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on 6 January 2013
The model is superb, although the instructions could have beem a little clearer as there are a number of areas where it could be easy to make mistakes
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VINE VOICEon 3 October 2014
I am a fan of Technic models having bought and built LEGO Technic 9396: Rescue Helicopter earlier in the year which I did not think could be topped for realistic level of detail but the Unimog does it. There is a reason why this model is going up in price now that it is no longer sold in the shops and it is because it is a fun build with insane levels of realism. The 4 wheel drive gearbox also drives the pneumatic pumps and a driveshaft at either end. This means that attachments can be either end of the truck.

The finished model is about a foot long and is a nice display piece. The power functions motors control the gearbox but not the drive. It is not remote controlled like the newer and currenctly cheaper LEGO Technic 42030 Remote-Controlled Volvo L350F Wheel Load. That said I have bought the Volvo and intend using the remote conrol to make the Unimog a proper RC car.

That is how much I love it!
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on 27 October 2013
Son does these pretty quickly, he was quiet for a whole evening (and half a day) hyperfocussed. ...... .... ..
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on 21 February 2013
At 69 I am not really into updating a Facebook or Twitter account so at Christmas I usually buy some sort of challenge, jig saw, model,etc to keep me sane, and away from the distractions of eating too much, watching hours of drivel repeat TV and so on.
As I said, I like a challenge, but must admit that even I was somewhat taken aback by the size of the box that arrived from Amazon.
I actually thought, my god, what have I done. This model is NOT cheap, in fact my wife thought I had lost my marbles, but , I always wanted a Unimog even a model one.
Briefly, it took me approx 30 hours to assemble the model, spread over 3 weeks.
it is huge!! but everything works fine and I am delighted with it. The plastic parts are of excellent quality and everything went together without problems
I have assembled many models over the years(started with Airfix Messerchmidts in the late 50,s) so I am not a beginner.
However, I have never constructed a Lego model of this size and cost before and therefore started with some trepidation One thing that is at the forefront of your mind IS the cost.!! Failure is not an option .

Based on my experience, I would offer the following advice to anyone thinking of buying this kit.
1) in my view it is only suitable for experienced modellers, i.e., don't buy this as your first Lego kit.
2) Work on a well lit table and only construct one module at a time --there are 5modules and 5 books. Ideally, you should be able to leave your work station as it ,is rather than have to clear up and put out the parts every time.
3) READ the books and particularly make sure that the gear trains are assembled in the correct order, its easy to get it wrong (some of the gear wheel parts look very similar) . If you do get it wrong , you will only find out at the end when it does'nt work which will be VERY frustrating and will then be one hell of a job to sort out.
My experience was that despite sometimes thinking the part was not in the bag after a search, it was always there. make sure its not on the floor!!
4) Take your time. Putting this together is supposed to be satisfying .its not a race. !!

Was I satisfied?
Very much so, There are 2400 parts and putting them altogether in the right order is a satisfying challenge. It looks a great model, everyone has admired it, even my wife .
So whats stopping you buying one.
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on 2 February 2012
Positive points:
- Impressive attention to detail, inc. full 4WD drivetrain, working live axle suspension, portal gearing (look up all these terms like I did!) and full steering.
- The detachable grab (can be attached / working either end) is usable and one of the better accessories I have seen.
- The pneumatic grab works well, and you don't need to manually pump- the motor powers a mini compressor. The controls are ok once you have used a few times and assuming you've connected it all ok- my interpretation of the pneumatic hoses was right first time, amazingly- it's slighty complex?
- The pneumatic system is the best I have used- and you can connect at either end of the truck, which is a nice touch.
- The wheels have the usual Technic axles and 3 pins for extra strength in the wheel hub-axle connection.
- The alternative snow plough looks fun, you need to download the instructions though.
- Good value if found at right price, you get 2048 parts and a few left over.
- One of the more realistic models, lots of new components too.
- Likely to eat batteries, but you can use rechargable AA (x6) easily.

Negative points:
- Instructions could be better, especially in places where a lot of black/dark bricks used and the pneumatic hoses etc. Some guesswork / trial and error might be needed. Instruction quality is always a moot point I guess. (Having said that I didn't make any errors- do check when dealing with the differential gear, that you have it the right way around)
- Finished Unimog has a poor turning circle and the steering feels strained; limits of technic component strength being reached perhaps?
- The rear grabber stabilisers are manually operated, no big deal though- make the grabber very stable and the truck's rear wheels lift when they are deployed.
- The rear tipper attaches fine, but doesn't tip- perhaps a mini upgrade project?
- No information on how to integrate remote control or how to power the drive-train- useful for those less able builders who might want to do this.
- Working lights would be nice, but you can add on I guess.

I'd recommend this model- less able builders might need some extra patience or help in places.
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VINE VOICEon 10 April 2012
I had to think quite long and hard before buying one of these Unimogs, and not just because I was a 36-year-old who hadn't built a LEGO model for over 20 years. In addition to this being the largest (and one of the most complex) LEGO Technic sets ever marketed, it's also one of the most costly, so spending as much on what I thought was a glorified toy was not a decision I took lightly.

