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on 7 May 2016
Wasn't expecting much when I ordered this one, but to my surprise they are definitely worth praising.
I was looking for a cheap but reputed headphones, stumbled upon these quite a few times but ignored them due to the very low price tag. Finally ordered them considering the fact that its only £9.88 (Blue n Copper) and its a very reputed brand, so even if they don't sound good or look good it won't matter a lot.
I selected the standard delivery, ordered on thursday and it was supposed to come on monday, but, amazing service by the suppliers and Amazon, it got delivered the very next day, i.e. on friday itself.
The headphones look stunning, if not too so premium but they are well build, perfect finishing and a very nice matt blue smooth texture. Plugged in straight away to my iPod and the first song I tested was a very low sounding heavy bass track (a bollywood one) and it sounded very well. Its well tuned and the bass and trebble are both synced well. The padding on earcups look a bit dismantled but the effect on ear is comforting as opposed to the hollows ones with whom our ears stay confused about positioning the cups around the ears or over them and even partially on both the positions and thus the struggle irritates much. Hence the padding in these ones are nice to ears so the ears just concentrate on the music and not the position of the earcups. Hence to sum up, here are the pros and cons:
1. Brand name (so don't worry about people staring at them)
2. Smooth matt finish
3. Detachable cord (but not wireless playback)
4. Collapsible
5. Well tuned
6. Comfortable to head
7. Comfortable to ears

1. Too many delicate hinges (pulls hair if you're careless)
2. Padding cloth looks cheap and dismantled
3. Band size is small, although extendible, but it should have been able to fit a normal adult head without extending. (Personal opinion, and I pull two levels to get these positioned)

Overall, I'm pleased that i tried these. It's worth playing with your £10. You won't regret it.
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on 18 June 2016
My requirements: I needed a headphone for travelling and sports use.

I already had a bigger Skullcandy Hesh 2.0 which has impressive sound, but it was too big for travelling on planes and train and too big for sports. I wanted headphones with superior sound quality like the Skullcandy Hesh 2.0 but in a smaller package.

I did consider clip-on headphones, such as those from Phillips, Panasonic or Sony (retractable), there were n't any in local store to try them out. I took a gamble on the Skullcandy Low Rider (2014), as I already had the Hesh 2.0 and I knew the sort of sound I could expect.

The headphone are lightweight for travel about 98grams, but also portable and and can be fold (Tip: to fold. you need to "extend" the headphone otherwise it will not collapse). I can use them for sports.

Sound quality: The sound quality is excellent, but not to the level as the bigger SkullCandy Hesh 2, but for a small package this headphone is very good. The cable also has a microphone, which is great when connected to the phone.

I am not a fan of in-ear headphones. I think they are unhygienic. Nor did I want to buy bluetooth headphone, as I worry about health concerns.

I often wear a cap, when doing sports, but I found that I had to put the headphones over my cap. (rather then underneath my cap). Also, if I had sunglasses then it does not clash with my headphone. If I wear the headphones over my cap, putting the headphone under my cap is not comfortable.

TIP: Before buying headphones, try out the sample headphone in the store.There are a lot of expensive headphones, which change the way the music is heard. So it is important to choose your headphones correctly. For me the SkullCandy Hesh 2.0 was my favourite. This is why I bought the Lowrider. There are other headphone brand which get good reviews, but I think this is entirely dependent on the sort of music you listen to. So bring a phone with your favourite music. I like the SkullCandy Heash 2.0, as I could hear the 'detail' in the music and a lot of clarity.

The sound is not to the same standard as the Hesh 2.0, however, for a portable headphone it is very good.

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on 27 January 2016
I've been looking for a pair of on ear headphones as I want comfort and have had enough of earbuds. I also don't want to spend a fortune so these seemed like a good starting point.

Although they were only £15, they feel much better quality. They're light without being too flimsy and don't feel like they'll fall apart anytime soon. The headband adjustment is reassuringly tight and you get a definite click on each setting. they've not slipped once while set and the headband itself is comfortable to wear for a few hours. The earpads also twist on the
The earpads are also comfortable despite being foam; I thought they may be a little irritating but again, for the cost, they're fine.

The matt black finish looks great and along with the small logo on the side, makes these understated but still good looking (I'm not one for massive branding to show off what I'm using/ wearing).

The cable itself is long enough to allow for plenty of movement without yanking the plug out and the inline remote is useful. As with most headphone of this brand, the remote has the usual stop, pause, next etc functionality but it's missing volume up/down controls which is a big miss. You still need to remove your device from your pocket so kind of negates a lot of the other remote functions.

The headphones fold up which is useful but there is no clip or catch to hold them together which would have helped. A case would also do the trick but to expect a carry case at this price point isn't really realistic.

The sound itself is brilliant. They go more than loud enough to be heard clearly when used in a busy, loud environment even though they're not noise cancelling and there doesn't seem to be any distortion when listening to more bass heavy tracks. Vocals come through rich and clear too. They may seem better as I'm used to using ear buds but I'm more than happy with the performance of these headphones.

