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VINE VOICEon 20 April 2017
I picked this up with no pre-conceptions. I liked the sound of the story and had a long train journey ahead of me and literally picked this up by chance.

The story follows Ruby, who unexpectedly loses her job. She decides to join a recruitment agency with a very specific plan in mind - 12 jobs in 12 months. She will then pick her favourite at the end! Throw in a few romances along the way and a cat named Patrick and you have 'working it out.'

I really enjoyed this book and found the story very engaging. There are some hilarious moments and I found myself keen to see where Ruby's adventures took us next! Ruby herself is a likeable character and I was really rooting for her, particularly with her relationship with George.

Some bits of the book are quite rude and crass but you get used to that. If easily offended though, this might not be for you.

I had no idea this was self published but I was eager to pick it up which is the sign of a good novel for me. I am pleased to see there are many more Nicola May books for me to try, including a sequel to this one.
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on 14 October 2012
I got this eBook when it was available as a free download from Amazon.

The main character Ruby was made redundant just before Christmas and spent a tearful New Years Day with just her cat for company. After being inspired by a quote she found on the internet she decided to make a New Years resolution that, hopefully, would see her succeed in finding happiness. Her big plan was to try twelve different jobs in twelve months to see which one she would like to commit to - I found this whole idea very interesting and I couldn't wait to join her on her journey.

Just a few of the jobs Ruby tried out included a funeral director, sexual health clinic receptionist, fortune-teller and care assistant. She met some fabulous characters along the way, Tony Choi being one of my favourites - he was hilarious and had me crying with laughter. The only problem I found with having so many different characters was that sometimes I struggled to remember who everyone was.

Ruby's love interests were as varied as her job choices but my favourite was definitely gorgeous George, I really enjoyed his cheekiness!

I found myself looking forward to Ruby's next career move, I couldn't wait to find out which career she would choose in the end and when she finally did I have to admit that it was unexpected. There were many, many laugh out loud moments throughout the book but also a few incredibly touching moments so I feel like this book covered everything.

This was a fun read with a happy ending, a perfect curl up on the sofa and have a laugh book.
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on 3 March 2013
Another great concept for a novel by Nicola May. Although this was her debut novel, I ended up reading it last, just like to be like that! I think it is a really strong debut novel with a solid storyline, a host of fabulous characters and a wonderful concept for a tale.

At the beginning of the book we meet Ruby. She has just been made redundant, but does she let this get the better of her? No! She begins on a quest-12 jobs in 12 months and then she will decide which is the best fit for her. I can only imagine the fun this author had researching this novel as some of the jobs are completely not what you would expect for someone who used to work in marketing. The wonderful thing about Ruby is that she doesn't give up. She completely typifies the strong independent thirty something woman that I love to read about in novels. When she doesn't get work for a couple of weeks and finds money hard, she sells her designer handbags on eBay, something we all know can buy us a bit of spending money until the next pay cheque arrives.

The other thing I really liked about the character and her position within the storyline is that with every job she does, either she ends up learning a completely valid life lesson, or else she ends up teaching the people she works with something. I think Nicola May has been very clever here. She could've just gone through describing the scrapes and capers that Ruby got into in each job, but instead she decided to use each job as a teaching point in Ruby's life, or the lives of the characters around her.

The book is mainly set in Putney, but the main character is originally from Reading and is a staunch fan of their football team, so it helped in my reading of the book that it was set close to home. At the end of the story, however, Ruby travels to the Lake District, so be warned, you will be craving the beauty of the hills and,area of Cumbria by the time you finish this novel! All scenes and settings were wonderfully described. Indeed throughout the book, the balance of description and narrative were spot on.

I think there is really something for everybody in the treat of a debut novel. Some really likeable characters, both main and supporting. A strong storyline featuring me very day events as well as the pure escapism of 'I wonder what would happen if I quit my job and tried my hand at a completely different career'. And of course there is the all important love interest, something simmering beneath the surface, teasing the reader with not knowing what will happen until the very last minute! Loves, laughs and life lessons in this fabulously fun novel by Nicola May!
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on 15 June 2017
I struggle with grammar errors, but spelling, punctuation and alignment errors added in the mix are my worst nightmare. This book is full of them, and if it wasn't for the AMAZING storyline, albeit cheesy, it would never have received four stars, and I wouldn't have finished the book.
A modern day twist, definitely chick lit genre, even then, still with a little spice added. A certain recommended read from someone who doesn't usually allow more than 3 errors in the first few pages.
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on 21 January 2017
I really enjoyed the storyline based around the 12 very different jobs in 12 months and all the adventures Ruby had along the way. The author really brought the characters to life and from the descriptions I built up my own visualisations of them all. I was hoping for the ending that occurred so wasn't disappointed. Will definitely keep a look out for other books by Nicola May!
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on 3 May 2014
I bought this book based on the great reviews and had high hopes for it. Unfortunately I found it really disappointing. The main character Ruby having lost her job just before Christmas embarks on a mission to find a new job she really loves by trying a different job a month for 12 months. Interesting idea. However I found a lot of the situations a bit false and there were too many coincidences. The main character was annoying and I think some of the chapters were out of order which caused me some confusion. I won't be rushing to read anything else by this author.
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on 1 February 2016
I came across this book when browsing titles and looking for inspiration. I needed something 'easy' to read, having just been informed my workplace was being closed down. This book fit the bill perfectly and gave me an idea for my own future career path.

I found the book quite entertaining and have recently purchased a few other titles by this author.
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on 9 August 2012
I loved the idea for this book of the main character, Ruby, working her way through 12 jobs in a year. From a stint in a nursing home to a tea room, complete with eccentric owner, Ruby is kept busy and the reader entertained with her antics. With an eclectic mix of larger than life personalities to keep her company along the way, including Gorgeous George, a tramp called Bert, polo sucking Margaret and the wonderful Lucas Steadburton and his little Jack Russell Montgomery.
I met the author at her book signing in Waterstones and purchased her other novel Star Fish which I'm really looking forward to reading.
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on 30 August 2012
I really liked the idea of the story - someone who has just been made redundant is on the hunt for their dream job and is doing this by taking 12 jobs in 12 months. It sounds like a fabulous idea! Unfortunately, the book is trying to be too much and has this whole dating and "finding love" theme running side-by-side. This would not be so bad apart from the fact that the language the author uses is really embarrassingly crass. I also really did not like the main character who just seems to be jumping from man to man. Some of the imagery involved with these relationships is just vile. I really did not enjoy the book until about half-way to three-quarters through when the main character finally stops her serial dating. Then it becomes actually readable and enjoyable. While the first part of the book would deserve a 1 star review, the second half of the book deserves a 4-5 star review. So we end up somewhere in the middle!
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on 22 October 2015
I loved this book, the whole idea of a job a month really had me hooked so much so that I couldn't put the book down - and the romance just added that nice warm glow. Now really looking forward to reading the sequel. In fact I've ended up reading 4 other of Nicola's books in the last 2 weeks - a great replacement for telly watching in the evenings and all so relevant for different stages of life. I can see quite a few of her books going in my girlfriends Christmas stocking! Thank you Nicola
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