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on 7 June 2016
I've had quite a few of these over the years. In that time, and especiialy over the last year or so, the quailty of these shoes has plummetted. A few years back, they fitted snugly on arrival, and continued to do so for months. They'd eventually start getting loose and baggy, but only when the soles were pretty well worn down too. I'd get 4-6 months pretty hard use out of each pair. However, the time-to-bagginess has been getting shorter and shorter with each new pair ordered. The most recent ones went baggy in a only a couple of weeks, and the glue holding the nose-rubber bit of the sole came unstuck on one shoe. I don't know where in China Karrimor have moved their production to, but wherever it is, they are not very good at it! I'm not buying anymore of these. Avoid.
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on 20 June 2014
I have been wearing a pair of LIDL walking shoes for 5 years now. I have worn them indoors and out, virtually all the time - I like the support they give over a trainer shoe although I am by no means a particularly active person. My wife bought a pair of Karrimor walking boots a few years and has been delighted with them. Soon after that I bought a pair as well and found them very good indeed. My LIDL shoes gave up on me at last, a few weeks ago.

So I needed a new pair of 'every day' walking shoes. As always I looked on Amazon first, and within a couple of minutes I had found them. They are a nice neutral grey colour - no loud or flash colours and just my style. When they arrived I tried them on immediately, and they were a perfect fit. They needed no bedding in of any kind. After a week or so I find them supremely comfortable and am wearing them all the time. Unlike some reviewers I have had no problems with the insoles riding up. If I did then I would fix them with a bit of glue - I rally cannot see the problem there.

Oveall I am delighted with these and find them perfect in every way. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them without hesitation.
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#1 HALL OF FAMETOP 10 REVIEWERon 27 July 2012
I'm updating my review since last year. I bought this pair at quite a nice price something around the £23 mark. For that price I think they are a good deal. However there are some downsides.

As mentioned in other reviews the soles are prone to wear. This to a point is expected with any shoe. However on these I've worn them for around 10 months on a regular basis, and the sole is starting to pack in (wear in the middle part quite a bit though it's not gone entirely yet)

So on average I'd say you will get about a year out of these if you wear them frequently. If you are a hardcore walker covering a lot of miles a day, you are probably better off with something more substantial and with greater endurance. On the plus side they are comfy, light and I like wearing them quite a lot actually. Bar the sole wear, the inner sole can come lose too, not a major problem..but another sign this isn't quite the high end product you might expect. I have no idea why Amazon are charging a price of £60 on some of these shoes (way higher than the previous price). In comparison to other more affordable products in this price range, the Karimor's are better quality overall with a better fit and finish. I'd expect to get about a year out of budget shoes/trainers if worn a lot.

If you buy them at the right price of around £20 something I'd say go for it well worth it. It's a shame Karimor don't improve the sole to make it more robust, saying this I have ordered a pair of Karrimor Surge Mens Walking Shoes, to see if they have a more lasting sole. Bang per buck I think pretty good, but don't expect top level walking shoes for a cut down price. I'd say you will have to spend a decent bit more for long lasting shoes. As a comfy shoe at a bargain price I think it's worth a shot. But def not a £60 shoe IMO
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on 28 December 2012
Having owned a pair of Karrimor walking trainers in the past and found them to be very well made and comfy to wear, I didn't hesitate to buy another but unfortunately the Traveller Supa failed to live up to my expectations.

I was under no illusions that I would be able to climb mountains in these shoes, all I wanted was a pair of comfy, durable trainers that I might get at least a years worth of normal use from, but that wasn't the case.

I have owned them for barely 6 months and they have not even been my main shoes, I've only really worn them at weekends and the odd evening and already the sole is peeling away from the front of one of the shoes, I had to cut the front of the sole off to be able to get home without tripping over it.

They are also sized a little too long, I am a UK 10 and I found them to have a lot of empty space at the toe end which causes the top front of the shoes to want to indent inwards where the plastic outer around the front of the shoe runs, not an attractive look.

I can think very little to recommend here and I won't be buying Karrimor in future.
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on 5 February 2014
Well for the price I cannot expect Merrell quality but I used to wear nothing else on my feet other than Karrimor KSB's 25 years ago, being a Royal Marine they were almost part of issued kit, everyone had a pair and used to wear them in the field, such was the quality and durability of the boot, I have a pair I bought 11 years ago and walked all over the Lake District in them,still looking good and still waterproof, goretex was a given then with Karrimor, nowadays I think Karrimor have changed hands, and with that the quality has gone, I still buy them now, but for serious walking I wouldn't go past Merrell, Karrimor are now more a low budget mid quality shoe, they last nowhere near as long as the old ones, and I doubt this pair will last a year compared to my 11yrs old pair, however I paid far less for these than I paid for the KSB.

