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4.9 out of 5 stars
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on 30 August 2014
Very pleased. arrived very quickly
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on 6 June 2012
A friend told me to get a copy of this by hook or by crook, and now I'm telling you!
This is simply one of the best series I have ever watched! and I don't say that lightly.The series shows the struggle for survival in the early days of Australia in all it's brutal, corrupt, lawless and miserable glory,no punches are pulled,and it makes the wild west look like Trumpton!if you don't know the history, it will open your eyes about the things that went on! considering it was made in the 70's ( The theme tune is very much of it's time) it is simply outstanding and is almost something that HBO could have made now.
Tobias is excellent as the determined,violent and very flawed 'hero'(you'll see why) who will stop at nothing to protect his family's land,but all the cast are good and the stories are well written and filmed, you will get frustrated at Luke's father, who just does not get it! Watch one episode, you will watch the whole series, it reels you in.
Probably the best £26 I have ever spent,highly recommended.
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on 12 September 2011
Oliver Tobias is excellent in the lead of what is largely an ensemble piece.
He portrays Luke as both a gentleman of honour with civilized standards and a complete bastard, ruthless in his pursuit of what he thinks should be rightfully his, i.e. as much land as he desires to do with as he pleases.
I don't think with our modern sensitivities a warts and all series like this could be made today. The series isn't racist but Luke and almost every white person in it is, reflecting truthfully the attitudes of their times. Only one below the Aboriginies are the convicts whose unhappy lot it is to be regularly beaten and flogged for all manner of petty (and sometimes not so petty misdemeanours).
The series is a harsh, brutal, unforgiving, un pc depiction of one man's obsession to build a personal kingdom and how a nation was built on the backbreaking slave labour of 'criminal' types (you could be deported indefinitely for as little as stealing an apple if you were starving -evidence of a 'criminal nature' you see...)
If you want blood guts, horror, adventure and a history lesson all rolled into one series then look no further, you won't find better than this.
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on 5 March 2012
I 'm happy to see this series re-released at last even if it meant buying a multi-player in The States All as good as I remember from 40 years ago. Almost.
Oliver Tobias in Luke's Kingdom was something to moon over with embellishments whilst waiting to fall asleep when i was a girl .He's as seriously sexy as Oliver Reed in " Women in Love" ; same looks. A brand of dark irresistible barstard a girl could be forced to have sex with and end up quite enjoying if that's not too dangerous to even mention.
In its own way Luke's Kingdom includes a fairly realistic cinematic rendition of wild west Australia . The Australian scenery gives grand scope to the film and there are real aborigines in one of the series although Black Velvet is clearly a white woman in black paint. Luke's increasing ruthlessness and brand of dashingness drives the series. There is usually something comical about the ruffian characters
Seeing things from America particularly- the British do make great drama series. Prime Suspect Upstairs Downstairs and going back further the unforgettable I Claudius . Unlike these , Luke's Kingdom is unmistakably made for T.V , so nothing too involved, although it revives itself with engrossing scenarios .The volume needed to be raised because the sound quality is a little muffeled . Otherwise this series is surprisingly not dated.
There used to be a scene where Luke pulls on his sister's pony tail and says that he will have her yet and saves her from being gang- banged.. This has been censored out. Not exactly the complete series then. What is it with the BBC to keep on being embarressed with the past.? Happens in other programmes re-issued on DVD. Not to mention their atrociously biased news reporting these days.
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on 7 March 2011
This is a fair old trip down memory lane. The picture is a bit grainy but I remember it being like that when it was first broadcast on telly many moons ago. Theres a fair bit of poppy eyed hysterical acting in it, and Oliver Tobias certainly had the looks and charisma to have been a much bigger star than he became. He does an awful lot of yelling into the wide blue yonder, but he does it in a terribly posh accent. He also shows a rather unhealthy interest in his Sister's welfare. All in all not bad but a bit pricey.
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on 5 September 2011
Fab i've waited 35 years to watch this series when it was shown on t.v. my parents wouldn't let me watch it my mother in law has asked to borrow it she remembers the series well, very good service brand new
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on 30 March 2013
I have watched Luke's kingdom for the first time this year in spring 2013. Lukes kingdom was shown over thirty five years ago and every episode is very well made.

I did not know what to expect from this series or what the characters would be like. Luke's kingdom shows a father and his three children settling in a new frontier called Australia. The country Australia is hard and tough- just like middle child named Luke.

Only the tough and hard can survive in this wild new country. The interesting part of Luke's character is Luke's only affection for his crippled sister!

What a TERRIFIC series.

Worth renting and worth buying
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on 21 February 2015
I watched this when it was first shown. Oliver tobias was my first crush,ive been searching for the series for yrs,the network refused to bring the series out. Just by chance i noticed was now on dvd. Had to buy it,great series.my daughter was just a few mth old when i first watched it,shes now 38 and i still enjoy watching it.
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on 15 September 2014
This does show its age but is like a 1970's (80's?) 'Wild Boys". Good fun, good stories and incredibly infuriating when you recognise prominant Australian actors and places but can't actually place them. If you love colonial stories, it is worth while getting.
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on 28 June 2016
Used to like this programme years ago and bought it to see if it was as good as I remembered, I was not disappointed but thought it was a longer series than it actually is. The makers could quite easily made a second one and missed the boat I think
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