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on 8 July 2013
Sandisk have verified that the 32g card I bought from eBADA on Amazon Marketplace is a fake. I was suspicious when the activation code for the downloadable recovery software included with the card was rejected. Turned out the code had already been used by someone in Japan. I told eBADA who protested that they only sell genuine cards. However, the next day, they credited my account with a full refund. I was grateful for that at least. I then photographed both sides of the card and its packaging and sent the images to Sandisk customer support. The next day they told me it was a counterfeit. The card did appear to work OK, but as I understand it, fake cards sometimes fail without warning after months of use, or they are slower than they should be, or do not have the advertised capacity (they can be programed to show false info about themselves!). After this experience, I bought a replacement card from Amazon themselves - ie not the marketplace, but sold and delivered by Amazon. Sandisk advised me only to buy from their authorised resellers, and Amazon is on their list. So will this one also turn out to be a fake? It's unsettling. I now have three of these cards, bought from different sellers, and comparing them, there are tiny differences with typefaces, labelling etc in all three. So far, all I can say is that I was able to download and activate the recovery software using the code that came with this card. To be on the safe side, I guess I really should send photos of it to Sandisk as well. But do I want this thing to take over my entire life? That way madness lies!
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on 18 July 2014
While the card arrived in no time and the packaging looked quite legit, the actual sd card is a fake though. Seeing as this is sold straight by amazon I'm surprised by this. If you bought this item recently I encourage you to do a test on the card or use the sandisk live chat feature on the sandisk website to confirm if it's real or not. I could take 30 raw pictures at about 15 mb each until files started getting corrupted. This could be a disaster if you go on holiday with this as your only card as all your memories would be lost. A new one is on it's way. Let's see if naughty employee just swapped some fakes cards into the mix to for a bit of his own profit or whether this is a bigger issue.

I have now received a replacement from Amazon and this one appears more legit. The printing on the back of the packet is a lot clearer (less bold font) and the Rescue PRO tool logo on the back is not fuzzy. As far as the actual card goes. The Serial number is printed but the MADE IN CHINA bit is pressed into the plastic unlike the one I first received which had both printed on. The little clip which changes the card to read only is yellow on the fake one and grey on the one that I've just received. The gold writing on the packaging on the fake one had little black marks where as the one which appears to be real doesn't. On Monday I shall contact SanDisk just to give their confirmation that this one is indeed legit.
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on 16 November 2011
I always prefer to stick with what I know and having seen a few reviews on other products that describe failure and loss of data I run a mile and head back to the good ole Sandisk products, I wouldn't normally opt for such a large card as I shoot portraits and maternity photographs professionally and use 8GB cards tops to minimise any loss of work should it ever happen to me. the reason I went for the 32GB was because of a recent Panasonic HDC-SD900 camcorder purchase, very very impressed as no issues with HD write and read speeds on this card. Packaging also the usual top notch and pleased to see that they have stopped including the mini disc of the rescue pro software - you now get a download link should you want it, saving the planet one disc at a time!
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on 9 July 2011
Does exactly what it should.
A very reliable card with a vast memory. I use it with a Canon EOS 550D and it means I can shoot in RAW and use the HD video without having to worry about running out of space.
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on 23 July 2014
After reading an earlier review warning buyers about fake cards I stupidly took the chance anyway in an attempt to save money. Now I have to spend even more money on finding a genuine one that works. An expensive mistake!

Like most people I wanted to save money on a quality product. I went with the assumption that Amazon would by now have solved the transaction issues with the seller, especially after reading the more recent reviews saying how excellent the product was. The seller calls themself 'SanDisk' which tricked me into believing their credibility... "SanDisk? ...On Amazon? ...They must be the authentic dealer!". DON'T MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE! Unfortunately I now see that the happy customers on these reviews had cards of different sizes (and perhaps from different sellers as well, I don't know). What I do know is that the 32GB card I bought is without a doubt a fake and I definitely wouldn't trust the seller 'SanDisk'.

I already have a genuine 32GB Sandisk Extreme bought 2 years ago which is excellent. I was able to compare this card with the fake one and really see the difference. The sticker on the card was yellow instead of black like the original and it also stated that it was made in Taiwan instead of China. The sticker seemed to be sloppily attached at an unmatched angle compared to the perfectly aligned original sticker. Like the colour, I just put this down to an alteration in manufacturing methods and location.
...Then I tested on the camera...
I mostly use my DSLR for filming which is where it failed completely. The card speed of 45mb/s should be more than fast enough to record at full HD quality and yet it clearly wasn't fast enough to write even standard video. It would squeeze out max 4 seconds of recording before packing out. I tested this on three separate cameras just to be sure. Then I tested for photographs and it seemed to work fine for a while. However there were soon occasions where it would completely crash while writing files and in some cases entire folders of pictures were corrupted and lost. NOT reliable at all!

