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on 10 July 2012
Can.t foult this player. Pictures are deep, stunning colours. Try any pixar film. But a bugs life really shows what this player can do. Set up is eash with its very neat on screen display. Only problem. There doesn.t seem to be a region 1 hack for bluray. tried a few shops with no luck. A full 10 out 10 another top quality product from panasonic.
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on 30 May 2011
I selected this player following a very positive review in one of the hi-fi mags and found it has lived up to the review. i needed two HDMI outputs - one to the amp and one to the tv as my wife didn't want all the hassel of having to turn the amp on every time she wanted to watch a DVD. I also connected it along with the new TV and amp to the internet via a cable link to my router. Its worked very well and updated itself as soon as we turned it on. Picture quality is fantastic as is the internet connection. Can't fault it for the price I paided and given there are such small differences in price between the models its hardly worth chosing a lower spec model.
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on 3 September 2011
As others have mentioned, this is a very good player but is let down by the noisy operation. I tried to increase the volume to drown out the high pitched whine but ended up with a headache. The wifi function worked well when I first set it up to connect to my home network but on subsequent usage it had dropped out and I had to go through the whole setup procedure again. If this player could be made to operate silently and the wifi did not drop out, I would give it 5 stars. Like other reviewers I also returned mine for a refund. The search is now on for a Blu-ray player that I can live with.
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on 1 May 2011
Ordered this for the legacy AV receiver support via 2 HDMIs for 3D content - works a treat, no handshaking problems whatsoever with my Denon receiver, and very quick to load discs. Great PQ & SQ as always. Highly recommend it.
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on 29 July 2011

**** 23/9/2013 - disappointingly the bluray laser has just failed, after what I estimate to be a very short life of only 70 hours of watching blurays over 2 years. I have watched so few I can count it up, using it primarily as a DVD player.

It may be possible to get it repaired free or at a small charge by a Panasonic authorised repairer, but the alternative is an entry level Samsung with Lovefilm/Netflix access, which I have gone with.

I will keep it as a spare DVD player - separate laser reader that still works - but overall I now cannot recommend this unit unless you want it for 3D.

The Viera platform was updated months after I bought this and was not backward compatible, so the offerings are pretty poor and out of date compared to what you can get now and certainly not worth the investment over new.****


I bought this unit as a replacement for a 10 year old Sony DVD player that was still going, but have been thinking about upgrading since 2008 and more for improving standard DVD picture quality than anything else.

Out of the box you get the player, remote, instructions and batteries. There is no HDMI cable supplied.

The first impressive thing is the player size, 50% smaller than my old DVD player, nothing major as a whole but now my stack of AV equipment is slightly smaller and neater. Overall it looks sleek and clean, lacking any power indicator, large number of visible buttons or readouts as they are hidden.

The rear of the machine has audio and video out, camera socket, lan socket, 2 x hdmi (1 out main the other sub) and an optical out. A main difference in the units is the 310 has two HDMI instead of only one.

The front has a flip down panel that covers the disk tray and readout, which can be seen through it when closed, that can be left open if required and the only other buttons are the on/off and open/close. The swipe sensor is on the top middle of the machine.

Plugging it in is simple enough, HDMI and power cable with my Toshiba TV picking up the channel autoswitch feature on power up and without a disk you get a main menu screen which can be navigated easily with the cursor buttons.

Operation is quick and quiet and there is no excess noise as reported by other reviewers.

The swipe sensor really is a gimmick and is temperamental, opening by accident or not when wanted. This can be disabled and the open/close key used and I will be doing so.

Without reading the manual I was able to navigate around and set up the wifi, so anyone who has used a Freeview or DVD player should be able to as well.

The wifi set up was easy with no problems. It searches and then allows router and key to be entered using an onscreen keyboard navigated through the cursor keys. This then gives you access to the online services pages.

A firmware update was available and downloaded and installed without any problems. This is where the wifi will be the most useful, without it the manual says it needs to be updated using a CD-R copy off of the website.

