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Customer reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars

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VINE VOICEon 15 March 2011
*Warning! Possible Spoilers if you haven't read the first book in the series!*

A couple of months ago I read the first book in Rachel Vincent's Soul Screamers series, My Soul To Take and really enjoyed it. It was fresh, exciting and an all round great read. So I was very keen to read the next book in the series and settled down hoping for another fast paced read.

The book starts a few weeks after the first book ends, with Kaylee coming to terms with her Bean Sidhe heritage, getting to know her father once again and spending lots of time with boyfriend Nash. I liked how the books flowed well from one to another easily and with subtle reminders I was able to slip back into Kaylee's world seamlessly.

Again I really liked Kaylee, who's compassionate and feisty, but overall a pretty normal and relateable character. The new dynamics between Kaylee and her father were interesting, him being overprotective after missing out on most of her childhood. I laughed at her being grounded when she had a life or death situation to deal with and her frustration at not being able to tell her dad why she shouldn't be. It was just so normal in an abnormal situation and a great touch.

This time rather than girls around Kaylee dropping dead and a mystery to solve, we get a glimpse of the cold and calculating world of the child star. This was a stroke of genius, if ever there's an industry likely to be caught up with the selling of souls it's got to be the ruthless entertainment business. If you manage to read this without screaming `Disney' or `Hannah Montana' then obviously you haven't seen TV for a long time! It was scarily believable! We also get to visit the Netherworld which is terrifying and chilling, and are introduced to more baddies in the form of Hellions *shudders*...they're nasty! While this book is a little slower paced than it's prequel and not so action packed, it's certainly more sinister and scary.

What disappointed me though this time round was the relationship between Kaylee and Nash. Or to be more precise, Nash. He bored me a bit, there wasn't any real chemistry between the two and he didn't develop as a character as much as I would hope. He certainly didn't have my pulse racing the way I want it to from a lead male. Thank heavens then for Tod, Nash's brother who as well as being a bean sidhe is also a reaper. I loved him and felt there was more chemistry between him and Kaylee, though I'm not sure if that was deliberate or not. I really liked learning more about the Reaper world and think this is one of the strongest aspects of the book.

While I didn't love My Soul To Save as much as the first book I certainly liked it a lot and will definitely be sticking with the series. I love the unique plot lines and how Rachel Vincent constantly keeps the reader on their toes. Despite being disappointed, I'm hopeful for more chemistry between Kaylee and Nash in future (though I can see Tod's going to have a big part to play, and I have no complaints about that!) I'd strongly recommend the Soul Screamers series to fans of paranormal YA, who I'm sure will love it.
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on 5 January 2010
My Soul To Save is the second book in the Soul Screamers series, a young adult series about 16 year old bean sidhe (banshee), Kaylee. The first book saw her discovering what she was and some uncomfortable family secrets. This is set a couple months on from that and Kaylee's life has settled down again, though she's still getting used to having her dad around full time.

Out at a concert with her boyfriend, Nash, they witness teen pop star Eden collapse and die on stage. But something isn't right, because Kaylee doesn't scream. Eden died without her soul. But she's not the only one who's sold her soul for fame and fortune, and the next girl in line to die having sold hers, is someone Nash's brother knows well. He asks for Kaylee's help and despite her fears, she agrees. So naturally, Nash (who's also a bean sidhe) agrees to help as well. Between the three of them, they're determined to get Addison's soul back, but at what cost?

MSTSave starts slower than the previous book, MSTTake did, and it took me a while to really get in to it. The plot is good and well thought out, if not as grabbing as the previous book. Towards the end, the pace really picked up and we got to see the darker side of being a reaper. Could predict the end, but that didn't really take away from the book too much. The characters are lively, fun and engaging and the world built is vivid enough to get a good image of what it's like.

But I almost feel like there is something missing with this series, but I think that's my loving her adult series and it's extra depth, more. This is a well written and enjoyable series, but it is aimed more at teens than adults as well I feel. Which is fine, makes it great lighter reading if that's what you're after and I'll certainly be reading the rest of the series. Rachel's created characters I love here and I'm looking forward to finding out more about them!
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on 28 February 2011
OK, so I found this book unreadable. Why then the four stars; because I'm a middle aged man and not the target audience. On the other hand my fourteen year old niece grabbed it from my hands, ran to her room, and only reappeared when she had read it cover to cover gushing about how it was "the best thing ever!"

