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on 7 August 2017
The Turtle Beach P11 is a brilliant headset, the sound and voice quality is as good as you can get for that price. In fact, it is outstanding how little the price is for such a good product! The inline mic control is very helpful as it allows me to adjust the game volume and voice volume separately. The voice quality will be an 8/10 for the price and shockingly there are headsets that cost 3x that much and sound terrible.
(Setting up)
To set this headset up you all you must do is plug in the USB however it does come with a mic and audio jack that you can use if you use a PC; so relatively easy to set up! So, an 8/10.
(The build quality)
The build quality on this headset is sturdy and firm and can’t be broken easily; snapped or stepped on. It has padding on the headband – comfortable but not too comfy. The earmuff on the headset is alright, however it can rub on your ears and make it quite uncomfortable but with a few adjustments it is alright. If your head is bigger than the headset then you can adjust it to your size using the adjustable arm-band, the microphone is flexible; so, if it doesn’t reach to your face you can bend it about and move it about without any stress of breaking it. The wires of the headset are quite long so they can get tangled up and is a pain to undo the knots!
(Systems the headset can be used on)
On the title of the Turtle Beach P11’s it says you can use it for ps3 but here are also the other systems you can use it for:
-PS4 Pro
(The design quality)
The design of the product is very good, the plastic is strong and durable however it can feel like it is about to break or snap at times but surprisingly doesn’t. 8/10
(The conclusion)
In conclusion, this headset is one of the best headsets I’ve had it is strong and comfortable but can get uncomfortable in long hours of gaming so you do have to adjust it at times. It easy to setup and its voice and sound quality is surprisingly good despite the price, it has good design and build quality and it is flexible. I think that you should get this headset even if your using it as a spare, it is a great piece of kit. I believe this product is an 8/10. I appreciate you reading this review!
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on 20 February 2016
I bought these to use with my PS3 and they lasted just over 2 years. The headphones completely cover your ears and drain out all the sound around you. What I love about these is that there is a sound adjuster built into the wire to allow you to turn both chat and game sound up and down. The headset also adjusts for different sized heads - mine used the smallest setting which I have found is just right a little bit bigger than a 8-9 year old needs judging by my daughter using it! The mouth piece is also very bendy which can be pulled closer to drain out your background noise. The only thing that put me off these was that after two years the wire become exposed due to general wear and tear and trying to speak to other people when this happened was completely pointless as they could barely hear me - this is when I threw them out. Good headset for the price if you are ok with it not lasting a long time!
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on 23 September 2014
Ordered yesterday delivered today-I used the delivery option where amazon deliver to a shop and you pick your parcel up from them-used twice now and saves waiting in for a courier.

Anyway. First impressions:

Construction seems a bit flimsy-but so far no issues. There is a large in-line control on the cable about 75cm/30 inches from the headphone to control Microphone and Game volume and a switch to switch Mike on and off and to mute it. There is a very small LED that displays mike status -Green for "on", Red for "off", which remains on constantly while connected to the PC.

Very easy to set up on my PC- just plug & go. Box contains a small book which diagrams a PS3 link up with a cable kit-which is included. Also link up to Mac laptop is shown.
No software to run.

Setup: PC is easy-the main cable-which is a good length and dual heavy duty out of the in-line control- is split into a USB & 3.5 jack-which goes into the "Mic" socket- I have both a USB and Mic socket on the front of my desktop case- so I used them.

To check everything I went to" Control Panel->Speech Recognition" (Windows 7) and worked through "Set up microphone" and a very long "Take Speech Tutorial".

No problems whatsoever.

Comfort: I find them very comfortable, but notice my ears get warm after prolonged use.

Sound: An improvement on my old 'phones-nice and crisp, maybe lacking bass-I am no expert on sound at all having a slight hearing problem with one ear

4* because I want to see some problem free longevity from them before awarding the fifth one.

But so far, so good.
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on 24 August 2014
Brilliant Headset, Brilliant Price.

Compared to most Turtlebeach headsets what are available, this is ridiculously cheap. I would highly recommend this product if you are looking for quality along with a decent price tag.

