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on 22 August 2011
I purchased this Panasonic TV from Amazon on friday and it was delivered the next day by courier. The TV was well packaged, and there was no damage to it.

Set Up:-
I opened the box and removed the TV, remote and the small pedestal. I am using the stand that comes in the box, it was in two parts with screws to hold it together. After placing the TV face down on the sofa I fitted the stand using the supplied screws.
I then placed it on the shelf and plugged in the Sky HD box (HDMI), Bluray player (HDMI), DVD player (Scart) and Netgear RangeMax Dual Band Wireless-N USB 2.0 Adaptor. Bearing in mind that this TV comes with four HDMI ports and three USB ports it gives you plenty of options for connecting other devices.

I plugged the TV into the mains and switched the power on, up on the screen comes the set up options. this guides you through tuning in the TV and setting up the Wireless network. Its all very straight forward and simple to use. It took about 10 - 15 mins and the TV was up and running and connected to my wireless network.
Picture Quality:-

This TV was purchased to replace a five year old 32" panasonic lcd which I though had a good picture. This new TV blew the old one out of the water, the standard definition free view is better than what the old TV could do with HD! The colours are bright and well defined and black is actually black. I have not noticed any blurring of the picture its very smooth and natural looking.
I was very impressed with the SD picture, so I tried a bluray film (limitless) to test it out fully, and what a shock i had, I can honestly say this is the best picture I have ever seen on a telly. I could not believe my eyes!!

I still have a shock now when I watch the TV even after three days of using it, it just blows me away.

Sound Quality:

Now this is a LED TV, and is very very thin, the size of the speakers must be very small to fit into the unit, but saying that the sound it produces is very good, I would not go as far as to say its excellent, but it is very good.

This TV comes with Three USB Ports two on the back and one on the side which can be used for hard drives, memory sticks, wireless adaptors or a usb keyboard. There are four HDMI ports, three at the rear and one on the side, one scart on the rear. There are also component in, audio in and out and a pc input on the rear. there is a headphone socket on the side along with an AV input and an SD card slot for viewing photos and video.

This TV comes DNLA enables that allows you to access any DNLA computer or storage device on your home network. I have used this feature as I have a lot of videos on my computer from home made films to downloaded ones from iTunes. They all play on the TV, which I think is great as I dont have to create DVD's to watch on the TV anymore saving time and the environment.

This TV comes with a feature called Vierra Cast, its an internet portal that allows you to access things like the BBC Iplayer, Facebook, twitter and youtube. I have used the Iplayer yesterday to watch top gear, but had to adjust the settings to basic quality as my internet connection is quite slow. saying that it was a smooth picture without any pauses or breaks but I wish I had a faster connection to the internet to be able to experience the high quality broadcasts.

I think the TV is very good value for money and cost my around £550 from Amazon. I would definitely recommend this set to anyone who is looking to purchase a new TV as I can't find any fault with it at all.
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on 26 April 2011
Had been looking at the TX-L32D25B for a while as it won 32" TV of the year in a well-known magazines 2010 awards issue. However that's now gone end of line and whilst still a cracking TV I really wanted something which was going to be around for a couple of years. As the set is brand new for 2011 there were no reviews to help out the decision process but as it's basically the new version of the D25 I went for it on the basis it (hopefully) would be at least as good as that set.

I needn't have worried!

Out of the box and set up in under 10 minutes, the TV shows a remarkably good picture on a Freeview standard def broadcast. I'm quite happy spending time tweaking and testing out all the various picture options on TV sets to get a better picture but this one was extremely good without touching anything. We've just gone fully digital in my area and with the TV featuring a new Freeview HD tuner built in I noticed that it had picked up a couple of the HD channels when it was running through the channel scanning process at startup. After hunting through the guide I eventually found them down in the 50's. Switching to BBC 1 HD it was immediately obvious how much more improved the picture quality became! I was watching the Chinese GP qualifying at the time and with a multitude of picture sources (in car, computer graphics, live commentary etc) on the go, the normal BBC 1 feed was ok but not brilliant. Switching over to the BBC 1 HD feed was a completely different story though and the set really started to show its potential! Blacks were excellent, really dark but without total loss of detail. Skin tones were pretty much perfect. Motion handling was excellent, as good as I've seen on many top of the range LCD sets which cost 5 times as much!! All in all very impressive, and I hadn't even watched a DVD yet.