Finally, the fact that there is only one cable is a really nice detail; means you don't get the dreaded headphone-cable-knot-of-death that takes hours to unravel every time you put them down.

I would definitely recommend these if you're looking for a budget pair of headphones.
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on 17 June 2016
I've owned two pairs of SkullCandy Lowriders before, and these ones are by far superior in a few ways:
My previous ones were great, however I have had to buy two of them before as they both broke (after a couple of years each, mind you) due to the stress on the cable being wrapped around the headphones so many times, being yanked off my head etc etc. The detachable cable idea is a very clever solution and will prevent these problems in the future, I'm sure.
My other Lowriders were over-ear; a deceptive description firstly as you'd have to be a pixie for them to fit around your ears, and uncomfortable to wear after long periods of time. The benefit this model has of the on-ear variant with the "pillows" is two-fold - much better noise cancellation from the outside for one, and also it's like having a pair of fuzzy clouds draped over your head. It's lovely. I've been wearing them for about 2 hours and forgot they were there after 10 minutes.
Compared to my old model, these feel much better built to last even longer than the other ones - the adjustable headband needs a little more oomph to pull apart, which is a plus; you don't feel like they'll fall off your head accidentally, and the hinges used to fold the headphones away are sturdier too - the old ones flopped about.
Now to the sound - the important bit! The band Imagine Dragons song "Radioactive" has single-handedly destroyed bass woofers of headphones past, but these seem to withstand it well. It's pretty much the bass-iest song I know of, and I use it as the proving grounds test of bass for any new audio hardware. As advertised, the mids and hi levels by contrast are absolutely crystal-clear whether you're listening to the pumping of trance synths, the crooning of the Crash Test Dummies or the tinkling of Chopin.

If you're still not convinced, you might need to wait a few decades for the technology to be invented. Happy Listening!
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on 4 October 2017
The height of the speaker bit isn't adjustable and wasn't the right height for me so I had to return them
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on 27 March 2016
Really happy with this purchase! so far I'vbe had absolutely no trouble with these at all. Came very quickly (about 2-3 days) in good,solid packaging. Works very well and I believe the sound quality is very good. I love the fact that I can fold this away to put in my back and also detach the wire. The only reason I put 4 stars and not 5, Is that I feel like these may be slightly delicate (due to the folding feature) and should be taken care of, additionaly the remote did not work with my phone (an android) but thats not a major issue. Overall I absolutely love these and think they're the perfect fashion statement/ functional headphones I've bought- and for such a cheap price!
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on 28 July 2017
These headphones are wonderful. I lost my last pair and when I saw these on Amazon I just had to order another pair. I ordered the red ones because they were £5.00 cheaper than the black ones and at 62 years of age it is the quality of the headphones and the price that they cost that I judge the product on and not the colour. I couldn't be happier than using these. They fold up into next to nothing (just right for my coat pocket) when I am not listening and fit really comfortable when I am listening. Nice and lightweight and when using with the phone you can even answer and talk using the buttons on the cable. I am even thinking of getting another pair so that I can put them in my laptop bag so that I am never without a pair. The sound is really clear when listening to my books and still nice and clear, without too much bass, when listening to music. A great buy.
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on 5 August 2017
They're ok but the sound isn't as high in quality as my previous Navigator Skullcandies and I ended up going back and buying a replacement Navigator set on Ebay which have much better bass. These ones are comfy though and a good price. They don't seem to fit as nicely to my ears though and they're not easily adjustable. To change the length you have to take them off and play around with them because they're very stiff. The sound seems to leek a lot more as well. If I take them off and cover the ear parts to simulate wearing them I can still hear every word of the music. I have to turn my I-pod down to below half volume to stop the sound leakage which just seems impractical. I'm using these ones as a back up pair for home instead now.
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on 16 September 2017
Feel comfortable and updated. Quality sound and don't feel cheap or flimsy. They pack away nicely and feel smooth. Great purchase, will update if anything changes in the future. I also use these for my PS4, the sound from that is also fantastic and the microphone works well too. My only problem is no in-line controls but you can't get everything.

EDIT: -1* as the more I have been using them the more uncomfortable they have been on my ears. The worst thing is there isn't really any way to counter it but push through it. I was liking it but my left ear has been chewed off in the process. Try avoiding this headset first if you can.
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on 29 March 2017
excellent little headphones they sound pretty dam good to crisp and clear highs nice punchy bass to all in all very good sound for little money and no perhaps they are not the absolute sound in high end terms but then realistically nor are they in price either i think you would be hard pressed to find a better sounding pair of headphones for certainly under £50 of any ones money just one thing i changed the cable on mine as it was to short as i am using mine through my hi fi system and a better cable to me makes them sound even better and lastly yes they may be all plastic construction but they are well put together to and i cant see them breaking any time soon all things can break and get damaged if you dont treat them with care .treat them with respect and they should serve you well.i love mine.
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