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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
Platform: Xbox 360|Edition: Ultimate Edition|Change
Price:£20.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime
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on 12 July 2012
Installation guide.
[For those like me, who bought this game despite owning the original, in order to start afresh with the DLC]

Make sure you insert the 2nd disc first (DLC content). This will load onto your harddrive and then from that point on, just use the normal play disc (disc 1). I was 2 hours into playing the disc 1 until I realised my mistake. This is FYI just in case you are wanting to begin your New Vegas adventures anew, starting off with things such as the 'sturdy caravan shotgun' and 'lightweight leather armour' which helps on the earlier levels.

That's all. If you enjoyed Fallout, you'll enjoy this. Simple.
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on 24 April 2013
As an addition to the fallout series, this game is great. However, I wish they'd just spent a bit more time with it.

The game itself is fantastic. The post-apocalyptic feel is still there, the eeriness is still there, it's every bit a fallout game. Considering the engine and gameplay of the game is virtually identical to Fallout 3, save for a few pleasant additions, I find it hard to tell which I prefer. With New Vegas I feel more involved with the characters, they're more alive, they've more character, I can remember each character you encounter out on The Wastes better and where they reside better than I could in previous Fallout games.

As for The Wastes themselves, they've got more varied environments. One thing that disappointed me with fallout 3 (Though put next to the rest of the game, this was quickly forgotten about) was the bleakness and awkwardness. Immediately springing to mind are the repetitiveness of wandering a grey, dry landscape, and when visiting more central locations, the constant blundering through old train tunnels to find the other side to get to where you want. Whilst fun and interesting the first couple of times, it quickly became annoying having to go very particular routes to get places in an open-world game. In New Vegas this is not the case. The landscape is more the likes of Oblivion or Skyrim, a truely open world landscape with pockets of civilization here and there. In New Vegas, it's a pleasure to wander The Wastes for hours on end. Although the map is smaller (At least it feels so) they've packed more into it, meaning you'll never be wandering too long without something catching your eye which you can't resist going to explorer, no matter how imperative your current quest may be.

However, what all this means is that The Wastes are a vastly different place to how you left them in Fallout 3. To a new wanderer of The Wastes, this game would truly be an experience, however to veteran wanderers the changes may be a bit off putting at first. Stick with it though, as once the story suckers you in, the new look becomes your new home. I remember freaking out the first time I saw a tree in Fallout 3, circling around it saying to myself "Is this real?", where as New Vegas is.. not quite bursting with (Aside from one very creepy location I will not disclose for spoiler reasons) but life is definitely coming back to the wasteland, with trees and bushes a common sight here and there, and even plants which you can harvest.

I would give this game 5 stars, if it weren't for the rushed feel of the game. What I mean by that is it is riddled with glitches. Two which I often experience are randomly falling through supposedly solid objects, large rocks being the most common, and the corrupt save glitch. The first one I mention requires a reload of your last save, which is a pain if your been wandering for a while without saving. The second, I only wish were so easy to resolve.

The first time it occurred for me, I almost went back to the start of the game loosing 10 hours of work. Luckily, after a bit of googling I got round it. What basically happens is the game crashes whilst loading up a new area, and in doing so, corrupts your Autosave causing the game to just eternally load whenever trying to load a save (autosave or manual) the only way to get back into your game is start a new game, overwriting your autosave in the process, and then load your latest manual save. This basically means that you cannot rely on autosaves and must constantly be manually saving your progress just in case this glitch occurs. I don't know if it's coincidence or if this is a trigger of the glitch, but it just so happens this occurs for me mostly when I've been playing for a few hours and forgotten to manually save, which is a pain when you have to redo the past couple of hours work.

This almost completely ruined the game for me, but I'm glad I stuck with it. The depth and interest of the story and appeal and likability of the characters make this game a truly awesome experience. Suffice to say, I'm hooked! If anyone reading this is thinking they won't get this game because of the glitch, I'd say get it! I only mention the glitch to warn folk to save. If anyone is thinking of not getting it because of how different things seem, I'd say get it! It may be different, but it doesn't feel like a different game, rather, it feels like the same old wastes just a bit more matured and developed. It helps add to the feel that this is set in a time of Fallout, and whilst things are bleak and grey at first, there will come a time where the world will return to it's living, breathing self.
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on 8 January 2014
New Vegas is a fantastic game, and this edition is essential for fans of the game or new players alike.
For £20 you get the base game, which offers a long playthrough of up to 72 hours of gameplay, and all 6 of the games downloadable contents.
You get the 4 Story DLC's which market for around £15 each (that's £60 overall) and 2 Extra add ons that give you access to the Pre Order packs that were included when the game first shipped and an add on that includes hundreds of unique weapons, ammunition types and weapon mods.
This is a fantastic deal, £20 for a game that would be worth around £90 if bought seperately.
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on 23 March 2012
Though I reviewed this game ages ago on release, and updated later, I feel I need to just add to it having downloaded and completed all the DLC released.

In short, it was absolute quality from start to finish.