I think Karrimor have gone for sell more make more, and sacrificed quality for quantity.
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on 29 April 2012
Very comfortable fit right from the start. First use was a 4 mile walk, mainly on tarmac and rough gravel, and the shoes were just as comfortable as Clarks "Airwear" and slightly more comfortable Than Doc Martens; after the first 10 minutes there was no more "new shoe feeling"

Noticed comment in another review about laces becoming loose - this is not unusual with modern cordage which tends towards low friction - commonsense solution is to give the loops of the bow an extra tug which will compress the laces and give them more grip.

The black version of this shoe looks fairly conventional/respectable, so more suitable for everyday wear than some other brand which are covered with logos etc - this is one of the few shoes of this genre that would look OK with a kilt!

Overall, pretty good value at £20.


After using these shoes for 2 weeks on Holiday in Egypt:
1. Despite hot weather, they were comfortable and sufficiently ventilated to keep feet cool
2. After 14 days constant use, insoles started to come loose (no problem to reposition and glue in place, but lost one star for that.
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on 11 July 2012
Let me outright say I'm not a rambler, walker, hiker or trecker. I've never owned a pair of walking shoes or boots before. Simply, I walk my dogs through fields a couple of miles a day and I've been a martyr to blisters, stubbornly slogging away in standard trainers for a while now. I'm not getting any younger so something needed to be done. I wasn't prepared to pay out a fortune on a pair of 'go faster stripes, bells and whistles superbranded walking shoes' for my level of need but I still wanted something of recognised quality and fit for purpose. So even I in my limited knowledge knew of the Karrimor brand and so plumped for these. There is no evidence of extreme craftsmenship with this shoe, no indication of handsewn stitching, more a feeling of mass-produced factory assembled in a far Eastern country knock-outs. Fine (you gets what you pays for) - how do they feel and more importantly, how do they perform?
They are a lightweight shoe and this transforms through into their 'wearability' - putting them on I felt like I was walking on air - beautiful. Comfortable and spacious (to allow for extra thick socks presumably) and so far have performed admirably and blisters are now a distant memory. One star striking off point however, their water-tightness is on the poor side succumbing quite easily to rainy fields and like I have done, might require a water-proofing spray treatment. So overall, excellent for light, dog walking duties.
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on 30 July 2012
As an old fan of Karrimor products it pains me to say that in the last 5yrs the quality of their products has deteriorated significantly. I bought these shoes in March 2012 and now in July 2012 I have had to replace them as the outside heels on both shoes has completely worn away. I would not mind if I had worn them every day or if I had been engaged in doing several long distance walks during this time, but this was a result of going to work (walking to train, commuting 30mins into Birmingham, a maximum of 2hrs walking in offices per day and the commute home at night) 4 days a week at most.
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on 24 September 2012
I bought this at the last minute (2 days before going walking in Dorset) because my exisiting light weight walking shoes died a tragic death. I had looked around where i worked and found nothing and thus turned to Amazon where I found these.

They are suprisingly wide fitting, usually not a problem for me as I have broad feet, but these are particularly wide (on the limits of my fitting - sorry cannot remember what that is). Nevertheless these were extremely comfortable they survived the ups and downs of Purbeck perfectly and I use them casually.

All in all a good buy for the money but beware the width!

I notice that searching on this product now I seem to get a price of between £60 - £80. I paid £20 - £30 but was limited in my choice of colour.
Karrimor Men's Traveller Supa Walking Shoe
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on 15 February 2013
I ordered a pair of these walking shoes at the start of May 2012, and have worn them as my everyday shoes practically every day since. They are extremely comfortable to wear, and provide good grip and foot support in all sorts of terrain, but it should be noted that they are not waterproof (not that they are claimed to be!).

The reason I've given them 4 stars rather than 5, is that the sole has practically worn through in the 10 months that I've had them, although, to be sure, they've done many a mile (I walk an average of 5-6 miles every day). I'm sure they'd last longer for many people.

I liked them so much, however, that despite that I've just ordered another pair, which I guess is recommendation enough.
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