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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 18 January 2014
Six months on and they are working as good as they were on day one. They are used daily in my wildlife remote cameras.

I purchased a few of these after learning about class speed 10 and how it affected the transfer rate of video. If you have a slow class rate, such as 4 your never going to be able to transfer as much detail over to the card from the device, or from the card onto your computer as fast. I must say if your device is not HD then perhaps you wouldn't need a class 10 card.

However, my devices are HD and the improvement in video quality is brilliant. Previously I noticed my video footage was a little jumpy on the class 4 cards, but not any more with these class 10 cards.

I also believe you should get the highest amount of storage you can, especially in my case where my wildlife cameras are left in the field for months on end. Well certainly a 32gb is double the storage of a 16gb card, but it is not double the cost. Thus its better value, if you need it!

A great product if you have HD products. Would recommend.
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on 21 July 2014
I'm fairly sure I've been sent two fakes. I bought direct from Amazon so I'm pretty surprised. I've tested both cards using a speed test and they only reach 2.2MB/s rather than the advertised 45MB/s. I own another SanDisk 30MB/s card and that one actually reached 30MB/s using the same speed testing software.

Both these cards match the description given in another review of a fake: yellow lock switch, printed "made in China" rather than embossed and the gold writing on the packing is peeling off.
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on 28 August 2014
I ordered two cards at the end of May directly from Amazon. All seemed OK until I took the camera on holiday at the end of July. When I tried using the movie function on my camera, not only did it not work, but about 100 pictures I had already taken were corrupted beyond recovery. I discovered the cards were fakes. Amazon promptly refunded me my money.

They were good fakes. The appearance of the disks was the same as the picture - except the write protect tab was yellow, not white. Apparently the label was applied in a non-standard way - direct to the card - though I don't know how this differs from the authentic version. My computer and the camera read the right capacity (32 GB). The real giveaway was that both cards had the same serial number - they should be unique.

How do you check? Apparently you can check the serial number out with San Disk. Also you can run a programme called H2testW which runs a full write and read test - which will show up discrepancies and faults. In my case the write test only showed a few recoverable problems, but the read test got stuck in a terminal loop.

In future I will pay a bit more and buy cards from a specialist photo retailer. But it won't stop me from buying from Amazon for goods were fakes are less of a problem.
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on 11 May 2013
Got it because of the same price as other Class 10 cards. Guess what - while most Class 10 cards do 20MB/s Read Write this one actually does 42-45MB/s Read Write. Reasons why I or anyone else would need this (considering you have half decent camera and USB 3.0 or other fast SD card reader):
using burst mode in camera you get faster write hence can shoot quicker again or simply for longer
transfers pictures and videos 2x faster on your PC compared to other Class 10 cards
allows you to use professional grade equipment for video and stills without having delays or errors
weather proof for more reliability
lifetime support from SanDisk
recovery software included

All in all a must for current price. Can't wait for 95MB/s ones to drop in price.

NOTE: this does not separate into SD adapter and micro SD card - nor it should; for phones, tablets etc. use any micro SDHC without spotting difference
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on 19 January 2015
Visually very good fakes.....very slow...probably only 8gb. Bought two for a Nikon d810 and d600. Will not format, will not display all pictures. checked on line and spotted things that are not like the originals !
UPDATE : card is showing over 200 files even though It will only show 15 visuals. Once I saved all the card files in a folder on the pc, it showed a capacity of 4gb only...even though over 200 files where displayed in icons ? Re badged old stock sd cards may be?
Furthermore just tried my trusty card recovery program and that will only recover approximately 15 files in raw.
so gutted because I took some lovely pics today :(
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on 1 July 2014
Have purchaced many SD cards in my time particularly for my camcorder. Purchased this type twice before, around a year back. Never had any problems with any of them - touch wood -. Bought this one, 32gb, came the other day. Packaging etc all seemed fine, stuck card in and filmed in 1080 in my camcorder.

1 minute of filming ( if that ) later message came up saying, ' Recording stopped..writing to card' . Lengthy wait later...recorded again...again 1 minute later same message. This has never happened before, even with much lesser cards. It works ok on standard recording.

Any thoughts? I want to return it, in case its a fake and i lose my filiming in the near future.

Any thoughts? happened to you?

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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 24 March 2017
In my experience SanDisk create the best memory cards for use in digital cameras. They are fast, reliable and well made.
This memory card is no exception, being a class 1 SDHC card it can perform 45 megabytes per second speed which is perfect for DSLR cameras. The competitive pricing of this card means that this is an excellent purchase for amateurs and experts alike.
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on 23 April 2014
I chose this Class 10 card for use in my Roadhawk RH1 in-car dashboard camera.

The card arrived promptly, it was well-packaged in a little plastic box and envelope.

This card worked perfectly in the Roadhawk RH1 (which is no longer available - it has been superseded by a more modern camera).

I would support the Roadhawk manufacturer's advice to FORMAT the card from time to time. I forgot to do that and eventually the camera gave an error signal (both the RECORD light and the GPS light flashing alternately). The problem was easily cured by putting the card in the card-reader and formatting it in my computer.

I am now using this card in my new Roadhawk HD camera, which is the top of the range camera from Roadhawk. Again, the card performs faultlessly and stores plenty of information from the camera. The video and other data from the camera (car speed, GPS map, date, time and accelerometer graphs) re-play from the card with no problems.

If you have a Roadhawk dash-cam I recommend this data-storage card as the best buy - do not waste your money on cheap imitations.
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on 27 November 2012
i bought this card as an upgrade to my two other sanddisc cards, (2x4gb class 6). as this has faster read /write times, and 8 times capacity. and it will compliment, (hopefully) my new camera.this size is really only good for shooting high quality video. as i doubt that the average user will get anywhere near it's full capacity shooting pics. however, if you are a pro/serious amateur shooting a alot of high meg RAW. then that's different. considering about three years ago, i paid this amount for the 4gb card it's a good price. since buying this card, and checking that the price is still the same, i have looked in 2 local large retailers that sell this card, 1 was £18 more. the other £20. if you can wait for 10 years, you should be able to get a 64gb class 20 for a tenner.
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on 21 April 2012
I bought this SD card because I needed a reliably fast card for my camera (Canon 550D) to record full HD videos without buffering stops. I still haven't tested it under 50fps, but it works superbly at 1080/25fps.

Besides, it handles RAW perfectly, and the transfers to the computer is really quick - which is something I haven't thought of before buying it, but easily noticeable after you do your first transfers.

Having two or three of these (in case of card full in the middle of the action) is definetely recommended. When the 64-GB drops its price I might consider going for that one. And SanDisk has never let me down since I first bought from them back in december 2003.

I suppose everybody might have their own story with SD cards, but I'm very happy with this 32GB SanDisk SD card.

Ah by the way, very quick too was Amazon.co.uk delivery to Spain. Just a few days and I had the envelope here with the card box. Thanks guys!
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