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Customer Reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 9 October 2012
Having enjoyed series 1 to 3 of Benidorm I looked forward to series 4, but oh, what a disappointment! Half of the cast had obviously bailed out after series 3 and the newcomers were about as funny as toothache.
Liam, the son of (Les/Lesley) was depicted by the script as being slow and dimwitted. He was irritating, unfunny and a pain in the neck.
Natalie and Sam, the two new girls in the series, were only two dimential characters who added nothing new or interesting to the episodes.
Pauline, the sister of Geoff, seemed to be permanently drunk throughout and was another character who failed to instill anything funny into the series.
Kenneth, a colleague of Troy and Gavin, was just another unsuitable stand in for Troy.
The Garvey's held the whole thing together but even they sounded jaded and repetitive.
Series 5 will require more imagination from the writer and more talent from the actors.
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on 1 March 2015
The good: Les/Leslie is a good character and in many ways carries the Series. Why? He's likeable and is on some level, intelligent. Benidorm is at its best when its characters are diverse as it struggles when it relentlessly focuses on people's stupidity. So a good character. Other good points, was episode 3,4 & 5. Some brilliant moments, such as the bond between Mateo and Leslie and them dressing up as women for the double date. Elsewhere, Michael and his date was very sweet and Joan Collins was excellent with a little more insight into her character shown. The whole Mr Pink episode, whilst far-fetched was good fun.

The OK: Kenneth. Another stupid character who replaces Troy, who was one of the few relatively bright characters. Therefore, the balance becomes a bit too tilted in favour of 'stupidity'. That said, his relationship with Gavin is good fun and is his opposite nature works well. There's a really good scene with them on a nudist beach. Prudish Gavin isn't impressed!

The bad: Cilla Black in episode one. Pointless and unfunny. It added nothing. The two young women - they added nothing, with one being gobby, irritating and yet unfunny, whilst the other being sweet, but dull. However, the worst character by far was Liam, who's role purely consisted of taking everything literally. He became increasingly irritating, predictable and boring as the Series progressed. Another low point Was Noreen's daughter. Completely unfunny and I just spent the whole time feeling sorry for Noreen as she puts up with her alcohol addiction and snobbery.

The ugly: Donald faking his own death with the aid of Jacqueline. Jacqueline and Donald are seen as eccentric, yet likeable and harmless characters. The ease to which Donald tells others about only having three months to live and Jacqueline seemingly relaxed at others kindness and shock when 'he dies' damages two very respected characters. In short: it's not believable and is disrespectful to the audience who have built up an affection for these characters.

Summary: Guilty pleasure!
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on 23 October 2015
The best season of Benidorm history. The highlight of the series was Selena Griffith's portrayal of Pauline a snobby, stuck up, Posh and a bitch with high standards who funnily enough in episode 4 turns into an alcoholic and just has the audience in fits. They stepped up their game after mels death but the constant references of him get annoying.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 15 January 2015
I'm a real fan of 'Benidorm', and have enjoyed it enormously since the start, but series 4 really is a low point. Sure, it's still funnier than a lot of sitcoms out there (just look at some of those one series runners on the BBC3 channel) but considering the high standards of the show in the past, it's a disappointing series overall.

These six episodes were first broadcast on ITV in 2011, and favourites such as Troy, Martin and Kate, Johnny Vegas' character Geoff and his new (much younger) girlfriend Chantelle do not appear. As a result, new characters were brought in to fill in the gaps, but they just aren't on the right-side of likeable. The expectation though is Tim Healey, who fits into the show brilliantly. Tim had previously guest appeared in series 3, and now his transvestite character has become a permanent fixture. His teenage son Liam (Adam Gillen) also appears in tow, and the character is too daft to laugh at in my opinion, and extremely annoying. With Troy looking after his ill father, Gavin now has a new companion in the equally camp Kenneth (Tony Maudsley) and again, I have never warmed to him. The wonderfully dotty Noreen now has a daughter in short-tempered Pauline (Pauline Maltby) who occasionally provides a few laughs, and there are two new girls visiting 'Benidorm', Natalie (Kathryn Drysdale) and Sam (Shelley Longworth), both out for a good time. These two characters had potential, but were under used and not well written for.

