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on 17 September 2014
Good fun but frustrating for young players who really need guidance from older players.

Not being able to save is the real BAD part as we don't like to spend too much time playing games and therefore we don't get through a stage meaning we always end up at same point - port.

There really needs to be the ability to save as not everyone can afford or wants to spend hours and hours playing the game. I'd like to be able to play 30 minutes here, 20 minutes there etc and this is made worse by having to sit trough lengthy video clips before you can start to actually play.

Parts of the game can get so frustrating that you just have to stop or you'll put your foot through the screen. You can try and try and try again to jump across some water with fire and still fail all due to the viewing angle of the characters and not being able to judge what angle they should be jumping at - hence, you keep missing the next item to jump to.

If you are a regular gaming type of person, this might not be an issue, but for the casual player, it ruins the fun and experience and on more than a few times, I've given up after 20 minutes of trying to cross a simple water section

So, when playing, it's OK but II'm getting extremely bored having to play and play again, the same sections over and over.

If you have a couple of hours to play a section (maybe longer), it's enjoyable but for those who want to play casually, you'll never finish this game. Ever.
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on 13 November 2011
After playing other games from the LEGO video game franchise, I was slightly sceptical about LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean. After playing the game, my scepticism quickly disappeared. The latest installment of the LEGO series is more than likely the best I have played so far - top notch, full of giggles and enough to keep you entertained.

These games are aimed at the younger generation, but I doubt there are many adults that don't enjoy a blitz on any of these fun filled games.

LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean follows suit and slots in line behind the previous LEGO titles, but there are some obvious changes. The battles aren't as large and don't last as long as other titles, such as The Clone Wars. Things were more focused and improvements were made on the actual gameplay.

There are some people set int heir ways and who are adamant that the LEGO titles are redundant and keep spouting the same thing over and over, then playing this game probably won't change your views. Each to their own though, everyone is entitled to their opinion.

LEGO Pirates is definitely one of my favourite titles from Traveller's Tales' LEGO franchise - it's as if they have learned from the previous titles and bundled everything into this title. You have your small hub area that grants you access to each movie, and each movie comes with their own set of levels. You go from level to level solving puzzles, chopping and changing between characters and using their different abilities to the max. The battles between good and bad are still fun, but just as challenging as previous games and the stories are reasonably close to how they are in the movies. I would go as far to say that the game makes the movies seem even better, as they seem to get you more involved. I found myself rewatching the movies to spot parts that I didn't remember or that I thought weren't actually in the movies.

You will find all the characters present - at least all of the significant characters - all with their features and personality traits. None of the characters come close to that of Jack Sparrow though, much like the movie. His LEGO self comes complete with grunts, drunken swaggers, and even the good old trusty compass. The compass does what it does in the film - it leads Jack to what he wants. Whether it be a spade to dig, a bone for the dog, or a Ship in the Bottle for the collections, the compass comes up trumps every time.

The levels themselves are reasonably easy. It doesn't take too long to finish, but they aren't over too quick so that you are left wondering "is that it?!". Having to reply the game and levels for each movie is where it becomes time consuming. You can go back through in Free Play mode and try to hunt out all of the collectibles that you missed the first time. As with other LEGO games, you can play in Free Play mode with any of the characters that you have unlocked so far in the game, and you can also use their abilities - which do come in handy.

The game itself is not overly hard. Run around the game smashing people and items up, collect studs, which in turn you can use to unlock things ingame.

All in all, the game itself is splendid - probably the best LEGO title to date. It is pleasant to look at, the graphics are eye catching andit seems that any problems found in previous titles are pretty much non existant. No online co-op mode, but local co-op is just as good as previous titles. If you play local co-op and stray from your partner, it converts to splitscreen, which is awesome.

Another great game from Traveller's Tales. No matter if you an adult or a child, there are hours of enjoyment to be had from this game.

Now to wait eagerly for the next installment.....
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on 11 December 2011
Having played the previous lego versions of Star Wars, Harry Potter and Indiana Jones I was very disappointed with this lego intepretation of Pirates of the Caribbean.

Characters got stuck and you'd have to abandon the level and start again which means you lost all your progress. We hit some dead ends too where the game seemed to have bugged out and there was no possible way of moving on. This again ended in abandoning that level and having to restart and there is no interim save so all was lost.

In the end we found we had to give up playing the game as both single and in co-op as it just proved too frustrating and it took the enjoyment away. The previous incarnations for Star Wars, Harry Potter and Indiana Jones were brilliant but this one let us down. I don't know if the program was just poorly written or whether we have been incredibly unlucky but I would not recommend the game based on the issues we had every time we attempted to play.

