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on 29 July 2005
Now, if you're on this page looking at Amon Tobin, chances are that you've never heard of him. Or, that you have heard of him and wondered what the newest release from the vaults of Ninja is all about. I shall try my upmost to appeal to both types. The ignorant, and the learned. In short, this album is amazing. It is the best thing i have listened to since... Well... I have no idea. I have never heard anything like it. This is so different from the likes of Bricolage Permentuation etc, yet you know that it's still Amon. The way each track seems to work is sheer genius. What i love about this album is this.
Songs and pieces of music nowadays have a rather annoying tendancy to build up too quickly. I believe this to be a by-product of our hectic lifestyles nowadays. Music has become a quick fix. You hear a track on the radio and, after a minute and a half, you hear a massive peak in the track. Then, it goes back down again to a chorus or even a breakdown, that you can be guaranteed that it'll go back up again in a minute's time. This album is the opposite. As i sit here and listen to "Theme From Battery" I can't help but feel glad that the song isn't hurrying to it's peak. This album takes it's time, so rarely found in music nowadays.
Another fascinating point about this album is that it is made entirely with acoustic instruments. Well, when i say acoustic, i mean all of the sounds in this album came from a natural source. Not a single sample or sound in this album was made with the aid of a computer, a rare thing in todays world were the computer is king when it comes to music.
One thing, though, is guaranteed. Everybody loves this album. They just don't know it yet. I cannot stress to any of you as to the sheer brilliance of this album. I bought it blind. I had not played the splinter cell game and i had not heard any tracks form the album via the internet, friends etc. I was sceptical at first, but there is no way on this planet that i will EVER put a cross word against this album. If you're in need of some sheer brilliance, buy this album. It will not dissapoint...
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on 17 August 2006
I admired the soundtrack for Splinter cell: Chaos theory throughout all of the hours I played it, every track has the perfect mood for the mission to which it is assigned.

From the clunky/rustic guitar and haunting strings of the opener, to the eccentric jazzy style of 'Kokubo Sosho stealth', the highly consistent sound genius has taken traditional styles (such as Flamenco for 'Bank') and combined them with his own, un-named genre.

Amon Tobin doesn't play the instruments himself, however, he always knows what he wants from the session musicians, and always gets it.

After finishing SC:CT (the first time round), I recognised 'Ruthless' being played on Top Gear, it was clear then that it had been released on CD. I bought it, then very quickly afterwards, Supermodified and Permutation. I now have all of his albums (including the CD released under the pseodonym 'Cujo').

I have since noticed that AT's music appears to be a favourite of whoever compiles the soundtrack to Top Gear car reviews, even with multiple little clips of tracks from different albums played in succession. I can see why, he has plenty of terrifically eerie or wonderfully catchy tracks to choose from.

This album did not get five stars due to missing material which should have been included, the entire backing track for the Bank mission was left out, for example.
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on 23 September 2011
Unfulfilling, if we're honest.

Amon Tobin shows his prowess, as you'd expect from him, but the full range of the game's soundtrack is not entirely present in this product.
The BANK mission is missing entirely (which even by opinion, is just THE best track, if not the signature track for Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory), and the tracks are not labeled accordingly to the levels designated, which is nitpicking, but still is an arbitrary choice...

This soundtrack is really an 'abridged' version- not the entirety of the composition, but a general overview of what was present. I find it lacking because of this, as the full, dynamic range of Tobin's work gave us exactly what was needed and is what brought us here. The entire soundtrack and specified segments are available to listen to individually IN THE GAME, for goodness sakes.

Despite this issue, I DO still recommend this product; It is NOT just the level segments ('STRESS', 'FIGHT') joined together- but masterfully blended, timeless works only a distinguished musician like Tobin could make us passionate about. They are unique to the segments as individual, full pieces and are to be listened to and praised just as much as the scripted versions.

I have no problem gaining an unofficial download of the full segmented soundtrack, but to those who truly want it, I suggest you show respect where credit is due first and buy into this album before ever doing so. It's what you want.
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on 30 November 2008
I agree with other listeners and reviwers its very good music but I would give this dvd audio disc 4 out of 5. you cannot play it on your walkman which maybe obvious to some, but also the tracks are done in a very standard way on these soundtracks. you wont here the tracks at hi speed like in the game thers no build up like whewn a guard heres you the first time until ther fast paced attack style of the track. The tracks stay mostly the same speed throughout which is fine mostly but it lacks the buildup and tension that can occur in the game as the music changes pace. A bonus on this dvd though is you get some footage which is fun to watch and a music video. Also some interesting screenshots for each track nothing like gameplay but more like artwork of the chaos theory colours and mood of the game and music.
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on 25 April 2005
What can I say? Tobin makes good music, if you like his music, you'll like this. If you don't know Tobin however, I and many others would probably recommend Supermodified as a good starting point.
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on 3 February 2005
Amon Tobin's Splinter Cell soundtrack has been hanging out in my stereo all week. The more I listen to the songs, the more and more I start to hear in them. Everything about this album GROWS. It's alive with that same spooky electricity that makes all of Amon Tobin's albums so wicked. My favourite Amon Tobin album has always been Supermodified, but this album might be #1 for me now.
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on 24 January 2013
This soundtrack arrived very quickly and I thoroughly enjoyed listening to it. All the parts you recognise from the game mixed with all the other parts you didn't hear because you were to busy running away from the security guards make for a great soundtrack. I recommend this to any fan of music or Splinter Cell.
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on 17 May 2005
Its hard to even notice the music during the game as your so consumed with playing. This CD allows you to experience the amazing, chilling music at anytime. Superbly rendered.Generally an amazing soundtrack.a must have, weither youve played the game or not
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on 21 January 2005
It seems as though the release of new computer games is becoming as hotly anticipated as movies these days. Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell 3: Chaos Theory goes a step further towards generating such anticipation by enlisting the help of Amon Tobin on the soundtrack. Each track builds the kind of atmosphere which can conjure up images of an epic battle or mission; however this is also a great album in its own right and shouldn't be reserved just for fans of the game. If you have enjoyed any of Amon Tobin's albums before then you won't be disappointed, the best game soundtrack since 'The Getaway'.
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on 6 February 2005
people, in particular those at ubisoft, have made a lot of fuss about amon tobin composing the score for the new splinter cell game, without mentioning how subtle and stylish the soundtracks for the two previous games were. even so, tobin's score is flawless and brilliant - organic fuses into electronic; strings merge into keyboards into guitars.
the thing that the album does is transport you to the scene... sam fisher prowling in the korean night, taking out guards and pouncing on terrorists... immensely stylish... you get what i mean
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