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on 4 December 2014
This review is from: The Fox D.H.Lawrence(Kindle Edition)
I read this novella as part of the Delphi Complete Works of DHL. As would be expected in a DHL work, the sense of place, period (set in WW1) and atmospherics, the descriptive passages are second to none. I was perplexed by the repetitive nature of the' text in places- the descriptor 'plangent' , for example was repeated 5 times within the space of a couple of kindle screens. Phrases and sentences are repeated, which may be sloppy writing, or it may be a deliberate device that gives the novella a conversational feel to it. Also of course it added to the general sense of ennui and monotony of life, which was one of the themes. You live, work and die, no matter how much you might want to change that inevitability. The tensions between the characters is as would be expected in a work by Lawrence, and the plot , although character driven is strange, the characters odd, but not unbelievable given the setting and period. It was also unpredictable in so far as a story can be. The theme relating to the hunter and the hunted (the fox) run rather subtly for DHL overall. The boy as the fox did not quite work for me while reading, but after digesting for a couple of days (as is necessary with authors such as DHL), there was more than originally noticed whilst reading. Reflecting upon the novella, a single read , for this reader, is not going to be enough to fully appreciate it, as in writing this review I am seeing more and more. There are questions hanging, which probably do not require answers as far as plot and text are concerned, but add or detract from the story depending on the reader''s attitude to modernist literature.
The Ladybird

The Ladybird
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4.0 out of 5 stars Character driven WW1 novella, typically Lawrentian tension., 18 Mar 2014

This review is from: The Ladybird D.H.LAWRENCE (Kindle Edition)
I read this in the Delphi Complete Works Kindle download. Having read most of the D.H.Lawrence novels before, I re-read some and read the ones I had not read and then on to the Novellas. I did not find the writing as polished as in the novels, but this did not detract, oddly enough. The exploration of how being held a prisoner of war from the p.o.v. of Count Dionys and of Lady Daphne's husband, Apsley, the one being a German held in England, and the other English having been held in Turkey- both men badly injured and both men recovered although broken in spirit in different ways. This is a recurrent theme in DHL and one which I personally find he does superbly, without mawkish sentiment. The protagonist, Lady Daphne is unlike many of Lawrence's other heroines. Although an aristocrat, vain of her appearance ('in love with her own beauty') this reader felt her more 'real' and less symbolic than some other Lawrentian characters. The Count irritated me, but then I think he was supposed to. She should have irritated me, but she did not. Apsley did, he came across as a caricature, or a ham actor in a Victorian melodrama, but again, he was meant to . No wonder poor Daphne recoiled from the over the top adoration. As for the ending, how very DHL. If only all such relationship crises of adultery and unfaithfulness, even in our rather less restricted world of the 21st century could be resolved so comfortably. I am not sure if this was written before Lady Chatterley , or after, but I would imagine it is a precursor for the more polished and developed trope and themes , also the characters to a certain extent in there. I would not recommend this as an introduction to the works of DHL. It is not representative of what I consider to be his genius, but as an addition to the appreciation of his works as a whole it was both an enjoyable and interesting read.
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on 21 June 2014
I read some DHL as part of an MA. Now retired I am enjoying reading the works I had no opportunity to read before. By starting with his early books I hope to have a greater understanding of his development as a writer and as a man. Having all of them on my Kindle it means I can read them wherever I go; on a plane, in the doc's waiting room or lying in bed!.
What a wonderful writer! Some of the descriptions are awesome and give much food for thought. The descriptions of Mexico I find exceptional, but his understanding of the culture somewhat harsh. Of course it is expressed through Kate but I feel it is Lawrence.
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on 6 August 2012
This collection seems to do what it says except that I cannot find my favourite poem Fidelity anywhere, hence only 4 stars. Has anyone managed to find it? I'll upgrade to 5 stars if I happen across it but the alphabetical index of poems goes from Fellow Men to Figs, and I've searched all the other poem indexes without success.

Update 25/11/12 New update includes Fidelity and additional collections. Well done Delphi, now 5 stars.
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on 13 January 2013
Amazing value for money again from Delphi. What a great company! And you get access to all sorts of texts that you probably would not otherwise see - the non-fiction, the plays, the less famous novels, so many short stories. Lawrence is a writer who seems to me to be consistently interesting, even where he is offensive or weird or careless. Being able to skim over things and search out the best bits in a collection like this is a real bonus. Women in Love stands out as the most complete statement, but there are lots of other points of interest too. His poems are great - little flashes of intensity. And I enjoyed reading Mr Noon, The Plumed Serpent, Aaron's Rod - books I would probably never have bothered to buy otherwise. These Kindle collections are things of great beauty in themselves, just in the fact that they exist. Four stars because Lawrence is an inconsistent writer and I do not agree with his ideas in many places, but nor does he!
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on 22 May 2018
Good but difficult to navigate
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on 10 February 2017
Excellent collection: but by no means "complete". The superb, lyrical essay, "Flowery Tuscany", is conspicuously missing, for me.
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on 13 April 2014
D. H. Lawrence was way ahead of his time and I look forward to ploughing my way through this collection. I have read four of his novels so far but haven't touched on his poetry yet. I love the way he writes, even though it is a little tedious at times. Now I have his full works on my kindle instead of taking up so much shelf space. Thank you Delphi.
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on 8 November 2012
Studied Sons and Lovers by D H Lawence at school, many many years ago. Always wanted to read more Lawrence but never got round to it! So When I came across this Delphi Classics edition for the Kindle it fitted the bill, exactly. Contains everything you would want, even a couple of biographies! For under two quid! Excellent.
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on 26 February 2014
As always with amazon very good value for this complete works. Keep up the good deals. The only way to read is a Kindle
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on 26 February 2016
Great classic
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