Nothing of any great interest to me on the other services - Twitter, Skype, youtube, a film rental/purchase channel and a number of foreign channels of absolutely no interest.

***Updated - Iplayer is now available and works well enough. Well enough that instead of bothering with a Youview box on launch I will be waiting until they come down in price and will continue using the Bluray wireless until they do***

Having briefly looked at the films they are overpriced both for rental and purchase, so only for the lazy, and youtube uses a mobile phone keypad layout for search entry and I gave up at that. An extra that may be of use/interest in the future or for those that may want to use Skype outside of a laptop/desktop.

Standard picture quality seems to be much improved over a scart input and I got it for this reason rather than for HD playback. I don't own any bluray films and likely won't bother to rent any either, so can't comment on its supposed main function.

The sound was flat to begin with, but on accessing the sound menu I managed to use the settings to make it much better. The optical/HDMI 2 out should allow hooking up to an amp, but that isn't currently an option for me.

Having deferred my purchasing decision for 3 years I cannot fault this unit for what I want it for, which is really just a new, sharper picture DVD player. The bluray is a nice option to have which I may eventually use, wifi of use for update but currently nothing else and the 3d of no interest to me ever.

It has met my requirements, with some more features that future proof it and I would recommend anyone in the market for a bluray player considers it.
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on 28 May 2011
First one delivered did everything except read discs! Replaced promptly and has good internet features although it does not have iplayer (bbc or itv) unlike some other cheaper bluray players. Maybe this will be remedied in the future. Excellent product otherwise.
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on 24 May 2011
Pros: This player has probably the best video and audio performance i have ever seen and heard with a bluray player (and I have auditioned many). The pictures are very colourful and detailed. It also handles motion to perfection. The audio is open and powerful. The wireless connection is flawless and of excellent quality. Very tidy looking player. x2 HDMi outputs. A superb and gorgeous menu system which is very intuitive.

Cons: The motion sensor on the top of player which can open/close disc tray is temperamental to say the least. It doesn't really have any real use and is gimmicky and a bit silly considering open/close button is below it. But that doesn't bother me. What bother's me (which seems to be plaguing every other player these days is the relentless clunk/clicking of the driver mechanism. This also includes a high pitched continuous sound (that is worse with DVD's.) Its horrendous. I can accept a bit of noise but this honestly becomes unbearable. DVD upscaled pictures have been bettered. Its not terrible, but Sony have done this better in the past.

A real shame as this player is superior in all other ways. I sent it back because cannot accept the noisy driver.
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on 28 May 2011
Fantastic product, excellent picture, easy menus to use, lots of functionality, connectivity and customisation. Very fast loading speeds. You can pick up the lower spec models a lot cheaper but well worth spending that little bit more. Very fast delivery too. Thanks Amazon
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on 20 August 2011
Another great product from panasonic very happy with this 3d player.Nice sleek design with major improvement on video and audio on blu ray compared to my 40gb phat ps3 with very noisey fan.I bought this player for its dual hdmi outputs so i can still enjoy all hd audio formats.Hdmi 1 to optoma 3dxl with second pair of optoma zd201 3d glasses which i also bought from amazon to optoma hd65 and hdmi 2 to onkyo 606.I also received 4 3d blu ray discs from panasonic within 2 weeks after receiving player avatar in 3d been one of the discs just fill in claims form and make copy of invoice from amazon and post to panasonic uk also i think the STAR WARS SAGA in blu ray is now available to claim which i missed out on oh well im still happy. Now the wife and i can enjoy avatar in 3d on my 90 inch screen.Thanks to amazon for great service the only place to shop online.
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on 20 May 2011
What an excellent piece of kit, plugged it in, updated the firmware (much quicker than previous models), followed the setup instructions and away we went, excellent picture quality and detail and thanks to the extra HDMI output DTS-HD through my Onkyo NR3007 amp. 3D when partnered with my Sony 40HX803 is superb.Panasonic DMP-BDT310EB 3D Blu-ray Disc Player
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