In slightly more detail, Old World Blues was my favourite of the DLC. It had everything I love about Fallout: humour, new gadgets and some funky new weapons, an engrossing storyline, the potential for at least 2 but more likely around 4 or 5 different outcomes, and a beautiful but desolate terrain to navigate. It was the longest of the four DLC and in my opinion was by far the best.

Dead Money, I forget the name of the second (Lonely Hearts?), and Lonesome Road were all great too, especially LR which was the darkest and most disturbing of all and a fitting end to the game.

I can't stress enough how much I love this game, both NV and F:3 were incredible and I will be eagerly awaiting Fallout 4 whenever it is released. In between starting and finishing this game properly, Skyrim came out. I love that too but it's just not as good at putting you into the story and forcing you to make choices as the Fallout series. Fallout wins hands down.
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on 4 March 2012
Only played a few hours so far, but boy ow boy, i for one looooved fallout3 and this my friends is just everything fallout3 was, and then some, and then some more, it just seem to has it all, the whole survival RPG is really fantastic, everything in the game just makes so much more sense than fallout, and lets just state again that fallout3 is among the kings of the playground.
If you know the fallout games this is a must have, if you dont but are into RPG & survival then you can not carry on without this, extreme game time for the pound.

Ow, almost forgot, one major change is that most if not all things can be used, in fallout3 there were piles of junk without any use at all, now lets say you kill a gecko, then you can use the hide to craft items, and the meat to cook, you can gather plants and cook meal, you can break down scrap metal and use the lead you get to craft ammo (if you got the remaining needed items and skills) however this ammo will wear more on your gun than bought ammo due to its lesser quality, and this seems to be the red line in new vegas, it makes sense from a real life point if view, and that is why i think its just all that much the better.
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on 25 November 2014
This game, even though it has very awkward and clunky character animations still exceeded my expectations. Instead of it being a generic post apocalyptic world like fallout 3 was. It is set in a world that is being rebuilt and so while it still has many elements of a post apocalyptic world it still defines itself as a separate game from fallout 3 by making the world populated. Just as a warning though if you want a very apocalyptic game with blown up buildings, cars and cities, go for fallout 3 as you never feel like you are anywhere near anyone while in fallout new vegas you always feel like you are close to someone. This game also adds a number of new mechanics to the fallout series like iron sights, gambling and the ability to affect the world's politics with an amazing alliance system to get all these factions to fight for you. But with some factions you can't be friends with two at once and by helping one faction a different one may be getting very angry at you. I was very surprised when a few assassins turned up on my doorstep to kill me after I helped the N.C.R (New California Republic). There are so many systems that I can't write them all in this review so I would definitely recommend this game to fans of the fallout series.
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VINE VOICEon 9 April 2015
Okay, as I did with Fallout 3, I'm going to use this to review the bonus material you get with the GOTY edition because New Vegas is frankly incredible, that five stars up there is for the complete package. The graphics were a touch dated even when they came out, and in many ways it's just the world's most expansive expansion pack for Fallout 3, but honestly, I prefer the story and function of New Vegas to 3 by quite a wide margin. Your mileage may vary, though. Anyway, the downloadable additions.

The additional guns, armour, accessories, etc. can be a bit of a weird one (the Gun Runner's Arsenal and Courier's Stash) because a lot of it shows up in your inventory the second you boot up the game. This leads to a hard call because you've got to decide whether to keep it and start the game a little overpowered (one of the items is some armour that never deteriorates) or hide it somewhere to come back to at some arbitrary point in the future. As far as the items themselves, I'm not sure any of them would be worth paying for in their own right, although they add some nice little wrinkles to existing weapons and armours, and if you're playing on Hardcore Mode, the Vault 13 flask that you take a sip of periodically is vital for stemming off dehydration.

The main event here is the DLCs, and while they are across the board a huge step up in quality from Fallout 3's mixed bag of lumpy downloads, there's still a great deal of good and bad. So, in no order:

Dead Money: I. Hate. This. DLC. I cannot express in words how much I loathe it, but the thing is, that's only slightly a quality issue; it's largely down to personal taste. Dead Money is basically Fallout as survival horror; all your gear gets taken, and you're in a town-sized prison doing a casino heist for a mysterious overlord. You end up scraping by on the most scant resources (I don't think I'd have completed it had I not stumbled across a secret hologram vendor at one point) and the number of old saves I had to reload was ridiculous. This is partly some brilliant design. The new locations are jammed full of atmosphere, it's genuinely frightening, the new characters are brilliant (the one bit that I will heartily endorse with no provisos whatsoever) and the attention to detail is beyond reproach. The thing is, this detail goes into unkillable enemies, floor traps EVERYWHERE (you will spend a great deal of time operating on one or more crippled limbs), a security collar that blows your head off if you stand near a radio for too long, and lengthy stealth passages where you avoid hologram security. If you're the kind of person who plays stealth, melee and quickness anyway, this may not be much of an irritation for you, but for me, as someone who generally talks or shoots my way through the game, this was ridiculous. Late in the DLC, it switches randomly over to a rock hard combat segment that makes no sense from a gameplay perspective and nearly caused me to put my foot through the TV. Also, there's no fast travel between locations despite endless backtracking. When I completed it, I felt no sense of achievement, just relief at finally escaping. God help you if you try it on Hardcore Mode, because then even the air you breathe will kill you.