So if you have a female young adult in your life and you want to encourage her away from the PC and the TV then buy her this - as well as the rest of the set.
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on 24 November 2013
I'm still enjoying this series. Kaylee is still a wonderfully strong heroine, who depends on her boyfriend a lot, but isn't dependent on him. (If that makes any sense.) I like that. I also really like Tod. He's an interesting character who often brings about thought provoking moral quandaries. I like that too, and the fact that Kaylee (who is usually the decision-maker) doesn't alway do the 'right' thing. It makes for an interesting read. I also just plain like the narrative style. Plus, the unmistakeable similarities between the evil empire (Dekker Inc) and Disney was golden. Golden I say!

Like the first book, however, there are a few aspects of the story that leave me scratching my head. Again Kaylee managed to take some small snippet of information, almost nothing really, and weave a theory around it. Then miraculously succeed with it. This time, based on one overheard sentence, she needed to find one demon of a specific sort, of which there could be many. The first 'person' she asks is able to tell her where he is; he's the right one; they find him immediately and are able to just walk right in and see him. Not to suggest that there were no difficulties, but it all seemed to go a little too easily.

Then there is the basic question of why exactly Kaylee feels like she and she alone has to save everyone? It never seems to occur to her to ask for help. I also had a little trouble grasping the whole drama around being grounded. I probably would have been able to relate to this if I was younger; I admit. But it seemed to me (and Tod apparently) that normal teen drama issues would just get blown off in the face of saving souls and all. On a similar note she seems to accept her father's reappearance and over zealous parenting with ease. Her internal thoughts were often appropriately acerbic, but she never vocalised it. Maybe I'm just mean, but I think after 13 years he deserved a little guilt. I kept waiting for her to finally lay into him and she had plenty of opportunity. But she never did.

My main complaint about this particular book, however, was that the first half was really cluttered with info-dumps and recaps of book one. For a little while it felt like every paragraph had some sort of catch-up clause in it and it really broke up the narrative. I got pretty frustrated with it after a while.

The bottom line, though, is that I basically enjoyed it. If I come across book three at some point I'd be more than happy to give it a read.
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on 29 March 2011
After loving My Soul to Take, I couldn't wait to pick up the second book to find out what was going to happen next. I had high hopes for this book but unfortunately, it ended up falling a little flat of my expectations.

I really enjoyed Kaylee as a character. While having certain insecurities about one thing, she does know herself very well and refuses to back down on what she believes in, no matter what she has to do to get there. I loved this about Kaylee and the fact that she is so strong in her opinions. Kaylee goes as far to refuse to do what her boyfriend wants her to do when it comes to Addison and the sold souls. Nash really doesn't want her to do anything about it but Kaylee knows that she has to. She can't leave poor teenage girls without their souls waiting to die. Then, there are Kaylee's insecurities. I liked this aspect of her the first time around because it made her so real and that hasn't changed. Kaylee seemed to have eased up a little bit about Nash and his motives but they are still there at the same time. I do hope that Nash either reassures Kaylee in the next book or she does realise that he actually wants her.

I hate to say it after loving Nash so much in the first book but what the hell happened to him?! Gone is the sensitive, caring but oh so passionate guy that I grew to love and wanted more of. Instead, what we get is a quite boring guy with no sense of adventure who is way too overprotective and a little bit controlling. Well, he tries to be anyway. I guess I just felt that Nash's addictiveness disappeared this time around and he became quite boring. I want much more excitement from him in future books in the series. Please give me the old Nash back.

That being said, the chemistry between Nash and Kaylee is still there. The moments that the couple do actually get to share together and very steamy but I wish there was more of them. Kaylee and Nash never really get much time together on their own though and are constantly interrupted. Although this was frustrating in a good way to begin with, I felt that it happened too often and throughout the whole book. I wanted Kaylee and Nash to get at least half an hour on their own so their relationship could progress a little bit.