Hooked up my blu-ray system and started working my through various DVD's and blu-rays to try the set out. All proved to be superb and I've yet to find something that causes concern, it's that good! I'm still a big fan of plasma for larger screens, but I am mightily impressed with the performance of this LCD and would not hesitate to recommend it should anyone be looking for a 32" TV around this price range. It definitely responds better to HD sources, so if you've got a strong Freeview signal in your area already, or you're due to get switched over totally in the coming weeks/months, and can get Freeview HD, then this TV will not disappoint. It's good on normal Freeview but you'll get the best out of the set if you can watch the HD channels instead. Similarly, Sky HD, compared to normal Sky, will yield the same results.

Five stars without hesitation, this is an excellent set and likely to be a front-runner in this category for a long time.
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on 24 July 2011
What a TV ,
I was looking for a replacement for my ageing 32 inch LCD and man did I find a great television.
Read all the online reviews of this product and each one indicated that the TV was bundled with not only an excellent picture but also a host of additional features.

Picture quality :
Cant fault the picture. Beautiful . Colours are vibrant and quality is detailed and smooth when viewing motion

Sound :
Having researched many other brands , I found that the audio is the one thing lacking from the LED tvs. Not with the Panasonic. They have no compromised whatsoever. Sound is excellent for normal day to day viewing.

Hooked up 250GB drive to the tv and formatted without issue. This unlocked the ability to record , real time pause and rewind.

THis is the only down side. I hooked up my sony receiver which is arc compliant and the TV and Amp seemed to communicate without issue. However, I cannot get any audio at all from the amp when using the arc connectivity.
THis is the only down side of the tv . So I wont be replacing my media server in the short term.
Hooked up the optical out to the amp , and had no problems . Audio crystal clear.

Browsing my local network, I could browse to me NAS server running NASLITE without a problem , however , it would seem that the supported video formats are somewhat limited. Hopefully this will be remedied in the future.

Firmware :
Once I hooked up my local network, the TV presented a POPUP indicating that new firmware was available . I opted to download and the TV managed to auto install the firmware without incident. Fantastic.
This "phone home" feature is great for on going maintenance of the TV.

WHat a great feature. THis works seamlessly . I was able to stream HD from BBC iplayer without a glitch.
THis is also true for Youtube . What a great feature.

Skype :
Havent tried this as I dont have a panasonic camera.

In summary. Great TV , at being only a TV and not a mediaserver. Panasonic have a long way to go for me to replace my existing media server. However , value for money , this is a fantastic buy from a manufacture
that seems to always deliver on quality.
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on 7 April 2011
This TV has a simple set of controls and a very good picture. As you would expect from a Panasonic TV - the picture works and the manual was detailed and helpful. The remote control is both responsive and "simple" in both size and operation.

Having had the TV now for a few months - have found that the initial issue of the EPG not showing enough can be resolved by once in the EPG function using the Channel Up and Down option - moves a whole page at a time. Additionally putting the EPG on Full does not loose too much info, but gives you more channels to look at per page. The issue with the EPG is that when you enter the function it has to be at the expense of following the TV programme that you were watching - some brands give a minor picture for the last channel watched - Panasonic give nothing - however you do have a reasonable EPG now and next for all channels whilst watching a programme.

I purchased this TV as a replacement for a Sony KDL40nx703 whose picture was not "perfect" and whose initial firmware had issues such as no red button service. Also I tried a Sony KDL503 and there picture was bad.

