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Le Mans [DVD] [1971]
Format: DVD|Change
Price:£5.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on 4 December 2015
For die-hard fans only!
I was eager to watch this movie, it's quite a must-have for car-racing lovers and Steve McQueen fans.
What about me? I found it quite slow (funny to say that about such a movie, isn't it?) regarding the plot and the characters' interaction, but of course that's not the reason I purchased the movie for: the main, and maybe only reason to watch it (and even to own it) is its relevance as an evidence, and a loving memory, of a lost world of daring heroes and glamorous women, in the beautiful days of old when car-racing was still a gentlemens' sport, and not just the mad, robotic world it has become today.
I enjoyed it, therefore, especially regarding the extra section, with a long interview to Chad McQueen and other drivers and car managers of the old days, and to the film director and the crew, explaining all the technical details that make the movie so precious. Thank you Amazon, for making such a movie available and at a very low price. Five stars for me.
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on 22 May 2015
I was considering to buy this for quite a while as I had really good memories from the first time I saw the movie in my youth. I was certainly not disapointed. For someone that appreciates cars and racing machines, this is an absolute must. There are no tricks, only pure racing. The first part of the movie until the race starts is a crescendo of emotions and the rest of the race shows the atmosphere of Le Mans and what racing is all about.
The soundtrack is very good and of course the roaring of the "beasts" is somehting to hear really loud, preferably with the TV connected to the HI-FI... The engine sounds during regimes variations and gear shifting is something that one doesn't get tired of listening.
This is a movie from the 70's so one cannot expect advanced special effects, but the movie lives very well without today's hi-tech effects, in fact I believe it would loose part of its charm.
Just go for it...
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on 19 November 2015
Great period feel to the movie. I watched it years ago and this Blu-Ray version on a big TV is fantastic. With a soundbar or external speakers, the sounds are fantastic. I love the editing and flashback / rewind slo-mo effects. Admittedly the sub-plot is fairly thin, but it is a racing movie after all. However, the scenes away from the racing are well played and do add to the overall atmosphere.
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on 22 October 2017
A classic film, it was made well before my time. Picture and sound quality was crisp. I have seen the Great Escape, Bullitt and The Thomas Crown Affair, so I had to watch this. Watched it on the day I passed my driving test.
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on 12 December 2011
This is an impressively upgraded DVD edition of a cult classic originally released in this format several years ago. I was somewhat sceptical about the movie looking and sounding much better than the old disc, but the reasonable price here encouraged me to satisfy my curiosity and I was not disappointed.

Sound-wise, the throaty roar of the various Porsches and Ferraris sounds much more powerful (that dramatic moment when the drivers simultaneously start their engines will knock you backwards on the right set-up), while the picture quality seems to have much greater depth than before and the colours of such things as the motor racing attire look much more vibrant.

LE MANS has very little plot, of course, and the story such as it is centres around Steve McQueen's Michael Delaney returning to the famous 24-hour race a year after being involved in a serious accident which had killed a fellow driver, the widow of whom (played by Elga Andersen) has also returned to the circuit for reasons she cryptically describes as being "for myself". The film features several awkward scenes between the two characters as she and Delaney meet up around the venue, both hesitant to talk about the life-changing events of the previous year. Delaney, however, eventually gives some insight into what it means to be a racing driver by telling her that, outside the thrill of being on the track, everything else in life is "just waiting".

But it is the racing footage that counts with this movie, and it is here where LE MANS delivers in spades, with editorial tricks like jump cuts, slow-motion and flashbacks bringing added drama to the spectacular spin-outs and crashes. As a welcome bonus feature on this edition, Steve McQueen's son Chad introduces an informative documentary about the making of LE MANS, which also features contributions from director Lee H. Katzin, producer Burt Rosen and long-time McQueen associate Robert Relyea, each of whom reveal how a film like LE MANS could be made so effectively in the days before boring CGI techniques made it easy for actors and directors to cheat at everything; it amounts to a rather telling summation of how cinema has changed.

