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Customer reviews

4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 22 June 2017
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on 5 March 2016
Super Vinyl
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on 25 July 2014
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on 4 July 2014
Excellent vinyl, colorful and with exellent quality!
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Its an irony that sometimes these 2 disc sets often couple a classic disc with one thats less revered,thats the case here..

Disc 1 THE CATCH (1984)... not a great album,certainly Nazareth were clearly a hostage to the times,John Eden's insipid production curtails the bands rock sound,similar to what he'd done with early 80's Quo,there's a decent album in hear somewhere but the producer has strangled it at birth.Tracks such as 'Party Down' and 'Ruby Tuesday' get the disc off to a poor start,'Last Exit Brooklyn and the Celtic charm of 'Love of Freedom redeem the disc somewhat while 'Last Months Messiah' and 'Sweetheart Tree' are possibly the best two tracks on the album,the latter with its simple Quo like riff,the former hinting at a ZZ Top sound,the rest sadly poor not really worthy of this great band. 2.5 stars

Disc 2 CINEMA (1986) Now your talking,a more rock orintated production,superior songs and the band gives us their best disc of the 80's,really underated,
Highlight definitely the title track(carrying on the ZZtop 80's influence) while the final track and acoustic led ''The Veteran's Song',possibly one one the greatest tracks they ever recorded. The rest ,well several similar to what Quo was giving us in the 80's,such as 'Hit The Fan/One From The Heart & White Boy'. Listen the 'Just Another Heartache' bounce along on a maiden-esqe gallop,while 'Salty Salty' has the sass that kept Aerosmith going,all of which has Manny Charlton grasping the nettle again, a truly great guitar player,never really given the credit he deserves. Its hard to fathom that Quo's 1986 disc IN THE ARMY NOW gave them 4 hit singles yet this superior disc just withered and died. 4 stars

Bonus tracks, disc 1 - 2 tracks only,a non descript b'side and a futile 'Party Down' single version.

disc 2 - 7 tracks from The Friday Rock Show 1984,expertly produced by Radio 1,as you would expect,highlights being 'Beggars Day' & 'Bad Bad
Boy',while 'This Months Messiah' certainly toughened up live.

Packaging/Sound Quality... As has been the norm with these re issues,Tim Turan has done an excellent job(in some cases you just cant fix what went before),but the sound is clear,packaging as per usual quality digi pak with excellent booklet.
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on 15 November 2012
The first of these is nazareth's weakest cd by any standard. Still it has alot of fun songs on it. It's more new wave hard rock than a normal release. It has some good songs and some average ones. But overall it's a decent cd. The next one 'cinema' is a much stronger release and was similiar to 'sound elixer' in feel. It's a better release and worth it all the way. I like both of these cds , but cinema is much better imo.
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on 1 May 2011
Nazareth...man...I just love these guys! I first heard them when Loud And Proud came out...Turn On Your Receiver got some airplay around here...been hooked since! Salvo did a nice job on these remasters...just had to get 'em all...again! The Catch and Cinema were both excellent efforts by Nazareth during a time when bands like Naz were struggling to sell records. That didn't put a dent in the least in thier ability to write decent music though...not at all! These are all great songs and the bonus tracks are sweet..especially the BBC stuff on this Cinema release, I sent an email to Salvo and got a very courtious and professional response when I was wondering about how much of the Naz catalog they were going to do...nice folks! One of the best things about these remasters...aside from the great sound quality...are the bonus tracks. I have all the Castle releases and it's amazing that the bonus tracks on these Salvo remasters are totally different songs from those Castle ones...yeah, the more the merrier I say...and I don't have to try and sell the Castle CD's like the original A&M crap CD's because those Castle CD's are still worthy due to the differences in Bonus tracks. How Dan McCafferty can still be singing as well as he still does today after the pounding he has given his voice all these years just amazes me...worthy of great respect!
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on 19 October 2001
This is quite a difficult album to quantify. "The Catch" was recorded during a period of change in Nazareth's history, the most notable facet being the return to a four piece group reminiscent of the earlier years.
Most of the tracks have a slightly more synthesized feel and sound to them as the group experimented with the technology of the day. The results are interesting, but are somewhat at odds with the raw power and energy that typifies Nazareth. As a result this album was never as successful as the more 'typical' Nazareth albums. It shows, however, a desire to experiment and a willingness to take a risk with new ideas rather than stick to the old familiar format.
Personally, I prefer the "good old" Nazareth, but nevertheless I enjoy listening to this album too, and I doubt that any other fan of the group would disagree too vehemently.
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on 6 April 2011
2 More great offerings from possibly my favourite band.The first cd "The Catch" was on release, not very well received,But for me whereas alot off music doesn't age well,I feel this cd is the opposite,The first track "Party Down" still doesn't fit in with the nazareth cannon,But from then on there isn't a weak track in sight,The strongest tracks are;"Last Exit Brooklyn,This Months Messiah & The Road To Nowhere" The second cd "Cinema" is for me one of nazareths strongest offerings,Pick any track they are all excellent,If i had to pick the strongest tracks they would be;"Cinema,Other Side Of You & A Veterans Song"But if thats not enough for you you also get 7 bonus tracks live from the BBC friday rock show from 1984, Just brilliant.
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on 30 January 2006
Nazareth are probably best known for thundering rock tracks such as Hair Of The Dog, catchy songs such as My White Bicycle and tear-jerking weepies such as love Hurts, but on The Catch they tried a new more electronic approach, and it didn't really work.
You could compare this album to Queen's Hot Space album in the way that both groups had been doing what they do best for years, blowing all opposition away, but maybe had to get an album like this out of their system. You will know what i mean from the opening track, Party Down. You could put it on in your local nightclub and people could get up and dance to it. Drum machines and synthesisers are evident on this track, and you can detect them on other tracks as well. Other tracks such as Last Exit Brooklyn and Love Of Freedom are far to restraining on Dan McCafferty's vocals and again musically seem to lack any of the creativity that make Nazareth so much better than most other groups and the songwriting on most of the tracks seem a little lackluster and short of ideas. Don't fear though, it isn't all doom and gloom; the cover of The Rolling Stones song Ruby Tuesday shows what Kieth and co. could have had if they had a proper singer and Sweetheart Tree is a happy little jingle that is catchy in the same way as Nazareth classics such as Holy Roller or Place In Your Heart. However, it's the track This Month's Messiah that could earn 5 stars all on it's own; this is a hard rocking, fast playing massive Nazareth fan's favourite that deserves to be on a much better album than The Catch. It's a travisty that it is on one of Nazareth's weaker recordings as it may mean that a lot of people will never get to hear it, although they have started to play it in their live shows again, so that's good news.
The fact that Nazareth never tried this sound again will probably tell you that the group themselves are not particularly fond of this album, but nonetheless it's a testament to the fact that Nazareth are never afraid to try something new, and with all the different styles Nazareth have tried and conquered then it isn't surprising that they would eventually have a bit of a dud.
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