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Customer reviews

4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 14 April 2011
I expected there to be lots of books with this theme and was not going to read any of them. But, I'm a romantic and yes, a Royalist, and I'd heard Ms Page could write.
And she can, beautifully.
I read it, in three sittings, very early in the morning, and each morning laughed so much, not at Bella and her believable predicaments, but with her. Poor girl comes back from a year counting fish , is ignored by the social climbing mother - who turns out not to be so awful, and goes to a party with her friend, Lottie. (We should all have/be a friend like her!) She falls over a plant and is rescued by, yes, you've guessed it. She doesn't recognize him -well she had knocked down all the lights, and it goes from there. Richard and Bella, Bella's Right Royal Republican father, Lady Pansy are beautifully portrayed and are so real. We feel for the young couple with every twist of the plot and are so happy at the lovely ending. It's a very funny book but not over written in the manner adopted by two many writers who throw in pages of one liners. (That's not funny at all.) I won't spoil it by telling you the funny bits but just let's say that Scottish Country Dancing and a wee stroll in St James's Park will never be the same again.
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The book begins with Bella Greenwood not knowing Prince Richard at all. In fact, she's left a bit bereft after her return from her travels and finding herself with nowhere to live after her parents say they're too busy to put their daughter up. I really did like Bella right from the start - she's a very normal and believable character, she wants to work hard and is really close to her best friend Charlotte (Lottie). Because of her travels, its very plausible that she doesn't know who Prince Richard is properly but I'd like to think if I bumped into Prince William at a party, drunk or not, I'd be very aware of who he was! Either way, it does make the story a little more fairy-tale like.

As well as Bella being a lovely character, I really liked Prince Richard all the way through the book. Page puts across really well how Richard's conflicting emotions about being a Royal and the heir to the throne conflicts with his own personal feelings towards Bella, especially as she isn't from his world, and how he wants to protect her from his less-than-private public life. There were times he wasn't too nice but again it is understandable in the context of the story, and I liked that their relationship wasn't perfect 100% of the time, it certainly made for more realistic reading. Lottie, Bella's best friend, was another good character - it's important for writers to get female friendships right and Page certainly has with the girls' friendship in this book. We all need a considerate best friend like Lottie!

While the book starts with Bella not knowing Prince Richard, we don't actually get to see the Royal Wedding at all, this book is rather more about the relationship between Bella and Prince Richard, and the complexities of the engagement and forthcoming nuptials. I feel it was a good idea not to include the wedding as it may not have lived up to the readers expectations after such a build-up, and I think the book covers enough really. I felt really sorry for Bella, she struggles a lot with the public feeling towards her and how her whole life changes in a millisecond. It certainly made me spare a thought for Kate Middleton and the changes she must be going through to prepare for being a Princess and eventual Queen! Page seems to tap into Bella's mind and feelings really well, and I feel the third person narrative worked well.

I really enjoyed every page of this book, and read it in just a day because I couldn't put it down! Despite my initial reservations about the cover, I was soon drawn in by a good cast of characters, a likeable leading lady and a story that compels you to keep reading on. I was completely swept up into Bella's world every time I picked up the book, and I did not want to stop reading about hers and Richard's love story. Page's writing is very easy to read - the book is quite light reading and not taxing, but that doesn't seem to matter, the story is just very enjoyable and I honestly loved it. It's believable (especially with current events in the real world!), it's charming and it's a lovely love story - maybe fairytale's do happen after all.
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on 27 April 2011
Perfect for 2011, was the release of To Marry A Prince by Sophie Page. I picked it up for that very reason, and thought that as it's the week of the very real Royal Wedding, it was a perfect time to read the book.

We meet Bella Greenwood, who has been away for the past year working on a remote island. She only went as she thought she was in love with a guy who went there. However, a year later, once she realises it isn't love, she hot-tails it home back to London and moves in with best friend, Lottie. At a party Bella gets into a bit of difficulty with an ivy plant, and along comes Prince charming to her rescue.

In reality Prince charming is an actual Prince. Bella just doesn't know it. He's Prince Richard, and he falls hard for Bella as she treats him as "normal". 3 months into their relationship, their private relationship is found-out by the public, so Richard proposes, to which he and Bella enter a whirl-wind of marriage preperation, hen nights, and a Royal Family that want to control Bella as much as possible! Will the wedding happen? Can Bella survive the wedding preperations? And can she ever learn to curtsey? All is revealed in a jam-packed ending.

To be honest, i was about 20 pages into this book and didn't think i was going to enjoy it. For some reason, i just couldn't get "into it". Deciding to persevre (i HATE giving up on books), i must admit that i did enjoy it.

I'm not sure if Sophie Page wrote this book with the real Royal Wedding in mind, but it's a good escapism book, perfect for this time of year.
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on 4 April 2011
Firstly I'll just say that other than mild irritation at the inconvenience caused with childcare arrangements that day (schools and holiday clubs closed, shops are not and yeah, I work in one) I'm not that interested in the Royal Wedding. I might switch the TV on to get a glimpse of the dress if I remember but that's it. So you may be surprised to hear that I actually really liked To Marry A Prince by Sophie Page. It's fun, cute and romantic and all round great read.

