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Customer reviews

3.5 out of 5 stars
3.5 out of 5 stars
Needle [DVD]
Format: DVD|Change
Price:£6.43+ £1.26 shipping

on 29 March 2012
I thoroughly enjoyed this dvd and didn't have a clue as to who was responsible. I won't spoil it for you, I saw the reviews and bought anyway and was glad I did mysterious, tense and fascinating excellent story and impressive acting recommended.
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on 13 October 2016
Absolutely DREADFUL! Awful acting, disjointed & rubbish 'storyline'!! How it ever got so many stars is a mystery in itself! Don't waste one minute of your life attempting to watching this movie!
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on 15 November 2014
not too shabby. Nice quick horror. better than some low budget films I have seen of late.
hits the spot when you want a horror movie and don't want too much of a wait for some action.
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on 24 May 2011
This starts off 10 years before with a man being killed with voodoo.
This sets the tone for the gore right from the start.
The film then comes to the present day and the main charcters are a group of uni friends.
The main character is left some bits in his late dads will including a voodoo box that obviously contains evil powers.
The box is soon stolen from the boys room and the friends start being killed off one by one in very gruesome fashion.
It is between the main character and his estranged brother to find out what is going on and why ,
in all fairness although you can guess why the killer is doing what they are doing & many parts of the film are predictable there are still a few suspects left near the end that it could be.
The acting wasnt great and the storyline not overally strong but for a standard slasher/horror it does the job.
There was a couple of jumpy bits but overall a typical teenage horror film,
i used to love these films and a lot of people still will but i am getting a bit bored of them now as they are always the same sort of thing and have seen it all before many times.
please read other reviews as well as it could be just me being a miserable madam, :-)
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on 23 December 2014
I liked this film more than I thought I would. I always think Australian films are going to be like cheesy Neighbours or Home and Away, but the acting was good. Recommended.
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VINE VOICEon 29 March 2012
I bought this on the basis of a few good reviews on Amazon. They were wrong. I'm right. Trust me.

The supernatural premise is basically a macguffin. There's this magic box, see, and you have to insert a photo of your victim, add some drops of your blood and a somewhat larger quantity of molten wax, turn a key to start it, wait for it to whir for a few moments and then out pops a wax voodoo doll for you stab, maim, or mutilate according to taste. Congratulations! You now have the means to commit a perfect untraceable stabbing/maiming/mutilating/ murder.

So basically this is another teen slasher and there is plenty of teen slashing. Yes, there is plenty of gore as our unseen slasher has lots of fun usually intercut with shots of the victim and shots of what's being done with the voodoo doll. However, as the killer is not in the same place as the victim there's little sense of menace and none of the one on one brutality normally associated with a slasher.

Ah yes, the story, what little there is of it. It's set on an Australian university campus and revolves around a group of twenty year olds, one of whom receives the magic box from his dead father's estate and it gets stolen almost immediately.

I was pretty sure I knew who did it before the killings even started. Slasher rule 1: if it's one of a group it's always the one who seems the least likely. So I sat through this not very impressive movie waiting for confirmation. Except I forgot Alternative Slasher Rule 1: if it's not the one who seems the most likely, then it's the one you never even considered because there was completely no point. Okay, okay, I got it wrong.

Not for the first time recently, I thought the 18 certificate was rather harsh. While gory, it's not brutal. The language is standard for a teen slasher. There is no titillating sex or nudity, only some brief affectionate lesbian lip-locking.

The police and our heroes are all particularly stupid as the former never interview the latter and a little more perceptive research by the latter would have revealed the killer much sooner. But then we wouldn't have a movie. Basically it's all fairly flimsy and doesn't really have anything going for it apart from the gore. File under: teenage slasher (and I don't care if they're 20), poor.
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on 12 March 2016
This exceeded my expectations; very well acted and produced to a good enough standard to given the blockbusters a run for their money - highly recommended!
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on 2 January 2015
Low budget, terrible acting, cliche ridden plot and story line, annoying soundtrack. I actually would have believed this was a college sours production.
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on 4 March 2012
I quite enjoyed Needle.
It's nice to see something different from the norm in horror films these days, and this is a very good attempt. It draws a little from the Hellraiser films, but overall it was very enjoyable.
There's some strong acting, and the plot is good enough to stand up against much of what is out there now.
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on 4 September 2016
This seemed like a good premise but it was not very well done, bad acting/script. I didn't care about any of them or what happened.
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