Whilst the Panasonic TV does suffer backlight issues (light small search lights of "darkness" from the bottom of the screen, after a period of time you accept it. The overall picture quality is so good - it offsets this issue that Panasonic say is a "feature" of LED TVs at the current time.

This Panasonic TV gives you an additional 2" on the diagonal without taking any significant extra width as the TV is narrower.

You are able to use a Netgear WNDA3100 v2 with this TV to get WIFI. (the serial number must start with 2D4.
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on 28 June 2011
I rely a lot on the reviews on Amazon, and have rarely found that they have been wrong, or misleading, and so when I considered this TV I was somewhat dissapointed with the reviews, and would normally have just not bothered investigating the product further. However, the wife and I had just been to John Lewis to look for a TV, and of their great variety of stock it was this one that really impressed us. So I was in two minds. After dithering over the weekend we decided to go for it.

Amazon, as always, gave awesome service, ordered mid afternoon, it was here at 9am the following day! Easy to setup for a simpleton like me. First thing I did was to see if it suffered from any of the failings as mentioned in the other reviews. The HD channels appeared not to exhibit the increase in sound volume, check that off the list. As much as I peered I couldnt see any ghosting, going well so far. Back light issue, Gordon Bennett! There is a stripe along the bottom of the screen of increased brightness, its not just visible, its almost distracting. On a dark image its nasty, on lighter images its hardly visible. But now I see why other reviewers were so upset by this, for a decent quality TV, its a bloomin great failure in quality. Decided we would use the TV a couple of days and see if this was something acceptable to us, or not. Meanwhile, investigated the TV futher.

We have no interest in all the connectivity bells and whistles, its really for just watching TV and a DVD once a month. So the TV pic and sound quality are paramount. The picture quality is fine, looks excellent in HD (doesnt everything?) and not so good in SD. There are few picture calibration options with this (and I susepct all) Panasonic TVs, this isnt a TV where you can fine tune and calibrate the image, basically you can just play with contrast and brightness, and frankly they dont make a huge difference. However, the image is good, and the colour rendition seems very lifelike, it lacks that saturated brilliance of some TVs we've seen, but I suspect over time the more natural colours will win out over that in yer face saturated brilliance. Sports looked fine, no noticeable lag or ghosting. Was very dissapointed in sound, and I am not a finnicky sound person, whether I had it on the options of voice or music it sounded like it was inside a barrel, muted and dull. So messed with User sound setup and basically just randonly clicked the bars on the equaliser, and it was much better! I guess spending an hour or so fine tuning the sound would improve it further. So my recommendation if you get this TV is to use User option in Sound, and play with the sound equaliser until the sound appears good to your ears.

This is a good TV in my opinion. Its solid yet not heavy to lift, everything seems to work as it should, and a bit of time doing basic user calibration helps. However, the simply horrible back light bleed at the base of the screen is really unforgivable, and its 50/50 at the moment whether we return it because of that.

By the way, when we visited John Lewis on Friday evening it was £799 and they wouldnt budge on price, saying they had already reduced it to price match. Came home, straight onto Amazon and it was £584. Sorry JL, we love you, and your 5 year warranty, but £215 price difference is just too much.

Anyway, if you are considering this TV, and reading this review then I urge you to read all the reviews for it, as there seems little doubt that it will have lower screen back light issues to some degree, from either the minimal to the horrible. I would give the product between 4 and 5 stars if it werent for the back light issue, as it is, I really cant give it more than 3 stars.

Update 5th August 2011:
We returned the TV to Amazon due to the backlight and sound issues. And replaced it with a Sony Bravia which was truly lousy, returned that and got a Samsung, which wasnt too bad except it had backlight issues as well, and returned it! Then read some of the latest reviews on this Panasonic and it seemed maybe there is a later version that is improved. So thought, what the heck, let's see if the issues are fixed.
Well, I am happy to report, its great!! All the things that were good about it are still good, and the backlight issue is gone, also the sound is much improved.