I bought this due to the fact that I had a similar one for roughly the same price on Xbox 360, and I thought that I needed one for the PS3 as I was highly impressed.

Pros: Clear and decent sound considering the price you pay, can fit around the largest of heads (yeah me haha), not just for the PS3, but also compatible for the PS4 or PC/MAC.

Cons: I cannot stress this enough, hook up the headset controls (game/chat volume) as if you leave it hanging, the game or chat volume moves ridiculously easily if caught. Wires are easily tangled (but hey most wired products are).

If it wasn't for those two cons, I would give it a 5*.
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on 8 March 2017
Generally speaking, these model headphones do get the job done when it comes to listening to things on devices that have USB sockets. However, the one I ordered in question had a very quiet microphone, making it difficult for others to pic up my voice even after altering some settings on my gaming consoles and/or PC.

This model is light weight and easy on the ears but having been through quite a lot of the same type of headphones, they do tend to last around 5-6 months and usually result in the wires giving out. This results in either the microphone giving out or one earphone. This has yet to happen with my own ones I got from here.

In conclusion: Decent headset, but my one I ordered had a faulty mic to the point there was no point in me using the microphone (This does not always happen with this model, I just happened to be unlucky it seems)
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on 21 July 2016
Right from the off the Turtle Beach headphones provided an incredible sound quality for the price i paid. Gaming was made especially fun as i had clear indication from where the sounds were coming from making my game play stronger and more robust. Simply plug and play and you're off to go. I used it for my PC and PS3. They are also very comfortable to wear for long periods of time due to the cushioning.

The microphone left more to be desired, though i didn't expect something spectacular to begin with. The primary use for this product was sound quality and thats exactly what you get from turtle beach,
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on 2 February 2014
I've had a pair in the past, had them for a year and half before they bit the dust. the sound quality is fantastic, the headset itself is pretty sturdy and mic is clear and crisp (no one over skype has reported any static). I use them for gaming and listening to music.

My problem is the wires. The single wire between the headset and the volume control has split just above the plastic bit that stops you pulling the wire out. I've had this for 2 months and already that wire is warped and twisted and no matter how much effort I have put in to making sure the wire does not get twisted it has gone and done it anyway. The last set I had was retired due to the wire splitting, and I was far less gentle with that set.

Really disappointed, the sound is so nice but the wires are an issue..
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on 9 June 2013
To be blunt, the sound quality is basic and if you wear them for too long, it'll feel like your head is in a vice. However, these negatives are to be expected with it being cheap but this doesn't take away from the fact that it does the over all job of delivering a total sound/chat quality more than adequately than a lot of its other expensive counter parts. Razer headsets I've found to have issues with Skype and Teamspeak and the microphone makes me sound like I'm underwater to my friends. While the more expensive Turtle Beach headsets I tend to find the base and treble mixer that gives you the surround sound feel, never quite measures up to what is reflected in the price at times. So if you're new to PC gaming and want to get serious but you are feeling a bit frugal in your early spending; then I recommend this headset for a no fuss, hassle free experience that won't leave you asking for a refund.
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on 11 November 2016
Really good sound quality, especially for the price. They are comfortable though can press on your ears if you wear glasses.

They work on PS4 as well though you need a USB extension cable to get them to work well as you need to plug in the 3.5mm jack into the controller.

Overall good value for money if you want a set of good sounding headphones.
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on 10 August 2012
Don't write many reviews but this product is value for money - 35 quid gets you a fantastic bit of kit with easy set-up instructions. All you need is the old scart red/white/yellow cable to connect up to a ps3 - it connects straight into pc even easier ( via audio port & usb). It's USB powered with really long wire so handy - if not required then a nice velcro wrap holds & releases wire to your preffered length. Control box is simple with game volume & chat volume - nice to get a sound balance of people on mic's n game sound or simply turn chat volume down to shut up people screaming during online games.
Sound quality is extremely crisp - put them on full volume playing BF3 it was like being in a warzone completely changed how the game felt. Feels like your there - pick out enemies just from sound alone from rifle shots etc
My tele is LED with built in surround sound but pop these TurtleBeach P11's on & wow!
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