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on 3 April 2017
many thanks
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on 11 April 2017
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on 30 May 2011
I have had no problems with any bugs, it hasn't crashed for me at all. In fact it is better than dirt2 in this regard, for a start it will detect if the controller has disconnected and wait for you to reconnect, Dirt2 wouldnt do this and you would sometimes have to restart the game.

Note that AMD users can benefit from the 11.b drivers, which improve performance specifically in this game (and the Witcher 2). I have an ATI 5770 and get over 40fps on ultra settings.

Gamewise, more of the same great gameplay from Dirt2 with more of an emphasis on Rally which is definitely a good thing. Weather effects are more varied, and the new Gymkhana mode is awesome. The interface is not a problem for me, quicker than Dirt2 to get down to some racing, so less frills and more action.

No problems recommending this, plus it is a Games for Windows Live title so you get Achievements and add to your gamerscore, which is a bonus for me.
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on 6 December 2012
The game needs to be updated through Windows Live. This update fails because of error 0X800B0003. This has been identified by Microsoft and dealt with the windows xp update WindowsXP-KB938759-x86 which exists in more than 10 languages, but not in Greek. Because the update is not in Greek, my official greek microsoft windows xp sp3 can not install it. Neither Microsoft support of Codemasters can give me a bypass of this problem.

Long story short: This game can not be installed on a greek pc with Microsoft Windows XP in greek.
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on 29 August 2011
I've owned all the McRae games, McRae 2005 was the last Rally only - and then came Dirt & Dirt 2.

Dirt 3 is 'one of' the best racing games ever made for PC. The major omission is that you need to pay for ingame content that allows you to complete the game - which is a new revenue model that users on the PC are not really into (in the way Xbox & PS3 users are). This feature takes a 5 star game and makes it 3 star - Codemasters should be ashamed.

I thought it amusing that many people have reviewed a game with 'copy protection' and given it a 1 star rating 'on principle' alone. To my mind paying more for the game after purschase is a far more cynical approach my the software house to generate extra cash.
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on 10 June 2013
With it's great graphics, steering and overall gameplay, Dirt 3 is one of the best racing experiences available at this time, but it has its downsides as well.

The racing-experience in this game is really one of the best. As I mentioned before the graphics are very good, and I would say that it's among the best available at this time. It feels very realistic, and especially so whilst using the Xbox 360-controller with the rumblefunction.

Your map-reading friend usually has some funny comment when you end up doing barrelrolls on the rallytracks.

Many racing-games has skipped the splitscreen-mode on PC-ports in the recent years, (I don't see why?) but Dirt 3 is not one of those. You can race with at least one friend in splitscreen-mode (I don't have gamepads enough to know if you can play with more)

This game seems to only be compatible with either the usual PC-setup (keyboard and mouse) or the Xbox 360-controller. Even though I like my Xbox-controller very much and would highly recommend it, I would like the freedom to play this game with my much cheaper gamepads as well.

It has also some very frustrating loading-time. When one is loading a race it takes about a minute to get past the loadscreen (and my computer is not very old mind you!) where the camera is circling the chosen car (I wonder if the loading would have gone faster if they had just put a "loading-please-wait-sign" on a black screen instead?) On top of this, when the race has finally loaded you have to sit through some short (but grueling in the long run) introduction videos to the track, which you can only partially skip.

When you are about to race; the game shows you some cars, and maps that you can only select if you pay more for downloadable content-packs.

The menues are more esthetical than functional and there is usually some animation between them that makes them even more irritating. Why can't they focus on the actual game, and make the menues as short and functional as possible?

It seems that in order to save your progress you have to be connected to Games for Windows Live, or at least make some offline-profile. GFWL is also very annoying and often gives me difficulties with signing in. If you can't sign in you will have to create a new game everytime you start the game. You will have to write your gamenickname, choose gender, nationality and nickname, etc, etc... While you are doing this you will have to listen to advice (which can't be skipped!) before you can go on and finish your next list of settings - it takes about two minutes or so every time. It should also be mentioned that GFWL-multiplayer is slow and you usually end up waiting a long period for a very limited time of actual gameplay - unless you already have an online friend-community to play with.


If this game had better menues, less loadingtime, and used steam, so I wouldn't need to worry about all these GFWL-problems (or even about keeping the disc nearby after it has been installed!) I would have given this game five stars without any hesitation, because the maps are so beautiful, and the feel of the steering is great, and it is just the one of the very best racing-games out there, but somehow they didn't want to make it user-friendly, and that is why it doesn't deserve more than this.

Hopefully I helped you make an informed decision about this game. If you decide to buy it, you should get a couple of Xbox 360-controllers too, because it is great fun to play splitscreen with a friend.

Microsoft Xbox 360 Common Controller for Windows - Black (PC)
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on 30 December 2011
Two things to set straight I feel - DLC IS optional but is not a new phenomenon. FPS games have been charging for expansion packs since the year dot.
Second - there are(were) bugs but the latest patch has taken care of those - at least for myself anyway.

The game itself is excellent, outstanding graphics and driving physics which I have nothing but praise for - Codemasters have the Racing genre down to a T. The menu has taken a bit of a slating but I prefer the stripped down simple look compared to the gratuitous `skater' look and feel of Dirt 2 which was a bit over the top.

