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on 4 August 1996
This book purports to tell you all you ever wanted to know
about the nature of God, his Universe, the story of how
Earth was created and why, the truth about Adam, Eve, Satan
and above all the most comprehensive story(about 800 pages
worth) of Jesus and his mission on Earth.

Read it once and treasure it for always.
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on 8 September 2013
was really looking forward to purchase the book but the one advertise ( see picture) was not the one that I recieved....NOT the first time I come across this on Amazon....frustrating
I can't find this book!
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on 27 April 1999
The Urantia book identifies the cause of the seperation of religions and the seeming decline in morality. It the offers a clear and simple solution for world peace, guaranteed to work. This, and much, much more.
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on 20 February 1999
A 2000 page book, printed on biblical paper, thick, heavy and of wonderous mind bending reading. In fact one comes to the realization it must be studied.
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on 17 March 1998
This book provides detailed answers to questions like: who are we? where did we come from? where are we going? what is life and its meaning? who is God?
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on 30 May 1999
This enormous collection of revealed information and wisdom is a must-read for any serious student of religion, spirituality or the cosmos. I have been reading it on and off for the last few years and consider it one of the most credible sources of spiritual understanding I've ever encountered- and I have been a serious seeker, reader and practioner of spiritual discipline(s) for much of my 48 years. On this long, adventurous, survival-of-the-fittest spiritual journey we've all embarked on we need a guidebook or two. This is one of them. Get the book. Read areas that are most appealing to you first. (It's pretty vast.) Take your time. Savor it. You won't be disappointed. It may change your life. If it seems to daunting at first, get Kelly Elstrott's introduction - "The Fifth Revelation" and go from there. (I haven't read Ellstrott's book yet, but from the reviews and excerpts I've read, it's probably a good place to begin.) Happy trails!
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on 18 November 1998
I have read the Urantia Book for many years. It ended my lifelong search for the Truth and compliments my home-study course for a doctoral degree in Metaphysics perfectly. My life has been changed as a result of reading this book and I know those evolved to the level to recognize advanced Truth will cherish this book as much as I do.
I also have read all of the previous reviews pertaining to the Urantia Book. It pained me to read reviews saying that it is nothing but lies and written by humans, etc.. I send love and forgiveness to those that find this book other than what it obviously is, a book of great Truth and Beauty and Love. I particularly forgive the 1-star reviewers, as has Lord Michael, for they know not what they do.
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on 5 June 1999
This tremendous work is a must for the serious seeker. After reading it through three times the content starts to integrate and a universal picture of a fantastic project regarding the supreme development of all conscious creatures takes shape. There is a promise that those humans who sincerely search for truth will pass at the end of this incarnation into a vast and wonderful adventure of perfection. It gives a synopsis of universe stucture and function of its countless attending beings. Then it moves on to the history of our planet including the evolution of life forms and geologic upheavals. The last section is the spellbinding year to year history of Jesus given by attending beings who remember it as if it happened yesterday.
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on 16 November 1998
Spine-tingling revelation of truth that harmonizes science, philosophy and religion into a cosmology that hums with life and is at once recognizable on a deep level of truth. When finished with the read be prepared to Be like you've never been before! You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.
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on 15 February 1999
Best religious book ever! Answered my questions about God, Jesus, religion, the universe, and life after death, plus much more. It's a beautiful, intense, and inspiring book which I've been reading and re-reading for 25 years.
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