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on 13 February 2012
This product looks really nice, but in practice, it isn't. Not even close.

1.) The ear buds affect the sound quite dramatically.

2.) These are painfully uncomfortable, especially if you use the small ear buds that give you the best quality sound. The large buds are a little less painful but the sound quality plummets.

On the plus side the battery life is good, but that doesn't make up for the issues.
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on 13 October 2011
Amazing Sound - great battery life.
Signal range good - even works well outdoors - but if you keep your source in or trouser pocket you may get the odd dropout if the battery is low in forrest environments.
The sound is just fantastic but would be nothing without a great fit. Dispite the battery pack floating behind your head as you run/walk along the headset will not fall off.
Buttons feel great - plastics look awesome and feel solid - rubber is non-tacky.
As for having the full call taking functionality - it's just superb. Microphone works well and calls come through clearly.

I'm a big fan of this product and I would have given it 5 stars if it wasn't for the following..

I bought mine in August - it's now October and the battery pack seems to have failed. As I haven't been able to find other users with the same issue so I think I might just have gotten a dudd & I'm certain I wont have any problems getting the set replaced.
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on 22 July 2012
I have had these Bluetooth headphones for a couple of weeks now and I must say that I am liking them more and more. They paired really easily with all my Bluetooth kit, from my mac to my Motorola Motoactv. The first time I wore them they felt a bit strange. They sit away from the back of my neck ad I thought that they would jog up and down when I was running but that was not the case. They stay quite still and the rubberised inside surface of the ear loop must contribute to this.
They come with three sizes of silicon earpieces and after a few minutes testing I had chosen the ones that seemed to fit the best. They do not isolate all of the sounds around you when you are running and I think that is a good thing, it is far too dangerous, in my opinion, to be isolated from what is happening around you. The sound quality is not as good as my wired Bose earbuds but then I didn't think it would be. That said I happen to think that the sound quality is pretty good, there is a fair amount of bass and treble and I don't find the sound to be at all muddy and indistinct. Each ear loop has a set of controls for volume, pause etc and whilst this may be handy for some I have tended to leave them alone and control my music from the Motoactv. I just don't feel comfortable with my hand beside my ear when running, it feels unbalanced to me.
One drawback with these earphones is that the ear loops tend to make wearing sunglasses a bit of a problem. The sunglasses have to rest on top of the ear loops and their fit is then less than perfect. I suppose that if you have sunglasses with strait arm rather than arms that curve around your ears then it will not be too big a problem but it is something you should be aware of.
Battery life seems OK, the longest I have worn them is for about 90 minutes and they were fine. I have charged them after every use and I can't honestly say what kind of time you could expect them to last. Charging via the included USB cable is very easy, the micro USB sits behind a rubber flap that seals the charging slot off from sweat, moisture and rain.
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on 11 July 2012
I have been moderately satisfied with the sound quality on these, also battery life was ok for my use. Maximum volume is often too low for classical music, and sound isolation is not that good. Design (form) as such is pleasing to me, as it's sort of semi-inconspicuous, if only the build quality and functional design would live up to it. The switches are a bit tight, although so much better then on S9 (non-HD). Switching on takes too long. Bluetooth reception is much better then in S9's, but in the outdoors with no reflecting surfaces you often need to reposition your source in the trouser front pocket. They worked fine with Mac Pro as well as Sennheiser transmitter on TV and IO transmitter on old iPod too, in addition to iPhone 4. Also these were not as fussy with the power source as S9.

I was never really able to use these for making calls, except indoors in a quiet surrounding. The persons on the other end told me they heard hardly anything. I could hear them fine though. This wasn't a great problem for me, as I grew up in a society where people talking to air by them self were schizophrenic.

After 7 months of use the red silicone pads on the boom came off, as the glue had "melted" and soiled surroundings. After a while the glue on one of the boom and switch cover joint failed too, leaving the tight-fit boom unstable - u need to tension it quite a bit as u wear them. They are very tight fit to start with, ideal for narrow heads.

As I contacted Motorola to claim warranty they told me to contact Amazon or "buy new ones from their web shop"! Amazon luckily accepted the warranty return.
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on 3 April 2013
... I'm not a gadget expert when it comes to smart phones, neither am I a self-proclaimed audiophile, but I do have a good understanding and sense for design, and do know a bit about technology... this piece was extremely easy to set up -- came precharged, and I could connect it to my Samsung Galaxy Note in less than 20 seconds.. turn on bluetooth, press the power button, search for it, connect, done. Plus, the range is excellent. I cannot agree with reviews I have read here that were arguing about range issues.. you have to keep in mind that there are two components to any range issue.. the sender (mostly your phone, in this mostly passive system), and the receiver. If you have range issues, I would first look into replacing your phone tbh.. I can wear this headset in another room (and my rooms are quite big, i.e. more than 6 meters!) I think it is about 4.5 stars, I give a bit of a minus on the audio quality (I said I am not an audiophile, but the quality could be a bit better, the bases sound too flat, but overall it's a compromise I am willing to make, it does not sound bad at all, just not the same audio quality you'd have with a regular headset, particularly not with a noise cancellation headset that on average have better bases due to the nature of how noise cancellation works).. As I will use it for running, noise cancellation is actually not what I want, I like the fact I can still hear the honk of a car etc (unless I turn up the volume all the way)... If the product should not hold up to it over the next couple of weeks/months, I will come back and edit my review..
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on 11 April 2012
I had read some of the mixed reviews here and other sites but as an owner of the original S9's I was hoping there would be at least some improvement. I've been using them for a few days and have to say that the sound quality is worse than the years old S9's (I'm talking S9 not the S9-HD. High frequencies seem distorted and there is much less base (one thing i really liked about the S9 was they had good base for headphones).

