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Customer reviews

4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
Format: DVD|Change
Price:£4.49+ £1.26 shipping

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on 9 November 2016
its not Ben Her but not bad for the money story weak
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on 22 April 2016
One of the greatest big screen films ever made.
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on 14 September 2017
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on 2 February 2016
Looking forward to watching.
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on 13 February 2016
The end of the Roman Empire and the end of the historic epic in cinema. This film is best described as a thoughtful, at times drawn out three hour piece that charts the fall of the wise but frail emperor and the accession of his mad power-hungry son and the consequences.

The film opens with shots of the winter mountains combined with cooler colours which help the film stand apart from other epics of the period which are usually keen to show off the warm light of the Italian skies over Rome. The Blu ray transfer is crisp and sharp, with good contrast and great sound, at £6 this is good value considering some Blu Rays go for about £15. I read the film was shot in 70mm film. The film boasts great sets and locations as well as costumes and make up design.

The story starts with a great deal of political dialogue interrupted by a well-directed chariot chase scene. Alec Guinness plays another wise old leader, very much like his role in Lawrence of Arabia. Guinness also sports a very bad wig. The funeral of Cesar was very drawn out and had a tired feel to it, with a dreary blizzard covering the landscape and a notable lack of music, this film is certainly in no hurry.

The location switches then to Rome, with brighter music and a parade scene that must last 10 minutes and includes thousands of extras. However we quickly return back to snowy Germany where Romans battle Germanic tribes with bombing music in dark caves.

Sophia Loren's character is introduced early on as daughter of Cesar and love interest for our main character, but she is quickly married off to a foreign king and goes through an unhappy marriage. Sophie Loren is just kind of there for the majority of the film, to look hot but with little to do but get rescued with her scary painted on eyebrows. The lead actor also lacks charisma and we have little insight into his character other than he is the good one. There is no chemistry between him and Loren who are meant to be great lovers but come across as cold fish when together.

Back to the story, after the defeat of the Germans even more dialogue concerning roman politics follows. At least 4 people make speeches in the senate each, for what felt like a combination of 30 minutes and again without any music or obvious cuts to anything else happening. The films bad editing starts to become off-putting at this point.

The film's plot borrows heavily from the Ten Commandments & Ben Hur two highly successful films. In all these films you have two former friends, one watches as the other becomes power mad and cruel, and stubborn, they two enter into conflict with the fate of a whole people resting on the outcome, our hero finally triumphs. There is also of course a love interest thrown in for good measure. The problem is though that by this point the public had become weary of these bloated epics and the filmed bombed at the box office. Omar Sharif was also wasted throughout the film and basically given nothing to do .

Further on in the story the orders from the unstable vain new Cesar creates trouble and he sends our protagonist off to put down a rebellion in the east. The battle against the rebels in the east is epic stuff great costumes, music and direction but it lacks emotional weight, the audience is given little reason to care about the outcome.
Our lead character returns to Rome to find it rife with corruption, his own army is bribed into disobeying him, the senate have lost their autonomy and become subservient to their emperor and all seems lost.

What follows at the end though is a one on one fight, before in the most cheesy ludicrous ending Loren is amazingly rescued moments before death by hero who himself rushes from one action set piece to the next.
The defeat of the villain and a relatively happy ending completely undermine the idea of the film, why not end with the bad guy winning, thus setting the stage for the decline of the Roman Empire? Of course not though, Our two romantic lovers have to overcome the antagonist, ending with the victory of villain would be too risky and against the usual formula ...
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on 18 April 2016
The picture quality for this blu ray release is very good. However, there are no subtitles and that is a great shame. Not even subtitles for the hard of hearing. A release should not claim to be DELUXE if subtitles are not included!
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on 14 June 2011
Both the new FALL OF THE ROMAN EMPIRE Blu-ray from Anchor Bay and the previous Koch version from Germany use the Weintraub/Miriam Collection restoration elements. The Koch Germany release is complete, while the new Anchor Bay drops the roadshow overture, intermission and exit music (as well as a commentary track in the special features). The mastering of the UK release (as with EL CID) is again warmer (richer reds); the Koch version gives the Roman cloaks an orange hue and the film a more golden aura (perhaps a minor question of accuracy). The missing portions on the UK version should disqualify it for purists, but this general-release cut is still a major improvement over the dvd version. Both are satisfying presentations with some compromises. The elements for FALL appear in better shape than those for EL CID, but still display softness in some scenes. Filtering has definitely been done to both blu-rays. The DTS-HD soundtracks on the Anchor Bay and Koch sound identical. FALL OF THE ROMAN EMPIRE still deserves to be rediscovered in high-definition, inspite of marginal mastering flaws of less-than-stellar restorations; and the bigger the screen, the more pleasurable the experience.
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on 24 August 2015
Much much better than the critics reviewed. Unusual music score. Loren shines through the macho. Great file with very high production values, good acting & direction.
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on 21 July 2017
The most underrated of the old Roman epic films. Darker tone than the others. Shot in 65mm anamorphic Ultra Panavision, this film is begging for an original camera negative restoration, which is now easier and cheaper than ever (relative to 10 years ago, say). The aspect ratio is about 2.35:1, which means it was probably taken from a 35mm positive element, and had at least some work done to it, as it's clean. A negative restoration would see it at 2.76:1, and looking as good as Ben Hur, Spartacus, and Cleopatra, which it wholly deserves. This one's kind of soft, a little bland and flat, not great compared to other contemporary films (mentioned above) that have been restored, the blu rays of which I'd give scores of between 4-/5 for picture. So I'd give the picture for 'Fall' 2.75/5, maybe 3 if you twisted my arm. I have a sneaking suspicion it may be an upscaled DVD master, rather than one created for this release. My 5 stars are for the film itself, the production, craft, execution of it, which are simply staggering by today's standards, rather than the picture quality. Best version available for home video currently, though.
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on 28 April 2016
Great film good leads great seller
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