I must now elaborate in the title of this review. When I bought the game I was playing with the Xbox controller as I had done for Dirt 2 and for every other racing game before. This was until I purchased a Steering Wheel (Logitech Driving Force GT to be precise) and my whole outlook on the game changed. I more than appreciate that there are gamers who cannot or will not splash out on a Steering wheel setup but I happened upon mine in an offer with F1 2010 and have loved it since day one. As I had been playing F1 for weeks Dirt 3 had been left in the corner gathering dust until I decided I must try the wheel out and my goodness what a difference it makes.

The driving experience is so realistic I find it gets the adrenalin pumping in seconds. It is actually the little things that make it stand out such as the force feedback features and I don't just mean the wheel rattling on an uneven surface but things such as corrective steering and when in mid-air the wheel goes completely limp - like it would in real life. The variation in surfaces and steering weight is also very noticeable such as the difference between gravel and snow/ice.
I had my reservations about the Gymkhana discipline in this game as I am not into the over-elaborate yobbo `Jeremy Clarkson' style driving but it is rather fun and very addictive and unsurprisingly with the wheel/pedals is an absolute blast.

All in all this is a brilliant game and the wheel setup makes it so much better than it should be. My only disappointment is that I hark back to the days of Colin McRae Rally 2 which was just rally and you worked you're way through the rally calendar. This aspect was incorporated in some sense into Dirt 1 but ditched for the previous 2 instalments. I know Milestone have attempted to carry the mantle with WRC but that game isn't fit to shine the shoes of Dirt 3.
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on 14 July 2011
I wasn't a huge fan of rallying but I thought I would give this one a try and I don't regret it. The dirt series is only going one way and that is to the top. There are several things that I liked about the game. The graphics are breathtaking with dx11 and I also like the fact that the game is turning towards being more fun to play rather than a serious rally simulation. However, the original rally races are still available but they are coupled with the new gymkhana events. The gymkhana events are really fun and addictive and they add some variety to the game. It is basically just chaining different tricks and stunts together to get the most points and beat the opponents. The game offers different terrains and environments from snow covered tracks to desert races. The difficulty settings can be adjusted to match any type of player and you can change it depending on what type of race you are doing. The steering was suprisingly light but this is good as it means you don't have break to hard to get round a corner. The new dirt tour has a huge number of races, tracks and cars to keep you occupied so the game is definitely not short. The multiplayer gives even more bang for the buck as there are some very unique modes which are a lot of fun to play. If you are a rally fan or just want a new racing game to play, this is definitely the one for you.
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on 16 August 2011
Just to update the info about ËDWARD,s"earlier review..
You DONT need to purchase any extras to play this great game. They offer extra cars etc in the game for money but thats all they are.EXTRAS...just an advertisng ploy to get money off you ( if you are dumb or rich enough to buy them)The game is a fun standalone game with loads of tracks and cars,more than dirt 2 in fact. So buy it and enjoy it..
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on 3 March 2012
This game is fantastic, there's simply no two ways about it!

First off I want to make it clear that this isn't simply a straightforward console port. It looks fifty times better on the PC, there are a good array of graphics options (which always shows the game wasn't just ported lazily) and it's DirectX 11 (if your card supports it), Xbox and PS3 only support DX9 which is archaic in comparison.

The game itself plays perfectly, I've had no problems with stability. I'm running a Sandy Bridge set-up with a GTX570 GPU and the game just zips along with no skipping or lagging at all. The graphics are gorgeous, one of the best looking games I've ever seen (it's up there with The Witcher 2).

The copy protection for this game is just a serial code, nothing more - no 'always on' internet or any of that nonsense. The fact that people will give a game 1 star because they have to enter a 16 digit code before they can play it are bonkers, basic copy protection is important to allow games companies to earn money and continue creating fantastic games like this. Some people are just lazy! Besides, PC games since the dawn of history have had serial code protection.

Onto the gameplay:

The new Gymkhana mode is great fun, the focus being on drifting and jumping around to perform tricks that score points. The goal being to string moves together and wow the crowd. There is also much more emphasis on proper rallying and rally cross in this installment, which I was really pleased about because I thought Dirt 2 really lost its way with all the different racing modes which bore no resemblance to rallying at all (although it was a very accomplished game overall).

The cars feel excellent, and handle realistically. The racing surfaces vary, and you really feel all the bumps in the road - it can be a very visceral experience. There are several weather conditions to drive in, and these in effect create entirely new experiences as your driving skills are pushed to the limit every time.

The 'Flashbacks' are back again, which I don't particularly like but I still find myself using them just because I can! Basically they allow you to rewind time and correct your mistakes a limited number of times, and although this means you don't have to keep restarting the race because of one difficult corner, it does of course mean that most races can be one in one attempt which is a bit disappointing. This is the only negative I can really think of for this game, and I'm clutching at straws here.

Overall, I would heartily recommend this game to anyone - hardcore rally fans will be chuffed with the new focus on proper rallying, and casual fans will love the Gymkhana mode and the overall accessibility of the game.
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