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on 20 October 2013
This is a super quiet PSU. Used mainly for internet use, not gaming. Don't know how it will respond with a powerful graphics card. The reviews are 100% Great item. Highly recommend.
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on 9 April 2014
A great power unit but would be good to know, before buying, that it comes with a 2-pin Euro plug. Luckily a friend had a spare UK standard power cable, so it was OK, otherwise it would have been a bit of a pain. Having now trawled through other reviews, I see that other customers have noted this issue... please make it clear in the product details/description.
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VINE VOICEon 19 August 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Just installed this as a replacement for an Antec Truepower 550. Both have a lot in common: Stabilised output, lots of plugs, 550 watts peak power and 85% efficiency. The differences are a little more obvious. 9 (3x3) sata plugs, 4 molex plus the plugs for the motherboard and GPU. Unlike cheap psu's, all the cables are wrapped (the same as the Antec.) I just wish it was a modular system, so I could remove the unused cables.

Compared to the other psu's I've used, this was a breeze to fit thanks to the cables being at least 50-60mm longer. Normally I have some difficulty getting all the plugs into place due to the size of my case - an Antec 9-hundred. These cables are long enough to reach the top bay in the case (the psu is mounted at the bottom.) The great thing is, I've still got plenty of sata plugs for when I replace my current non-sata optical drives - currently only 4 sata plugs are in use, one for each hard drive.)

Now the best thing about this psu is the single 12v rail (power take off.) Normally, a psu has 2 12v rails. This limits how many items you can fit to a given psu. With the twin rail Antec, it recommended that you have at least 600 watts for a crossfire setup. With the single rail in the XFX, running a crossfire setup shouldn't be a problem. I'll edit this review later, when I get the second gpu.

This is a nice, quiet psu. All the voltages are stable (less than 1% fluctuation.) Given that you can get a 5 year guarantee by registering it, it should be reliable. Obviously you should ensure that 550w is sufficient for your computer. I build my own, so I've done all the calculations already. Only time will tell how good this psu actually is, but I like what I've seen so far.
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on 3 December 2014
I ordered one of these for my new system build on the back of positive reviews on various websites (and the fact that XFX PSUs are made by Seasonic). Unfortunately, having assembled my system I was greeted by the sight of the fans spinning up and then immediately stopping. At first I thought it might be a motherboard short, but after testing the PSU with my old system I confirmed that it was DOA. This was extremely frustrating to say the least, as the late hour meant it would be two days before Amazon could get a replacement to me and my new system was useless without power.

When the replacement unit arrived I was relieved that it worked and appears to be coping well with the power requirements of my system. To give you an idea of what it's running, I have a Core i5 4690K, a Z97 motherboard, 8GB 1866MHz DDR3, 1x Crucial SSD, 2x Samsung HDD, 1x LG Blu-ray/HD DVD writer, an MSI GTX 970, and various attached USB devices such as external HDD and docks. I really appreciate the single 12v rail design, which makes things much easier than the old days when you had more than one rail and could run into problems if you had a power-hungry graphics card vying for dominance with the other components. I haven't had any reboots or crashes yet, even during several long periods of gaming, so it appears stable and it's quiet enough to lead me to believe that it's not being unduly taxed under load. Obviously it's still early days, and given that my first unit was DOA long-term reliability is a cause for concern. You do get a generous five-year warranty, but from what I've heard the RMA process is a bit of a nightmare, and besides, who wants to be without a PSU for the length of time it takes an RMA to process? Fingers crossed this replacement PSU is one of the good ones!

The PSU has a generous amount of connectors, including 24 pin 12v ATX power, 2x4 pin 12v ATX power, 1x8 pin 12v EPS power, dual 1x6 pin and 1x 6+2 pin PCIE power, along with more than enough SATA and Molex power connectors for the average system (legacy FDD connectors are also included). I'm not a fan of the flat, rubbery power cables used in place of the more traditional sheathed cables, as they are inflexible and difficult to manoeuvre around the case. Trying to plug three SATA drives into one power cable proved tricky, and the inflexibility of rubberised cables means that, in my system at least, the PCIE power cables sit very close to the GPU's heat dissipation pipes. This issue is exacerbated by the fact that this particular model is not modular, so I have a rather large bundle of unused cables sitting at the bottom of my case, but I guess you get what you pay for...