A waste of money and ended up being a trade in to go towards a game that worked.
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on 17 May 2011
We have enjoyed various other LEGO games on XBOX 360 - Indiana Jones, Batman, Rock Star, Harry Potter and so some of the tasks and puzzles are looking a bit familiar, even though Pirates is a 12 film the game is 7 rating - so younger children may ask to see the films to understand the plot. The characters have an uncanny likeness to the film actors appearance and manner although its difficult to distinguish the female characters. There is a lot of between game LEGO movie clip links which stops game time and some of the levels are too easy compared with previous LEGO games - we are halfway through the game after 3 1/2 hours playing two players.
Despite the characters and LEGO built scenes we will probably not buy the spin off LEGO pirates sets - we have A LOT of LEGO from collections over 40 years in fact we have a room in our house called the LEGO room - LEGO is getting far too expensive - bits of plastic ridiculously expensive.
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on 14 September 2015
This is a fun game but a bit glitchier that other Lego games we have played. Plenty of getting stuck behind things. I also think this game is harder than any of the others we have played when it comes to judging the exact position of your character in relation to the narrow walkways and things you need to jump on/off, which makes some levels frustrating. The cut scenes are a bit tedious, they're extremely long.
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on 28 September 2011
Bought this for my 5yr old and he loves it, although he does get a bit frustrated at times when he gets stuck (often). There is plenty of game play and loads of puzzles to solve. I wish you could save your game at any point though, as if he gets bored half way through a level, you have to start from the beginning of the level next time you go back.
I don't like the split screen two player mode. The screen moves the split ratio depending on where the players are in relation to each other. It gets quite confusing sometimes. I would rather just have a split in the middle so I know where I am. But that's just me!
Overall a great game and good fun to play.
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on 26 August 2011
bought this i played it till i got all the achements and completed the full 100 percent of the game. not often i do that. this game is very adictive. i own all the lego games and this is top of the list much better then harry potter. my cousin is one of the lego game designer hence i get to know about them. i love his game i have all the pirates of the caribbean games also on all formats and this is the best 1 by far 2. u cant go wrong i paid ALOT more then this price its a bargin get it. crsip clear game not glitches dispite what i have read. not many good co op games out there all online balls these days so these are a real gem. lego fan co op fan pirates fan whatever try it
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on 24 June 2011
I have played almost all the Lego series on the Xbox 360 and own quite a few of them. Lego Pirates of the Caribbean is the latest that I have bought and am currently playing. The graphics have improved over the last game (Lego Harry Potter) and brings the same fun of smashing everything into little bricks and collecting studs. However, this game is full of bugs - I have had 3 lock ups requiring the Xbox to be turned off at the wall, several times I've found my character stuck in the scenery and once there was an "invisible wall" blocking my character from walking/jumping forward preventing me from completing the level. Most times, restarting the game allows you to continue but since you can't save until you have finished each level, you can easily lose 1/2 hour of game play and have to restart from the beginning.

In summary this game has improved in graphincs but is currently a lot buggier than earlier Lego games.
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on 2 January 2013
This is an excellent and fun game, that has managed to capture the characters personalities really well, especially Jack Sparrow and the way that he moves. I would highly recommend this game for anyone who loves the films, and although some things in the levels are a little tricky for the younger people, it's not too complicated that it becomes frustrating, but also not too easy to become boring. It is a very funny game, that is quite addictive and gives hours of enjoyment.
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on 7 January 2012
I really enjoyed playing this game; believe it or not, I had never actually seen any of the films before playing and now that I have played it, I really want to see the films!! I really enjoyed all of the lego games (not so much the Harry Potter ones as you really have to be into Harry Potter to play them and it's not really my cup of tea!) as as well as being enjoyable they also have enough puzzles and challenges to keep you interested and determined to complete the game.

As with all of the lego games you usually play each level with two characters or more due to each character having different tools/skills, and you can switch characters when necessary. As with all of the games though, when you are playing as one character, the other sometimes gets in the way and ends up knocking you off ledges etc which can be very annoying!! In order to complete the game 100% you have to complete the game in story mode and in free play mode; however, after playing so many times the game can get quite tedious! Lego Batman has enough different levels to enable you to do this without getting fed up with the game; maybe if they make a second Lego Pirates game they will take this into consideration.

There are 40 achievements to get totalling to 1000 gamer points. I gave up at 36 of the achievements but I will come back to the game at a later date and complete it. Like with most games; some of the acheivements are ridiculously easy and quite silly (for eg. you can get 15 gamer points by getting eaten by a shark). Overall though, I really recommend this game to any fans or non fans of the film as like it did with me, it might suprise you. :-)
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