Honest Hearts is sort of like the anti-Dead Money, in that it's generally easy to play (aside from enemies who, like the inbred hicks from Fallout 3's DLCs, seemingly invulnerable to bullets despite being half naked) but has had a lack of effort put in. Steeped in Native American lore, you find one of the precious few locations not touched by the nuclear wars. There's no radiation, and fish swim freely in clean water rivers. You also get to find out more about Joshua Graham, a frequently mentioned background character formerly of Caesar's Legion. There's limitless potential, but the locations and characters are largely boring as sin. The new quest lines are largely just fetch quests and the landscape is somehow even more featureless than the ruined Mojave. It's still reasonably good fun but if you put in an iota of effort you can breeze through it in a couple of hours and forget how you got there moments later. (The main criticism for me was how badly the opening events are staged. Due to an itchy trigger finger, I accidentally shot the first friendly NPC, and he promptly attacked me. Not aware that I had done so, I spent an hour or so wandering through the landscape, being inexplicably attacked by other named NPCs and not knowing why. It took looking online to realise what I'd actually done.)

Old World Blues is far and away the best of the DLCs. In this, you answer a call to go to a ruined drive-in sci-fi theatre, and that gives you a real indication of what you'll be experiencing. This is pulp sci-fi action, bordering on a comedy game - Plan 9 From Outer Space is even referenced at one juncture. You're transported to Big MT, a former research centre staffed by brains attached to monitors (think the doctor laptop from Perfect Dark, or Alex the Great from Bioshock 2, only friendlier. Just). Having casually lobotomised you on your way in, you find that you're missing numerous organs, and your brain in particular is in possession of the villainous Dr. Mobius, who has unleashed all kinds of horrors on the landscape. While this is as weighed down with fetch quests as Honest Hearts was (in fact worse because within the same quest it will send you to the same locations twice instead of letting you collect everything at once), you don't mind here because the landscape is teeming with locations, enemies, trinkets, items, stories and worldbuilding lore. While at times it is extremely difficult (I hope you know your way around an energy weapon) there are over a dozen NPC AI characters, each of which has its own memorable character (two back biting light switches, a tiny securitron who eats coffee cups, a lazily aloof Autodoc). I can't speak highly enough of this particular DLC, and little moments in it call back to Dead Money, and also look forward to Lonesome Road.

Ah, Lonesome Road. What a dreary last entry this was. Lonesome really is the word for it, because once again, you talk to nobody, except for the mysterious Ulysses (great name, great voice, hackneyed, lengthy dialogue) who lectures you through a robot companion you acquire early on. Again, there are new ranges of nigh-unkillable baddies (we are introduced to one via it murdering a Deathclaw with no effort), but this one is really not much to write home about. Taking a world like Fallout, already bereft of life, and stripping out what remnants of life there were seems counter productive. This is a long, slow, boring journey, although unlike the others luckily you can come and go as you please. The ending, depending on what route you take, can also be frustrating if you've not levelled up a lot before you get to it. I found it literally impossible until I totally changed my approach, I won't elaborate on particularly why though so as not to spoiler too much.

Given that you can play all of these DLCs at any time during your run through, they are still a great selection and provide a fun distraction if you get a little tired of the Mojave without wanting to leave for good. Just make sure you're at least level 25 before you try most of them.
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on 12 September 2014
Overall the game is excellent but not without its flaws. If you've played any of the other fallout games eg fallout 3 this is more of the same but much improved with a different story, game mechanics etc. Warning to people who are going to buy this you defiantly will need to install this, and if you you plan on getting the max of the game like I did by exploring everything it will without a doubt start to freeze with the more you explore and do.
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on 25 June 2015
Bought this again as i have another Xbox 360 its a good game but i really do prefer Fallout 3, I like some of the improvements they have made such as being able to Aim down sights but also don't like some of the things they took out of this which was in fallout 3 such as the books only last for a certain amount of time. But hey Fallout 4 is just around the corner :) hopefully they would have learned there lesson
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on 9 September 2013
Oh my! Oh my yes! This is possibly the greatest game of its generation of consoles. It stylishly and smoothly combines a post apocalyptic world with the winning combination of Las Vegas, mutants, 241 weapons!, rolling desert landscapes, genuinely compelling stories which you dont have to follow in order AND can choose from various sides or ways to play, modding your kit, stealth, melee, sniping, flamethrowers, rocket launchers, 15 different companions who can join your journey each giving a different special ability and much much more!

When people ask me what I thought of a game I usually feel bad because I will be honest and rate most games pretty low as ive been playing for so long and worked in games shops so am bored of the same old games that just change slightly and last 8 to 15 hours to complete. I think by now games should have progressed further than that. Fallout has! With it expansions and its replay factor theres many many hours of game play here its hard to put a figure on it really maybe 200? If you want to go through and get all the achievements which I would recommend as they have been well thought out to show you all the aspects of work gone into the game then this game (along with fallout 3) offers unique value for money!

Cant say enough good things about this game stop reading reviews and buy it!
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