Even though I have been quite negative so far, this book wasn't bad at all. I loved that Nash's brother Tod was more of a main character this time around. He was interesting the last time around and he only got better in this book. Due to one of the girls without a soul being Tod's ex girlfriend, a large portion of the plot revolves around him. I was so glad to see him around so much more, even if he did turn up at inappropriate times. Addison, Tod's ex girlfriend is what the plot is all about. She did kind of come across as a whiney teenager in a bad situation but I could completely understand why for the most part. Even as a teenager, I'm not quite so sure that anyone would sign a contract without at least reading some of it so this part of the story was a little unbelievable for me. She seemed like a bright girl so I didn't really understand this.

My Soul to Save is fast paced and exciting and the story had me gripped immediately. There is a fair amount of action but not the fighting kind. As Addison only has so long to live, time is running out for Kaylee to figure out a way to get her soul back for her so everything is a massive race against time. The tension and suspense are both high and I was reading as quickly as I could so I could find out what was going to happen to everyone. The Netherworld's descriptions were amazing and I was so glad to see such a place featured for as long as it was. The creatures and going ons down there was fascinating to read about but also quite terrifying. I wouldn't want to end up down there for even a second, whether strong Kaylee was with me or not!

While My Soul to Save is good, it just wasn't as fabulous and the first in the series, My Soul to Take. That being said, it wasn't anywhere close to being unenjoyable and I will still carry on with reading this series!
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on 19 May 2011
This is the second book in the soul screamers series by Rachel Vincent. This book follows on not too far from where the first one left off and it gives more insight into the Netherworld and into Kaylee's powers. You really feel as though you're learning as Kaylee is learning, you don't know things because *she* doesn't know them-not because the author's purposefully keeping them back for a more dramatic finish which I think always makes the story more realistic, and helps you bond with the character, as it's almost as though you're on a journey of discovery with them.

It was interesting to learn more about Bean Sidhe powers, and I really enjoyed the plot of teen girls dying whilst they aren't in possession of their souls-I love a good mystery to be solved in a book, it's like reading a murder mystery but with vampires and faeries etc. I enjoyed the storyline with Addison and her younger sister, I think this was done very well.

I felt Todd really came into his own in this book, it was great to learn more about him and see him develop, I think he's fast becoming my favourite character. It was also great to see Kaylee's relationship with her dad being rebuilt, Rachel Vincent portrayed this very well. I'm glad she didn't totally abandon Kaylee's uncle and cousin, it was good to see how they're getting on.

I'm still not 100% convinced about Nash. I can't pinpoint exactly why. It might be something as small and selfish as I just don't find him attractive, which is something that always helps me take to the male characters. Still, I enjoy the way his and Kaylee's relationship is developing, I liked how Kaylee is insecure about the fact he's popular and attractive, and her worries about whether he only likes her because she's a novelty right now. I thin Rachel Vincent handled very typical, teenage worries well without making them too over dramatic or angst ridden.

Overall, I give this book 4/5 and I cannot wait for the 3rd in the series to be released!
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I am once again ensnared by Rachel Vincent's The Soul Screamers Series. There is just that extra oomph in this series that puts it above the many others I've read- I'm not going to deny how addicted I am to it. And in more ways than one, Kaylee Cavanaugh is my heroine of choice!

I was fascinated by the world of the bean sidhe in My Soul to Take and in its sequel Rachel Vincent does not let up in unleashing more of the horrors of the netherworld. Fortunately, I was fascinated by these too. I find it enchanting really, and Kaylee is a strong narrator who both satisfied and stirred my curiosity. I was continually surprised and horrified along with her; she's such a genuine character, one I consider as a reflection of myself in fiction. I think one of the characteristics that truly define her is what she gives the readers - the ability to see themselves in her.

Not only do we learn more about the netherworld, we also see Kaylee beginning to realise the extent and limitation of her bean sidhe abilities. Having just recently discovered her heritage, she is still set to explore it; but as always, danger is connected to exploration and she is not exempt. Thus, Kaylee takes us into action-filled adventures in both realms, dodging both raging hellions and condescending human adults alike. Spurred by her moral compass, Kaylee once again dives heads first into danger, but who wouldn't in her place? Rachel has truly and effectively conveyed her character's motives and intent behind their actions in My Soul to Save.