But make no mistake about it, this is no toy. The colourful, well-illustrated flip-top box is large and heavy, as you'd expect, but it only gives a mere sense of what lies inside - five manuals, over 2000 pieces, and the better part of a full day's-worth of building await you if you dare to open the cover and to gaze upon the box's contents. It's almost enough to bring you to your knees (or to tears) when you see just how many bits there are to be pieced together, but if you've ever built a large LEGO set before then you may well know that feeling already. In spite of this, at its heart it's no different to any other LEGO model; a bit more complicated, perhaps, but if you can read a LEGO instruction manual (or five) then it's simply a case of following the instructions.

So when it comes to putting said bits together, the best advice I can give is to be meticulous, to take things slowly, and not to expect to be finished in one sitting. I was impatient as a child - something that has carried over to my adulthood - but it became clear to me very early on that this would be a project that I'd have to spread out over several days, after I factored in stupid annoyances like work and eating. The set's pieces come in numbered sealed plastic bags and probably the first thing you'll want to do is to open all of these bags out into the box or onto a table to see what you've got. That's the old-school way to begin but definitely not the best; the numbers on each bag correspond to a set of instructions for building certain parts of the model, so only opening the bags in their numbered order is pretty much essential.

I wasn't timing myself, but by my estimation the Unimog took me around 11 hours to build. I hadn't given myself a build-time, nor did I have any preconceptions of how I would go about it, I just sat down with the manuals and the big bags of bricks, and started building at a fairly leisurely pace. As it turned out, the construction was actually not as bad as I was expecting, even if the manuals weren't as clear in places as I would have liked. There were moments when I wasn't sure if what I had done was correct, there were moments when I had to re-trace my steps because I'd made a mistake, and there were even moments when I looked at how little I had accomplished and thought, "Why am I doing this again?". But once the model began taking shape things started to get much easier; if you're an experienced LEGO builder then that's another feeling you may well know already. I might not be very patient but I am perseverant and, after eventually, I sat back and admired my work, wondering at the marvel that is the LEGO Technic Unimog.

As a model, the Unimog has to be one of the most fully-featured Technic sets going. It includes a winch at the front and a crane at the back, both of which are powered using the set's onboard pneumatic system and/or electric motor. As you'd expect, there's also 2-wheel steering, but neither this nor the drivetrain are powered so you'll have to resort to good old handpower to move and to steer the Unimog; similarly, the rear outriggers are also lowered and raised manually. There's nothing stopping you from adding electric motors to automate these functions at a later date, of course, but it would have been nice to have had these included. The model also lacks the infra-red control found in a couple of other Technic sets, which would have been an even better inclusion, especially given that this set was made to be one of the baddest Technic sets going.

The powered functions are selected by means of a bi-directional switch on the side of the electric motor's battery box and two LEGO switches positioned on the chassis above it. Moving these three switches in different directions and in different combinations gives you control of the front winch, the crane's three pneumatic pistons and its rotating turntable, although the actual means by which they do it (and the direction in which each switch must be moved to get a desired result) is not at all obvious. The operating manual does show you, but it's hardly intuitive, and having to have this to hand every time you want to have a play with your truck is hardly ideal.

The LEGO Technic Unimog is almost certainly destined to become a collector's item in the future so if you are able to keep the box and other accessories then it's surely advisable to do so. I'd also recommend that you keep all of it out of strong sunlight and somewhere that it won't get too dirty if at all possible, as condition is everything if you have one eye on future resale. But even if you aren't buying this with a view to your kids flogging it in 40 years' time on "Cash In The Attic", as a standalone model the Unimog is a challenging and fun piece, both while you're building it and once it's complete. There's enough play value here for many hours of fun, if you're so inclined, or you can just put the thing into a glass box and display it on your mantelpiece.
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on 25 June 2015
I just thought I would write a review for someone who does not have a lot of lego and just wants a kit to build and play with. The Unimog is quite pricey but the functionality is quite limited with the finished model. Compared to the Excavator/Volvo set the Unimog does not come with remote control and only has one motor. Also the gearing of the winch and the arm is too slow. I had to buy new gear wheels to improve the speed of the winch and the turning of the arm. When the model was built and I was showing it off the speed of both turning is quite disappointing and you can see the disappointment in the faces of the people watching.

The pneumatic arm is also a bit of a disappointment, yes it is a technical marvel and it is nice to learn about these things but it is jerky and the claw at the end does not always work. Even when re-routing the tubes the claw was slow to work. ( I am not just someone who follows instructions I try and think for my self and improve once it is finished).

I have the 8043 Excavator also and the build is more fun and there are more motors and a remote control. So combined I think I will be able to make the Volvo set.

Overall wanted to be 5 stars about it cause I spent so much money but only 3 stars being honest .
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on 10 July 2012
I brought this for my husband who sat for 3 evenings putting it together. It has proven to be of excellent quality with many pieces amazing detailed. I would recommend this toy to anyone and think although a more expensive item its worth the money.
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on 7 December 2015
Loads of fun.

It took me about 15 hours to finish and much to my surprise worked first time.

Every time you curse Lego and think they forgot to pack a bit, you reread the instructions and realise it's your fault.
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on 29 September 2014
bought this as a present for my boyfriend and it was a perfect gift!! Kept him quiet and out of the way for ages!! well worth the money.
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