In short, a pale imitation of a show that was always wickedly funny. Even the guest stars aren't much good, Tim Healey's wife Denise Welch (an actress who I've enjoyed in some of her work) plays an almost pantomime villain in 'Scary Mary', and Cilla Black's cameo as herself in episode one was as pointless as it was embarrassing. Evan a writer as good as Derren Litten can have it's off days, because his scripts here are often far to silly. There's still laughs to be had throughout, but it isn't the old 'Benidorm' the nation quickly came to love.
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on 31 August 2011
I didn't start watching Benidorm until the christmas special was on tv,but ever since then i have watched and bought all the series,the reason i love this show is everytime i watch it i laugh and on ocassions have cried,very sad when mel died,there isn't many programmes that make me laugh everytime i watch them and believe me i watch this alot and never get bored with it,Derren Litten the writer is brilliant and i hope he continues with this series,i loved Johnny Vegas in it,the only character i didn't like was Liam,when series 4 started i couldnt get into it mainly because it had changed with new characters,i cant wait for this to come out on dvd and series 5 and 6 and 7........
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on 3 May 2016
I love this series - it is so true to life I cringe sometimes watching it. We have all met at some time characters like this.(Maybe not Donald & Jacqueline!) Very wry observational humour and top class acting.
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on 9 April 2011
I'm a big fan of Benidorm and this series, whilst having it's moments, is largely a let down.


First few episodes there was no point Noreen being in it and her daughter only took a role towards the end...which wasn't good anyway as it was a pretty standard alcohol at a bar story.
The 2 young girls didn't have much depth so became boring quite quickly.
Usually there is a good level of equal storyline from all characters however recently Benidorm has focussed more on certain characters at the expense of the others. For me, this made the show as they all worked well together, so take this away and it suffers.
Liam was a boring character and only brought silliness, nothing else.
Some silly, over the top storylines such as Mr Pink & Scary Mary.
Lucky Kev, pointless character, you wouldn't care if he wasn't in it, so why bother.
It was pretty clear that the writer was trying to close down the show by writing this way and it did feel like little effort had been put in.
Donald & Jaqueline had little aitime through much of it and towards the end it didn't feel right when they were talking about arrangements for Donald's death and brought the mood down when they normally make you laugh. Even though Donald was dying, this could have been avoided if the writer wanted to do so rather than just close the show down.
No Troy, and appearing for 5mins in the last episode was another waste of time...only aimed at making sure the show would be over given they would be able to afford to go anywhere they wanted, not Benidorm.
No post middle class snooty couple...they worked in this show and it lacked this dimension, pity they couldn't make it back in to the show in some way.

Good points though!

Tim Healy was very good in it and brought back some of the fun. He also worked well with Mateo, an unlikely duo but it worked.
Mateo's antics were as usual a laugh, but more in the last 2 shows.
The Garvey's were as usual a laugh but it was sad not to have Mel as he was an excellent character in the show.
Troy's replacement, Kenneth did a good job lightening the show back up and was a welcome addition.

Hopefully the writer will watch the show and release all the mistakes made and the fact it just didn't work...personally I would have thought it better to go out on a high, rather than a rush job with little attention that will only see him remembered for the show in this way.

It's worth a watch, but it's not in the same league as the previous ones.
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on 28 January 2012
Series 4 started off at a cracking pace and kept it up until the end. However, in my opinion, the story line surrounding Donald and Jaqueline (Kenny Island and Janine Duvitski)just didn't feel right. Series 4 should have ended at the opening of Mel's Bar to set it up for series 5. Saying that though, overall the writing remains fresh and is packed with many hilarious scenes, including the one where Lesley (Tim Healy) and Mateo (Jake Canuso) go out on the town. Tim Healy's impersonation of Lady Gaga is priceless and memorable! I would have liked to have seen the return of Geoff Maltby (Johnny Vegas)and Chantelle Garvey (Hannah Hobley), and hope they make an appearance in series 5. I absolutely love this comedy and am looking forward to what Derren Litten has in store for us in the next instalment of Benidorm.
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on 19 January 2012
What a laugh this series is. Yes I suspose that some ascepts of series 4 are a little bit silly but who really cares. The programme is still packed to bursting with fun and that's really all that matters. I expect it is difficult to keep coming up with different funny situations for the programme when most of the cast remains the same and most of the action is centered around the hotel, but I still think it is great, easy to watch and I for one can watch it over and over again and still laugh and feel happy after seeing it. The one, two and three star reviewers should simply press the off button on their TV sets!
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on 1 November 2013
After a recent trip to Benidorm with some very good friends I was told to watch the Benidorm series so have now bought the whole set.
Love it, so funny, well written and has some great actors.
A must for any comedy addict.
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