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on 9 May 2011
Wow, Blast Tyrant is seven years old.

I'm just going to get this bit out of the way: Blast Tyrant is a classic. It's easily my favourite Clutch Album and a contender for my favourite album... by anyone... ever. Musically it retains the energy of 'Pure Rock Fury' but introduces a much more polished sound which they developed further on 'Robot Hive/ Exodus'. We're talking seriously HUGE riffage!

The vocal delivery is some of Neil Fallon's finest, his Captain Beefheart-esque growl and full throated bellow both on full display, along with some neat vocal multitracked harmonies. Again, HUGE. Lyrically, it flits effortlessly between whimsical political satire and grandiose mythic epicness. The whole album is a constant succession of grin-making vocal hooks. There's also this narative drive that strings all the lyrics together... seven years on, I still enjoy trying to unpick bits of meaning and follow the threads which reccur throughout the album.

My orignal copy is looking a bit 'well loved' these days, and is frankly long overdue for replacement so I was pleased to hear they would be reissuing it with a bonus cd.

The bonus disc, entitled "basket of eggs" is a collection of accoustic reworkings, unreleased songs and demo versions. On first listen it's got some very pleasing moments. For me the stand out is the accoustic take of 'Tight like that'- anyone who is familiar with the original verison will be wondering how on earth that can possibly work. Miraculously it not only works but manages to sound like a completely new song. Beautiful. The rest of the EP does a lot to display Clutch's recent leanings toward a much more classic rock sound and while the new material isn't exactly essential, it's certainly a pleasant treat for any fans who, like me, are hungry for new material.

Bottom line: If you don't already own Blast Tyrant, then you NEED this! If you do already own the album but are desperate for some new Clutch tunes, you should probably still buy this. It's a lovely package and incredibly good value.
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on 5 September 2015
In my opinion this was the greatest turning point in Clutch's career. After the mediocre Pure Rock Fury, they really went all out on this next studio effort! There's no track on this album unworthy of it! Clutch had many a great album beforehand, do not get me wrong, however, this always, always, seems to be the one I return to after a while. It just keeps getting better with each listen.
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on 21 October 2012
Fantastic album by the criminally overlooked Clutch! The extra disc is a real treat as well, although I was rather sceptical at first as they haven't really done much acostic stuff apart from the odd song, but I was pleasently suprised, some of the songs are almost totally reinvented but still sound as good, if not better than their original counterparts. If you want a balls out hard rocking album with a great acoustic option get this!!
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on 20 April 2007
It is truly heartwarming to read other reviews posted here raving about Clutch, my favourite band. So often overlooked in rock circles, they are a truly original band that follow no fashions or trends. With Clutch its all about the music.

When talking about the greatest album opener in rock history, obvious choices might be Nevermind's 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' or Master of Puppets' 'Battery' etc, etc. Wrong! Its 'Mercury' from Blast Tyrant. The thundering arrangement of drums and riffs buzzes around my head on a daily basis. Its everything rock music should be, and encapsulates Blast Tyrant in its tight few minutes: crisp production, booming yet expressive drumming, groove-laden bass, tight riff orientated guitar, distinctive vocals and original lyrics. It slowly dies down to a lengthy buzz, until the bass line for 2nd track 'Profits of Doom' starts up and then the drums and guitar kick in. Then after Profits comes the catchy 'The Mob Goes Wild' and on and on. Every track is perfect; its perhaps one of the most consistant rock record ever made. There is also plenty of variety. From full on rockers like 'Worm Drink'and 'Promotor' to slower acoustic tinged southern rock such as 'Ghost' and 'The Regulator', there is never a dull moment.

My favourite aspect of Clutch however, is the lyrics. Singer Neil Fallon is a genius. Not only is he an amazing singer (and live, a charismatic frontman), he is by far the most interesting lyricist in rock. From the political to the nonsensical, topics can range from imaginary stories and situations to historical fact via metaphor, slang and intricate wordplay.
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on 10 March 2018
One of my favorite albums ever.
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on 25 December 2014
At the time i bought this, it was the cheapest around by about £5. Arrived quickly and the album as a whole is brill! Nice pacakaging and the music was as expected.... brill stuff! Love it!
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on 15 November 2015
The third Clutch CD I purchased. The other two took me some time to appreciate. I instantly loved this CD - it has become one of my all time favourites amongst a very eclectic mix (I won't bore you with the details).
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on 16 November 2016
Arrived quickly and was not a disappointment
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on 8 April 2018
The best album i've ever listened to. Each song is a masterpiece.
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on 22 April 2015
I LOVE CLUTCH, need I say anymore, I am biast......can do no wrong in my ears ;o)
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