I guess every girl at some point has had the Cinderella dream. I'm no different and the fact Bella Greenwood gets hers really appeals. Of course deep down I would hate to be marrying a prince. I couldn't cope with the media attention, protocol and tradition. Sophie Page picks up on what it would be like to be thrust under the spotlight by falling for the most eligible bachelor in the world with hilarious results. I liked Bella a lot. She's brave, feisty and doesn't bow or scrape to her in laws to be. Go girl. The attraction between Bella and Prince Richard (fictional Prince Of Wales in this book) is genuinely romantic and I was fully invested in both characters and wishing them well.

Personally, I have never seen the attraction of Prince William. Gimme a bad boy on a motorbike with tats and muscles any day. Prince Richard however did capture my heart just a teeny bit. Ok, I got a crush on him. He's handsome, sexy, passionate and strong; definitely not what I was expecting! I liked how he was so torn between his loyalties and felt very sorry for him at times.

To enjoy this book you really need to be able to suspend belief quite a bit, you know some of things in this book would never happen and if this would annoy you then I'd say pass on it. However if you love a bit of a fairytale with funny dialogue and strong characters then I say read this instead of watching the real thing...I guarantee it will be much more fun. I did think that once Bella and Richard were engaged the book was a little rushed and thought one character, Chloe, underused. She would have made a fantastic villain but wasn't really developed. Overall though I thoroughly enjoyed To Marry A Prince and read it over two days. Highly recommended!
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on 21 April 2011
It's the easter break and i love my chik-lit... and as the royal wedding is so very near, i liked the look of 'To Marry A Prince'.. it's every girls dream.. except feeling out-of-touch of the world and being found by a gorgeous man in the middle of a heap of a mini-natural disaster...

it's cinderella featuring snow white and little of maybe sleeping beaty but with a 2011 twist(with the aid of our ever-evolving technology)and more perspective..

Bella is a main character we can relate to and prince charming -i mean Richard- is a great male lead.. Lottie and George are funny and loveable.. there also are many other eccentric but believable charcters, who have thir qualities and other traits but you still love them except for two...

it was great read and i read in 2days :)
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on 13 April 2011
I absolutely loved this book. I was a bit wary about it as with all products emerging from the Royal wedding announcement, but I'd heard so many excellent references about the author and the book that I couldn't resist buying it.
Once I read the first page I couldn't stop turning the pages. It was funny, witty, exciting and so romantic. I loved the natural characters and the way the author combined modern situations with traditions. It was fantastic and I went back to read several scenes which had me laughing out loud all over again.
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on 3 April 2011
It's not often I'm prompted to write a review of something but I simply adored this book! Having bought it on the last day of my holiday, it was the first thing I picked up when I came in from work the last few days and couldn't wait to finish it. The main characters are well written, strong and likeable, something that certain other modern authors seem to be struggling with these days. Bella is confident and opinionated and Richard's torn loyalties make you feel sympathetic towards him, even when his behaviour wasn't very princely...

I did feel that the actual engagement part of the story was rushed and a little under-developed compared to the time spent at the start setting up Bella and Richard's relationship. I also think that the sub-plot re Twitter was not really developed in the way it could have been. Richard goes a bit distant and it's not really explained but then suddenly it's over and they've moved on. I would happily have read another 50 pages in order to expand these aspects. I probably should knock a star or half off for this slight criticism but I don't want to!

It would probably be impossible to describe a royal wedding sufficiently for me, already having a picture in my head of what these two characters would want so the story finished at the perfect point. I'm now going to go back to the start and read it all over again!
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on 16 May 2011
To Marry a Prince is a great book to get you in the mood for the upcoming Royal Wedding. Sophie Page has Bella and Richard as the main characters but they are clearly representing Prince William and Kate Middleton.
You don't have to be a devout royalist to enjoy this book. I am not a huge fan of the royal family but I still enjoyed this modern, romantic, fairytale.
I'm not sure how Sophie Page did her research but I felt that she painted a very honest and realistic picture of what it is like to grow up in the royal family. Prince Richard is a lovely character but you can feel the immense pressure he is under and the scrutiny that he endures from the public and his own family. Bella is very normal and extremely independent and headstrong. She makes allowances for Richard but she is in no way a pushover.
I read To Marry a Prince very quickly and I found the writing to be very addictive. It is like getting a sneak peek behind the scenes at Buckingham Palace, you almost forget that it is a work of fiction.
Sophie Page has written a highly entertaining and relevant book. If you allow yourself to be taken off in the fairytale world of royal palaces and tiaras then you will enjoy this one.
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on 29 December 2014
Many unoriginal ideas, poor grammar and a lack of distinction between English and American dialects. Would be quite a romantic story if written in a slightly more sophisticated manner and the author had shown more attention to detail ie not getting the main characters name wrong referring to her at one critical moment as 'Beth' not ' Bella.' Disappointing.
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on 4 April 2011
Sophie Page is a consummate professional, if you'll pardon the cliche. I read the book in a sitting and absolutely loved it. I, too, was worried about "timed" books, but this one made nonsense of my forebodings. Lovely characters, a credible setting and a stunning romance. I'd give it more than 5 stars if I could.
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