Apart from the fascinating mythology, the action-adventure that makes you fly through the pages, we also see more romance. But not only of Nash and Kaylee, but of the reaper's also. Tod - despite his tendency to always appear aloof - shows his one weakness in this book, and I'm sure I'm not the only reader whose heart went out to him. Although Tod messes up a a little at the end, one can understand why. Despite his ungentlemanly actions, I think the jury's still out on Tod's behaviour; for the romantics at heart like me however, he did what did for love, and that says a hell of a lot of things. I admired his assertiveness, no matter how disillusioned he ended up

Rachel's mythology, plus her fantastic set of characters has fully cemented Soul Screamers on my favourite YA series list!
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on 17 December 2011
This is the second book in the soul screamers series, and even better than the first, if that is even possible! I devoured it in two sittings and didn't want to put it down.

I loved the plot-line and I think Kaylee's character really developed in this book. It is expertly written, as always from Rachel Vincent, no unnecessary fillers just crisp to the point writing, a pleasure to read.

Kaylee has moved in to her dad's new house. He is new at the whole dad thing, being absent for the last 13 years, so he is being quite strict. Tod got Nash and Kaylee tickets to see Eden's concert, the opening act is Addison, an ex girlfriend of Tod's. They go back stage with their VIP tickets, something goes wrong on stage and Eden drops to the ground. She dies on stage and Kaylee is completely puzzled as to why she has no soul song for her. Turns out Eden sold her soul to a Hellion for her fame and fortune.

Libby is a reaper, a special one, one of the oldest. Her job is to show up and suck in demons breath from the dead who had sold their souls. She then needs to dispose of it properly, in the Netherworld. Libby revels that the next person she is showing up for will be Addison. Which means two things, 1. Addison is going to die 2. she has also sold her soul. This doesn't go down well with Tod and he begs Nash and Kaylee to help him save her.

The three of them set out on their mission to save Addison's life and soul. Nash doesn't want to help as it is too dangerous, but he won't let Kaylee do it without him.

Turns out there is an out-clause in the contract a person makes to sell their soul. Addison doesn't have a copy of the contract and she doesn't know the Hellion's name she made the deal with. Kaylee and the other have to figure out what to do to save Addison's soul, and with time running out it won't be an easy task. They have to go to the Netherworld, Kaylee for the first time.

I was surprised at the ending, I was expecting a typical Happily Ever After, which is not the case. I think Kaylee really comes into her own in this one, she is such a strong likeable character. Nash and Kaylee's relationship has also developed and there is some sexual tension between the pair. I am glad Kaylee is holding out on Nash, even tho I don't think Nash would 'Move onto the next thing' as Kaylee thinks. My favourite character is Tod without a doubt, I just love his dark nature. Libby is a great new addition to the book and I really hope it's not the last we hear of her.

I cannot wait to read what's in store for Kaylee in the next instalment 'My soul to keep.'

The only thing, I would love to read a little bit more about Emma. :)
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on 4 March 2010
After reading My Soul to Take, I was excited to read My Soul to Save, so when Harlequin Teen asked me if I would like to review it as well, I jumped at the chance. Being a regular reader of Rachel Vincent's blog, I was aware that there were a number of readers who didn't like the ending of MSTSave, and so I was even more intrigued to read this book, and strangely, not that put off by it. I'm glad to say that I wasn't one of those people! I loved it!

Firstly, before I get to the main plot of this story, I need to talk about Kaylee and Nash. There is so much sexual tension between those two, it's as thick as treacle! And Rachel is just so unfair on them! They never get five minutes alone with each other, as someone always interrupts them - namely Tod, who will just pop up unannounced at the most inconvenient moments - and each interruption just knocks the tension up a notch. Kaylee needs to get her some Nash, because the girl is suffering. It is pretty funny though! And to be fair, Kaylee is underage by US laws, and she has a few low self-esteem fuelled doubts, so it's probably for the best that it's not happened just yet. But let's face it, Nash is too hot for words! Poor, poor Kaylee.