My other major issue which seems to be the same as others is that the volume is much lower than the S9's. I was cleaning the inside of the car today with the hover and had to have them on max volume and could still clearly hear the hover, not an issue on the old version. I'm using a Galaxy Nexus which I know has poor volume but have also tried them on a hp TouchPad (running Android) and a LG Optimus 2x and the low volume is still there

Then there is the constant clicking and hissing, they seen to go to sleep very quickly so if you have audible feedback enabled on your phone each time you press something they hiss-click-hiss for a few seconds which is getting quite annoying.

One good thing is the Bluetooth reception seems better, with my Galaxy Nexus in my pocket I had no cut out's and I used to get a few on the S9.

I'm playing around with the Volume+ app to see if I can tweak the sound, increase the base and try and remove some distortion but not at app happy with them and a definite step backwards by three generations
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on 24 September 2012
Sound quality:

SURPRISINGLY BAD - I read all the reviews before I bought the S10-HD, and I dismissed as nonsense all those people that said the sound quality was worse than the S9. It was to my detriment. I'm certainly no audiophile, but there is no doubt that the sound is worse than the S9 and I do mean the S9 as opposed to the S9-HD. The quality is worse than the standard earphones that come with an iPhone / iPod.


FAIR - I find them reasonable as long as I'm not wearing them for too long. People complain they are too tight on the head but that can be resolved in one second by stretching them out. This effect lasts for over 30 minutes. They also protrude less into the ear canal than many comparable headsets.

Signal loss:

OKAY - Definitely better than average. I've had many, many Bluetooth headsets and most will lose the phones signal when you are out and about. The S10-HD does this but not excessively.


AWFUL - some of the buttons not where you'd expect them to be which is annoying, but the huge pressure you have to apply to activate any function must be one of the main reasons not to buy this headset. Every time I have to "pinch" the button, in other words have a finger on the opposite side of the button I am pressing. If you don't do this, you will have to press the unit hard into your head.

Battery life:

WORSE THAN AVERAGE - I get a maximum of six hours use on a full charge. Most comparable units are about eight hours. There is a warning sound which gives about 1/2 notice of a dead battery.


Buy the Nokia BH-505 instead. It's a similar design but cheaper, lighter, smaller, better buttons, better battery life and better sound quality. The ONLY reason to buy the S10-HD is if you can't cope with the ear canal intrusion of the other headsets.
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on 10 March 2013
I bought this along with the Plantronics Backbeats 903+ to compare and chose between them. In the end the Plantronics was a clear winner with 1 or 2 reservations on the type of use which I'll state first. Many people buy these stereo bluetooth headphones to wear whilst working out or running and have complained that the sweat gets into the speakers and breaks them. I haven't used them in this way yet so I can't comment save to say that there are similar comments on the Motorola on various forums.

I chose the Plantronics over the Motorola for 2 main reasons; 1st they sound significantly better when listening to music. Even without using the 'Bass boost' function on the Plantronics they sound much more full, moe detailed and have a significantly better bass sound to them. I could hear more detail in the background of mixes I tried and I was pretty impressed overall not even taking into account the supposed loss of quality over bluetooth. I didn't notice any discernible lack of quality compared to decent cable earbuds.

Secondly, the Plantronics had significantly better noise-reduction performance when taking calls in a noisy environment. Although somewhat echo-sounding and difficult for my caller to hear me in the most noisy places such as a packed cafe with music playing as well as everyone talking the Plantronics are very usable. The Motorola was not usable in such places and generally had a significantly poorer noise-reduction system.

In terms of comfort they are about the same. You can wear them each for 1-2 hours but they can get a bit uncomfortable after that and your ears may need a rest.

On the plus side for the Motorola it definitely looks cooler than the Plantronics which do look a little like hearing aids if you're being hyper-critical or hyper-sensitive and the Motorola sounds perfectly decent with considerably better bass response being achieved with the bigger ear buds than the smaller ones.

Overall, however, for me the Plantronics were the clear winners. On caveat, however, is that the volume seems to be giving me trouble at the moment. I have them turned up high to hear music and calls sufficiently but then when the auto-voice announces, 'Battery Low!' it's deafening - almost blows your eardrums out! Well, maybe not quite that but certainly uncomfortable.

So, there it is - my subjective opinion after testing each head set. Hope this is of help to any potential buyers.
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on 5 December 2011
+ aesthetically pleasing design
+ sweat proof - good for working out

= battery life was alright: about 8hrs of continuous use

- awful sound quality(worse than the previous model S9-HD): hollow midrange, flat treble, horrible base
- very tight fit
- calling quality is bad to unusuable: people had difficulties hearing me (skype, n900)

Audiophiles beware, this isn't something you should be going for: it'll make your ears hurt.
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on 14 August 2014
Don't buy, s9 far superior..... Difficult to turn on and the sound quality is very poor....... Really upset with myself for wasting good money....... I gave them away to be honest but s9 were awesome..... Some moronic "friend" lost mine hence the upgrade which I can honestly say avoid. ... Up to you though...... I was shocked by the crappy sound quality.... With the s9 they were always rou d ma neck
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