All this happened to me while away on a wildlife photography trip and I wasted half of my time there thinking it was possibly a camera glitch. Unfortunately I was away too long and didn't test it soon enough to get a refund before the 30 day limit. Lesson painfully learned.
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on 20 December 2011
I recently purchased a Canon 600D and wanted a reliable, fast and high-capacity SD card.

I purchased the 32GB version of the card, and with just short of 3000 pictures on the card at current (18MP, full quality) my SLR says I can take another 1500.

Does exactly what it says in the description - would highly recommend.
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on 19 August 2014
This Sandisk SD card on its own is a very good product that is perfect for DSLR photography and filmography. Recommended.

My 1 Star is due to counterfeits. The first order I received was a FAKE. It would record 4 seconds of video on my new DSLR and then stop. This occurs with cards that are not fast enough (class 6 and below). As this card is made to be fast enough, I immediately suspected foul play. Canon and Sandisk have information on their websites on their products you can always verify the facts from.

Additionally there are cosmetic differences between FAKE and real:

1. PACKAGING - the fake card came in a tiny clear plastic bag, loose with a tiny Sandisk piece of paper whereas as the real stuff has a proper cardboard piece similar to the ones hanging in a retail shop with golden shiny letters.

2. the LOCK SWITCH should be grey on real Sandisk SD card but fakes use a YELLOW.

3. At the back 'made in China' should be embossed onto the plastic, whereas fakes are aimply printed on

4. The main label on the SD card should have a shiny golden label that shines like it has some 'noise' or 'grain'. The fake is a dull gold.

I submitted a return label to Amazon and was not charged return and replacement. The replacement I received is genuine.

I don't know who supplies Amazon and why they have fakes but it's annoying and inconvenient to go through the replacement procedure. Additionally, Amazon should better filter this so as to not allow counterfeit products.

If you need this for a trip/shoot/event etc I recommend ordering well in advance just in case you are unfortunate and receive a FAKE and need to replace.
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on 6 August 2014
I bought this card straight from amazon so as to avoid fake cards sold. I used h2testw to try it and It turned out be fake. Also each time I was trying to copy a file larger than 2gb it never completed the process. I asked for a replacement but I got a refund (I asked twice for a replacement one at the beginning of the process to return it and once during a correspondence I had with the customer service). . The thing is that it took about a week to get the refund (I thought that I was gonna get a replacement) and all that time I did not have a card to use for my camera. (They had told me that the whole process might take five working days as they need to check themselves the quality of the returned card though). Also recently I had bought two micro sd cards (64gb and 32gb from a retailer) and they turned out to be really as advertised, so I wouldn't test this card because I thought that it would be perfect since it is from Amazon.. Then i read some reviews and said to myself let's test this one.. Just for fun.. And then I was quite surprised to find it is fake.. So BEWARE when you buy cards ALWAYS test them just to be on the safe side.
One clarification.. I have bought dozens of products from Amazon (I have a prime subscription) never had any problem at all.
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on 14 January 2012
This is hands down my preferred brand and choice of card for my high end compact.

As previous reviewers have mentioned not all class 10 cards are equal and this one absolutely flies along. No lag between shots or during HD video.

Though luckily I have not had cause to test it, Sandisk's extreme range are more rugged and designed to be water/shock/dust proof. Hopefully will never need this but glad it is there. Card came with a voucher to download rescuepro software which was a nice bonus.

Overall this is a fantastic card with a price which just goes to show what a rip off the high street is. Anyone who's serious about photo's or has half decent kit should be looking at this range to get the best out of their camera/camcorder.
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I use this card in a Sony HD camcorder. As a class 10 card it does the job consistently and well and the capacity running at HD quality is excellent at around 2.5 hours. For the price I don't think there's a better card out there and the SanDisk name virtually guarentees that you'll have problem free recording. I've used most of the class 10 cards out there and ultra compact flash cards and SanDisk are by far the most consistent in terms of quality and speed. You've also got to work very hard to damage these cards and if by any chance you get one that doesn't work SanDisk are usually pretty good at replacement.
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