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on 4 August 2017
utter crap
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on 29 August 2017
Total rubbish..
Extremely disappointed..awful acting..
So- called sex scenes comical..
Don't waste your time watching this..
Lead actor lovely, shame about the rest of the film.
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The best thing Seeing Heaven has going for it is its sexy lead, who really does have some distinctive quality. The actor who plays Zhivago is also very attractive, as are several others, according to taste ... It is a film that is fairly packed with ideas, but plays like the dialogues that would be a prelude to a porn film, stuffed with plot themes instead of action. It doesn't really work, partly because of the low-budget feel and wooden acting, while the pacing is too slow, but with frequent 'horror' sequences that are edited too fast. They are not remotely scary, which is unfortunate too. It does have a certain ambition, which comes across as a bit pretentious, referring to Saul and Paul from the Bible, The Picture of Dorian Gray, the Narcissus myth and other bits of Victorian legend about serial killers, while trying to discuss the link between the soul and the body, art and porn, and doppelgängers ... It is a classic example of a film that has a too much going on in the script, and it dies under the weight. The best bits of it show the actor in a state of undress or writhing in bed dreaming, which do pack quite a punch, or seeing him from behind in his y-fronts ... For this and his memorable face, I would give it a third star, but otherwise it is rather turgid.
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on 12 December 2011
Another one that sounds good on paper but spoiled by ridiculous acting and soft-porn-aren't-we-hip score. The lead was supposed to be incredibly beautiful according to the plot but that of course is going to be in the eye of the beholder. What's more important is getting someone who can act, and I'm afraid the lead is the worst culprit here.

The script is written in a style that alienates, rather than includes an audience. If you're not in the head of the writer, then much of it is flimsy or confusing with a rule of logic not apparent in the film language. However, I don't think I can blame just the writing - the acting is so flat from the lead that a lot of meaning is probably bleached away that way.

I wanted it to be good but was very let down. The low budget nature of these films isn't an excuse here. With a bit of more careful casting, a rewrite or two more and a score that adds something more than just sound would have improved things no end.
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on 20 March 2015
I don't quite know where to start. The dire scripts? The poor acting? The lead bloke wandering around with the same facial expression throughout the whole of the film, saying tripe like 'no one knows how hard it is being so beautiful' and yes, maybe some did see beauty, but for me he really was nothing to get excited about.

Add bad support actors saying 'it must be so hard being so beautiful' to him. I did begin to wonder if I needed to maybe take some sort of pill that would help me see this beauty that apparently was such a burden to bear!

Normally someone classed in a film as beautiful who I think is not, doesn't bother me if the story is good. Unfortunatley for me, it was a load of pretentious rubbish, with poor acting and a script that creaked it was so wooden.

If you do want to see heaven, I suggest you don't watch this film.
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on 2 May 2014
A bit like the school report here where teach tries to say not a lot diplomatically. I and two friends who watched this felt it should rate 1 star for effort - sadly (and I have not read through the other reviews so this may or not reflect) it did not really achieve what it hoped to do. The idea was good but on many fronts it did not succeed. So - tries hard but could do much better.
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on 19 April 2015
Utterly dreadful, with a plot twist so obvious that it may as well have had flashing neon signs pointing to it. No idea what was going through the director's mind for most of this film, because he seems incapable of translating it to the screen. A tiresome exercise in bad acting and squandered opportunities.
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on 3 May 2011
My heavens, the other reviews here must have seen a different movie....ever so slightly homoerotic yet the worst edited second worst acted and third worst scripted movie I've ever seen...avoid!
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on 31 March 2016
Hey guys, want to see a real crap movie, buy this one. Cannot believe this kind of "movie" can even exist... he is too "beautiful" as they say non stop... maybe it will work for an old pervert with no taste.
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on 7 March 2011
A hustler in his early-20s, Paul (Alexander Bracq) is searching for his identical twin brother, Saul. Although they were separated at birth, Paul experiences visions suggesting that Saul is in trouble. These images become increasingly lucid during the heights of his various physical encounters, hence he is drawn to pursue such intimacies with ever greater intensity. Introduced to film director John Baxter (Lee Chapman), who specializes in producing erotica, Paul agrees to participate in Baxter's latest film, hoping that he will thereby come closer to connecting with his elusive twin. This pathway may well clarify his visions, but carries its own unwelcome detours...

Part-melodrama, part-'psychological thriller', SEEING HEAVEN ultimately escapes classification. It bears comparison to Pornography: A Thriller [DVD], although it is much less reliant on the complexities that permeate the latter's plot. Indeed, the storyline of SEEING HEAVEN is unquestionably its weak aspect: underdeveloped, simplistic at times, and unfortunately bearing the cloying burden of overt moralism. The derivative 'evil man in the white mask' and the formulaic 'unscrupulous studio executive', are particularly flimsy and banal conventionalities.

Despite these - perhaps harsh - criticisms, SEEING HEAVEN undoubtedly succeeds on an affective level. The film's minuscule budget is nowhere reflected in the conscientious production values. Visually imaginative, the jarring impact of Paul's visions and the concomitant kaleidoscopic cinematography produce a fresh and atmospherically tense work. The (possibly unintentional) ambiguity of the film's ending, engendered by the loosely-woven plot, also contributes to its capacity to unsettle the viewer. Writer/director Ian Powell's future projects are awaited with curiosity.
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