writing, and also by powering down the spin motor if the drive is unused for some time - typically about 10 minutes. However, this 'green' function can cause problems in some systems as the function is not BIOS-supported, in which event you may be better served with a standard HDD.

At about 60% more in price than a similar 1TB unit (not Green), they are therefore good value, and not significantly more expensive than 2TB.

If to be used as a solitary drive, I would suggest using a good enclosure, perhaps one with fan cooling or with ventilation. As the drive can spin at 7200 rpm, there will be more heat produced than from a 5400 rpm alternative.

In my case, I had ordered a pair to use in a RAID enclosure using mode 1 and needed a pair of identical drives for the best results. Long-term usage will tell if this was or was not a wise choice.

UPDATE @ 05-2012

After two months' use I have not yet seen a single issue, hiccup or anything that may suggest that I am likely to see any of the issues that others have reported. I am using them in a RAID configuration in a well-regarded enclosure equipped with a fan to cool them. Used for backup, reliability is imperative.
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on 4 December 2011
I've been using the drive for about 3 weeks. Started off well after I figured out how to make use of the 3TB capacity in Windows 7 (use the GPT partition as otherwise you'd only be able to use a max of 2TB). 3 Weeks down the line, accessing the drive became slow every so often. I open the drive (D:), drill down to a folder and it can be fine but other times, it takes 30 to 60 seconds. I put it down to the drive needing to wake up at first but then realised that it still shouldn't take that long.

This has frozen my computer a few times forcing me to reboot. I suspected it might have been Windows and its many disk access services, which I duly disabled. After a number of forced reboots due to my hung PC, I had the opportunity to run Check Disk while the computer was starting up. I left it to run each time (even if it took a few hours) and let it fix whatever needed fixing but have had the same problems.

I've also used the Western Digital Diagnostic tool. Ran a Quick Test which passed but after running an Extended test, it said there were too many bad sectors. Now the status is 'Warning' when I view the properites of the drive in the software.

This is the first time I've had a drive with this problem from new and I build/fix computers quite often. My own equipment in particular so this is rather disappointing.

While it was workihg though, I thought the performance was pretty decent. Read/Write was speedy. As it's a 'Green' drive, it doesn't generate much heat either which is good. I will however return this for a replacement and see how the replacement fairs.
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on 15 March 2012
i have had Western Digital My Book drives for what seems forever now & fearing they MIGHT start playing up & loose data in the process i decided to buy the superlative NewerTech Guardian Maximus Raid1 FW800 enclosure without drives & ordered 2 of these here to install in it
unfortunately one was DOA but immediately after i contacted Avides/sent the defective back, i got a new one, inserted it in my FW800 Raid 1 enclosure & the NewerTech copied everything to the new drive & is good again !
they are quiet, they take loads of stuff & all things being equal + a little luck , i'm sure they will keep on going on strong for a long time
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on 4 April 2014
I usually buy Seagate drives after having problems with Western Digital in the past. I thought I'd give them another shot but this failed after a couple of weeks and I had to send it back to Amazon. Disappointing. They need to improve their quality control.
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on 13 October 2011
The 3TB version of this drive is over 2TB so it is unlikely to work with many home systems. I bought one for my HP EX495 Mediasmart server (which claims to support all HDD capacities), the server did not recognise the drive, neither did my Dell XPS (Win 7 x64) which is a fairly new PC. There are issues regarding compatibility of any drives over 2TB, and although your OS may support it (like Win 7), your hardware might not. Check carefully. I don't know whether the one supplied was faulty, or incompatible, the supplier was co-operative about a refund.

The 2TB ones are great. I have three in a RAID that serve three home PCs and streams music and video to various players, they are reliable, quiet and work straight out of the box.
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on 22 February 2014
I purchased on of these in 2011 to replace a collection of smaller drives. The drive is great, and has never given a single problem.
Same as every other WD drive I have had, and why I always buy WD drives.

As for the drive, I like the fact that it powers down and only spins up when you try to access something on it. This may be a problem for some users, but I think the power/heat saving is worth the 2 seconds, and the speed is great once it's up.

My machine is silent, using a case built for being unheard, a zero db video card, slow speed ultra quiet fans. So if this was noisy I would hear it, and I don't. I hear it spin up when accessed (not loud, audible), but then is settles to very quiet.

And the transfer speeds are excellent, even with my quite old PC. Considering I have a SSD and much older Blue drive, there is no noticeable speed drop for this being a 'green' drive.

There has been comments in other reviews about WD OEM drives having 1 year warranty and being 'out of region'.
The out of region was easily FIXED by updating the country on my WD account, so that is not an issue with the drives.
As for the OEM/1yr, according to the WD support site, drives with model number ending EZRX have a 2 year (component) or 3 year (Retail) warranty (check under support - Warranty Policy).
My WD30EZRX purchased as OEM from Amazon in 2011 had the 3 years, so I don't think this is an issue. But either way, you can check the warranty before you remove the drive from the sealed static bag.
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