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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 27 January 2006
I had a chance to sample this album way back in 05' and can't wait for this album to hit the stores. Real talent is stepping up none of these one hit wonder no more. Ne-yo is just of hook and i had the pleasure of listening 2 many great songs such as so sick, when you're mad, Let me get this right and stay with me. Such song are classy and timeless. RnB is finally claiming back its spot from songs that last only a season. The minute this album hits stores i will cope it and if you want a timeless album in your collection i highly recommend ne-yo, he has the freshness you need and the young soulfulness to keep you on your toes. Just a great sound for all ages.
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on 27 February 2006
This album is what RnB has been missing in the last few years. An artist who can write and produce his own material, there are very few out there today. This album does NOT disappoint, a blend of different styles which Neyo makes his own. If you like Usher & the Mario track"let me love you", you'ill definetely like this album. Why, you say, it's because he's produced and written for them. BUY NOW YOU WONT BE DISAPPOINTED!!!!!!!!!
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on 3 March 2006
Yep, the boy is that good. Decent lyrics that aren't too slusshy and the usual cliched pants about humping (except maybe Mirror) and how good his car looks. But some real lyrics like track 4 - 'When you're Mad'. The tune is catchy as hell and talks about how he can't stay mad at his girl even when she stomps around, wrinkles her nose etc. Stuff regular guys can relate to. Tracks 1 - 4 are by far the best and will definately give Usher, Mario, Chris Brown and Justin a real run for their money over the next 12 months. 'So Sick' is doing the rotations now, 'Stay' will do damage in the clubs and 'Let Me Get This Right' will do serious numbers if given a push as a single. If you are into the aforementioned artists I would highly recommend you get this as this is way better. It isn't overloaded with guests, there are no intro's, skits or interludes, just decent music you can play the whole way through without hitting fast forward. If you're looking for soul then perhaps this isn't for you and I'd look at Jaheim's new effort perhaps.
Overall I'd give this a solid 4 out of 5.
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on 2 June 2006
Very impressed with the debut from Ne Yo. With music and RnB going through a really bad period (especially in the mainstream) this young Singer/Songwriter is a breath air.

Loved "Stay". It was a toss up between that and "So Sick" for the first single apperently. Obviously I have go a bit sick (excuse the pun) of So Sick, but the album still has some really good RnB tracks.

"When Your Mad" is a wonderful song, and its a shame it never got a release here. Clever Lyrically, nice tune, and great hook.

"Just Aint Right" is another stormer in my opinion. Again, just something about the lyrics and the tune that have kept this one on repeat for me so far.

"Mirror" is just pure sex. Something of the R Kelly's going on in this one (no not underage girls). The lyrics "I see you can you see me watching you lovin it" have stayed with me for weeks!

and of course "Sexy Love". Like it when I first heard it. Something was mentioned on the clapping and ill agree with that. That whole backing tune isn't really needed.

And with some other nice tracks such as "Time" and "Get Down Like That" the set shows itself as very solid.

There are lots of RnB albums by the young go getters (Mario, Omerion, Chris Brown) and I haven't been impressed. As a soul boy and lover of the 90's Rhythem and Blues, a lot of it sounds the same.

But Ne Yo stands out for me. Much better than most Im hearing lately.
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on 1 March 2006
Ever since I first heard a promo of "Stay" - I was anticipating this dude's album. Now it's finally here, it does not dissapoint!
This has to be one of the strongest debuts I've ever heard; Period!! Everything about this record is so on point and well crafted: from the lyrics, to the music and the awesome vocal production.
Ne-Yo is already an established and acclaimed songwriter and it's clear on this record to see why. The lyrics come to the fore-front of every single track. Ne-Yo is one of the few artists who can tell an engaging story through music. Every track has a killer line or verse that makes you smile or think "This dude's somethin' else!" *laugh*
Already I'm eager to see where Ne-Yo goes from here. He's crafted a record that outshoots him way ahead of all the other 20-odd year old dudes in the game and without so much as a big name producer to boot!! To me this record is leagues ahead of Usher's "Confessions" and Justin Timberlake's "Justified". Ne-Yo deserves to have multiplatinum sales and a handful of Grammy's, ASCAP awards & MTV moon-men come next year.
Every single track on this album is a gem. An timeless record that you NEED in your collection.
My personal faves:
- Stay
- Let me get this right
- It just ain't right
- Get down like that
- Sexy love
- Let go
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on 7 September 2006
I understand what Ne Yo tried to do on this album. He didn't make out that he was some clubby type fast R&B style singer like Chris Brown say..but more of an alternative R&B neo soul artist. That may be why he's called Neyo, im not sure. THis album is definately not R&B..its a soul album, quite slow and if youre looking for floor smashers then it aint for you.

I found the album repetitive and boring in places, however its definately A chill out album for those people who enjoy neo soul type music.

Ne Yo's voice is beautiful, fine tuned and lovely, and its good that he didn't submit to the commercial market, however i would have liked better arrangement on some songs, and many of them are unmemorable. Just my view i guess. You'll like this if you like Glen Lewis, Maxwell Ect. All inall e could have done far better.
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on 28 February 2006
Well....In My Own Words....What a lovely album. I first heard So Sick, and instantly, I was blown away by the melody and his clean, silk vocals, well that theme continues steadily throughout the album. There isn't a rubbish song on the album, and I am convinced this is the first of many successful albums from Ne-yo!
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on 26 April 2006
My son bought this, but I've swiped it. This album is pure quality. There are some tracks that you just want to listen to again and again. A refreshing addition to any R&B/Soul collection. Buy it
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on 8 April 2006
Having lost an interest in RnB for the last couple of years. When it seemed that no real new talent was coming through and all we had were new albums from Usher, R Kelly and more recently Jahiem and Ginuwine. Ne Yo's debut album has rekindle my passion for RnB. With more maturity then his counterpart Chris Brown and a voice reminiscent of a young Usher. And a sound which reminds you of Donnell Jones' last musical outhing which can only be a good thing. This Album shows that RnB will have a long life if the industry can keep finding talent like this. In My Own Words is a easy listening album, which can be enjoyed Monday-Sunday without getting tiring. The Highlights have to be "Let me get this right" which is instantly infectious. "Sign me up" which has next single written all over it. And "Sexy Love" a sing a long which will be a classic in years to come. Buy this album you won't regret it.
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on 23 March 2013
I bought his New Album a few weeks ago & I have always enjoyed any Music he has done when he has featured in their songs i.e. the song he joined in on with Pitbull & so on & so on. So for this reason alone I wanted to hear his earlier Music & my god was I impressed. Trust me if you like catchy vocal music with a bit of a beat & the tracks are easy to remember, Then this is definitely an Album I can Recommend but do not forget to buy his New one Called R.E.D.
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