Overall I'm fairly happy with my purchase and the build quality/performance of the PSU itself, but a 50% failure rate means I'm uncomfortable with awarding anything other than an average score. The inflexible cables are also a negative from my point of view, although I concede that the more expensive modular versions of the PSU are probably better in this regard. Still, the price-point is attractive, and I could just have been extremely unlucky in receiving a 'duff' one.

Additionally, whilst this doesn't factor into my scoring for the PSU, I would like to vent my spleen about Amazon Logistics. As mentioned above, because I of the late hour Amazon were not able to get a replacement PSU to me the next day. That was fair enough, but what wasn't acceptable was the courier's claim that they could not find my delivery address. I live in a central area in a large city, clearly signposted, and other couriers/Royal Mail have no problem finding my house on a daily basis. Furthermore, I find it hard to believe that any courier would be without sat nav in this day and age, and it's my belief that 'could not find address' was code for 'don't have time or can't be bothered to deliver today'. Amazon's customer service team informed me that they were unable to contact the delivery hub (a stance that they later contradicted), or indeed the drivers, so I was faced with the prospect of waiting another day for the delivery due to the incompetence of the courier, not knowing whether the same excuse would be used again. The Amazon customer service reps being located in other countries doesn't help, as they don't appreciate the subtleties of the English language leading to confusion over my enquiries. Thankfully I finally spoke to a Scottish guy who contacted the delivery hub and assured me that they knew where my house was and that the PSU would be with me the next day. Unfortunately the overall impression of Amazon Logistics is not a favourable one - unlimited one day deliveries aren't much use if the couriers can't be bothered or lack the basic literacy and numeracy skills required to read street names and house numbers... From what I've read on Amazon it seems I'm not alone in this opinion.
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on 13 September 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The XFX has an impressively sturdy feel to it's fit and finish. It arrived well packaged, with decent documentation and certainly feels like it was made by people who believe quality counts.

As you'd expect it's slots into a standard ATX without any problems, and there are plenty of sockets and cables for an average PC set-up. It's not a modular design, so unused cables cannot be removed. This isn't much of an issue, but it's best to keep unused cables out the way so they don't interfere with airflow through the case.

The 550w output should be fine for most people, but if you have a particularly powerful graphics card (or multiple graphics cards) I suggest you check their requirements before buying as these are likely to be the biggest draw of power. If you're replacing an old PSU take look it's label and make sure it's 550w or less, otherwise you'll probably need a more powerful PSU.

In use everything is as you'd hope (ie. it works well enough that you don't notice it's there - just as a PSU should be). It's quiet enough to be drowned out by my standard issue Intel CPU fan, and so-called silent case fan.

If you're after a replacement PSU the XFX P1-550S is a good choice, the quality seems very good and the price is reasonable too.
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on 27 April 2013
This it the 3rd xfx power supply I have bought as they are a great product. Good build quality great cable options.
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on 2 January 2012
Excellent service and a good product really quite when working. Was neatly packaged and easy to install. There are plenty of connectors as well so still have options for upgrading.
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VINE VOICEon 29 August 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This XFX PSU is quiet and looks and feels like it's good quality. The noise level is very low, always a plus as my PC is setup in the living room. The power cables are of longer than average length so had no issues re-plugging in my MB, GPU and HDs after removing my older PSU. Also great are the number of cables of each type. I have 4 HDs, 3 of which are SATA and so have spare cables left over to install newer HDs with SATA eventually.

I don't run Crossfire or SLI but you'd probably want to go for at least a 600w PSU if you do. But no problem for me... yet!

Definitely recommend this PSU for anyone running a mid-range to high end setup.
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on 30 December 2016
Solid, perhaps too many cables but excellent in operation.
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VINE VOICEon 26 August 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Straight from the box this feels like a quality product. It is quiet in operation, and has sufficient capacity for all the needs I'm likely to have. Plenty of outputs and the cable lengths are ideal. An excellent buy.
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