But to the plot, MSTSave is just brilliant! It's almost metaphoric; stars sell their souls to hellions from the Netherworld for fame and fortune, but once they realise that "too good to be true" does actually have some meaning, the only way out leads to their world tumbling down around their ankles. From things you read in magazines and see on the TV, the plot of MSTSave makes far too much sense, and seems incredibly believable. It's just a great idea!

We also get to see what the Netherworld is like in a bit more detail. To me, it seems a lot like hell in the movie Constantine, just without the fire and smoky atmosphere, and more bruise coloured. It's creepy as, well, hell. I won't go into detail of what happens there, but I really don't like it. It's the stuff nightmares are made of, and it really freaks me out! Yet, that just means Rachel has done her job; if I'm being freaked out by a place where demons hang out that came from Rachel's imagination, then things are going well!

I've already talked about the sexual tension between Kaylee and Nash, but now individually. Nash is angry a fair amount of the time because of the dangerous situations they get themselves in, and with good reason. He's worried for Kaylee's safety, and thinks her compassion is taking her too far. Kaylee has her heart in the right place, and just wants to help, and make amends for what her aunt did in MSTTake. The time is going to come when Kaylee will need to have a good chat with Nash, there are some things that need to be aired, and I'm quite looking forward to it. I really like Tod! He's annoying, but he's funny! But he can be a little selfish, and asks far too much from Kaylee and Nash, and is a little out of order, but I can't help but really like him. He's a great guy underneath it all.

Considering the main characters are bean sidhes and reapers, the action isn't fighting, but more like a race against time, and a fight through emotional strength and determination. It's just as suspenseful though, though I worry about how the future of these characters. They are pretty much defenceless against the hellions, how they're supposed to defend themselves against sharp teeth and soul-sucking, I don't know. I'm intrigued to see how things will progress.

The ending of the book was just brilliant, in my opinion. I'm not going to spoil it for anyone, but I think it made sense for the situation the characters found themselves in, and for the nature of the characters. I didn't see it coming at all, and although this is a fantasy novel, life isn't all rainbows and butterflies, and it makes sense that that would be reflected in the books we read. As I said, I didn't see it coming, but I did try to think what might happen as I was reading along, but nothing else could have happened. This ending just felt right, to me. At least no-one can say the outcome was too easy. I think it was just awesome, and I applaud Rachel for it.

This really is an amazing book from a great series, and I love it! I'd recommend it to everyone, and can't wait for the third book in the series, My Soul to Keep, which will be released 1st June 2010.
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on 2 March 2011
This review may contain small spoilers from the previous book in the series. If you haven't read My Soul to Take then I don't suggest reading!

Picking up a couple of months after MStT left off, My Soul to Save catches up with Kaylee Cavanaugh at a music concert, along with her boyfriend Nash and his almost-dead brother Tod. Suddenly, the main singer drops dead on stage and it is revealed that she has sold her soul to a demon. To make matters worse, Tod's ex-girlfriend is also going through the same situation. This leads Kaylee & co. on an exciting quest (I've always wanted to say that!) to find the demon who has been taking young girls' souls.

The plot of My Soul to Save is just as fast paced and shocking as the plot of My Soul to Take. Kaylee is now completely clued in on the whole banshee situation, and she's accepted it well. I loved how Kaylee handled all of these different situations as they arose, and she really is a clever girl. I'm slightly proud of her *shines with pride*

Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to have been much progression with Nash. While Kaylee was just as amazing and intelligent as she was in the first book, Nash seems to kind of just be there. He isn't given a whole lot to do, other than drive Kaylee around and try to get in her pants. In a manner of speaking *wink wink, nudge nudge*.

Tod, Nash's older brother who happens to be a very funny grim reaper, however, was great. He was hilarious, and cheeky, and I love him. The way he kept showing up when Nash and Kaylee were *ehem* trying to have some alone time had me chuckling. And it happened a lot. He also seems to have a slight crush on Kaylee. Now, that may just be my imagination - although that would prove (along with my love of fictional men) that my imagination is brilliant - but I think something could happen there. They'd be rather cute together - the banshee and the grim reaper!

Again, Rachel Vincent's writing and storytelling skills were epic. No change there!
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