My advice based on this experience is if you get one of these TV's and it has backlight and/or sound issues then return it and replace it, as there is every chance you will get a cracking good TV for your money. I really dont know if its a case that some of the TVs are better than others, or whether its an old v new stock case. But if you get a good one it absolutely knocks the socks off Sony's and Samsung's offerings in this price range, better in every facet - sound, image, connectivity, build quality, even the stand is a better product. A good one is really worth having.

So I have changed my original review rating of 3 stars to 5 stars. I hope this saga helps you in some small way with your decision making.

And I must add that Amazon's service has been spectacular. Next day deliveries and pick-ups for returns. No quibble refunds.
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on 21 March 2012
TV arrived this afternoon, 5 minutes to unpack and assemble it onto its mounting stand and connect up. Switch on and it automatically sets itself up and prompts for PIN code, and addressing details for security. Picture quality is outstanding, sound is excellent and TV is very thin. This unit is a refurbished unit from Electrical Deals - it looks brand new to me, would certainly use them again.
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on 23 April 2012
Spent ages reading the reviews of various 32 inch TVs before finally making the big decision - and boy has it paid off! Cannot recomend this TV highly enough and, thanks to Amazon, I paid far less that I would have done at John Lewis, albeit waiving the security of the 5 year guarantee! The only thing I would change would be a more expansive remote control so that access to the Web can be done a lot quicker!! This alone, however, does not warrant dropping a Star!
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on 10 June 2017
Not great but matches the recipient perfectly
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on 27 May 2011
I must confess the negative reviews on amazon for this TV did initially put me off, but after reading other reviews on different forums I took a punt on it and ordered it from Amazon and I must say I haven't been disappointed.

I was initially drawn to Panasonic because of its reputation for producing TVs with a sharp, clear picture and I confirm this TV doesn't let the side down.

After taking delivery of the TV I was immediately looking out for the black light LED bleed issue. I did manage to find it in the bottom right hand corner, but only after blacking out the room, changing to a channel with a constant dark image and studying the screen closely from about a 1ft away. In normal day to day viewing this bleed issue is not detectable or noticeable to me, even when close to the screen. I'm not disputing others claims regarding this, just purely that it is not detectable on my TV. Maybe I have a TV that has been less affected like this?

I've found the picture to be very good on HD (using the built in HD Freeview) and good on standard definition also. Nowhere near as pixelated as some HD TVs displaying standard definition channels.

Sound Issue

My TV did exhibit the sound issue that Robert Lawford mentions, with the volume suddenly getting louder on HD channels. This did start to annoy me, but the remedy is pretty simple, update the TV firmware. There are two ways of doing this. One wait until the UK Engineering channel is broadcasting updates for Panasonic. Apparently the TV should auto download and install these if it's on standby, but I can't confirm this. You can check the next week schedule by going to the dtg website.

Or alternatively if like me you missed the broadcast or it was at an inconvenient time you can download the updates direct from Panasonic's support website

The download speeds aren't mega quick but still a lot quicker than downloading via the Engineering TV channel. Once you've downloaded the file (aprox 50Mb for v1.210) you will need to copy to an SD card and insert into the SD slot on the TV. Its all pretty straight forward.

With the bug resolved the sound is good and awesome when connected to a home surround HiFi system.

I've just started using the Viera Connect services after receiving my Netgear WNDA3100 v2 today (thanks for the tip Nigel). BBC Iplayer is particularly good with no buffering observed and a clear picture. There is no 4OD or ITV services currently but it's a welcome addition to a great TV.

Overall the TV looks great, no wasted space (the frame is pretty narrow), great sound, good picture, low power and in my view good value for money for its size and functions. If you're not convinced I would recommend viewing in an electrical shop then I'm sure you will be.
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on 21 January 2015
best tv ever

excellent picture quality when using a blu ray player
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