A timely commemoration of this visceral film's 40th anniversary, this revamped DVD of LE MANS is well worth a look.
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on 2 November 2012
Le mans is a terrific racing film. The shots of the cars speeding down the track is amazing, never would have been aloud today. The movie makes you feel like your actually watching it at the track. The driving is skillfull and the final lap is a very tense showdown. However, there isn't much content in speaking just some waste of time saying "would you like some coffee" but it is a race so you can't really do much of a story with lots of speaking. Though the outstanding shots of the Porsche and the Ferrari crashing is amazing. Le mans has allot of feeling and emotions which I think is very good and adds to the effect of what the drivers are feeling when they have crashed. Le mans is a great film for car mad people like me but not so much for McQueen fans because of the the little speaking. Overall Le mans is and excellent exciting movie, I highly recommend it.
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on 25 July 2009
I am not a petrol head nor an expert on motor racing and I don't like F1. But yes I like this movie, I quite like the cars, and I love the static shots of them thundering past. Of course you do not usually get this on sports film coverage as they direct all cameras to follow the action. Useful for seeing who's in what position I spose, but totally rubbish for giving you a sense of their speed or exhileration. What Le Mans does is give you a sense of both, which helps explain why spectators find it so addictive.

The sense of the noise is another factor it gets across, and to see so many spectators covering their ears up was something I wasn't really expecting. In fact it puts you so close to the real action that you get a sense of the smells as well, petrol, oil, hot metal, burning rubber, Channel No.5 and the odd hot dog (being France I shouldn't think garlic's too far away either). Add the sexy, classy looking crumpet hanging around the pits and it's all a heady mix.

A glamorous event indeed, and a thrilling one, and a dangerous one - it was then - and this is the vital cue the movie needs for its drama, it doesn't get much of it in but it's an effort to ensure the movie's not a simple filming of car race for petrol heads. It weaves the drama quite faultlessly into the movie, using the time outs for driver McQueen to have him and the widow of a recent victim of the course, trying to make what sense they can of why men take such risks. It's a movie of what was then a very macho world, but it is very constrained in its directing and acting, keeping the drivers looking like real racing drivers, quiet and focused on their job.

McQueen does a great job as the rather pensive star driver who's obviously been affected by the death of one of his competitors, and his own brush with mortality in the same accident. It all makes for a well made, well balanced sporting drama, although I'd have liked a tad more race footage myself, as this was filmed by movie specialsts, not sports cameramen, end the effect for this viewer was captivating. Lovely 1970s filmic cinematography.
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on 13 December 2012
After 41 years this is still one of the greatest car racing films ever and unlikely to be surpassed for sheer realism.

The Blu-ray has OK picture and fine sound but has been shabbily produced.

The problem lies in the DTS-HD MA audio.

Whilst fine during the film, there is no audio on the DTS-HD MA tracks during the main menu, when the mono or alternate language soundtracks are selected or trailer.

My BDP and AVR detect the presence of DTS-HD MA but there's no audio.

This was confirmed on the Region B UK Paramount and Region B Australian Umbrella Entertainment releases.

A real shame as we will never see a film like this again.
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on 9 February 2013
I watched this with my wife one Friday evening, both tired, and she made it to the end .... If you are into sport cars, like me, this is undoubtedly entertaining. Sure there is not much dialogue (most of it comes from the race presenter over the loudspeaker in the background!) and the mouth-shut attitude of everyone is a bit pushed to the limit, and unrealistic actually. The plot is basically not existing. However the movie delivers very well the feeling of the race and provides historical shots of cars and places that now have changed. Again, fully enjoyable if you like cars. For Porsche lovers, to be noted, the long tail models used here can be found at the Stuttgart Porsche museum.
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on 13 May 2014
Like all blu-rays when compared to watching the DVD version or an old video one watching this film is a clearer, more detailed experience and in many cases it's like looking at the film for the first time as the film stock used to transfer to Blu-Ray is usually "worked on" first to get as good a copy as possible. My taste in films may not be the same as yours so if you want to know about this film I suggest that you use the internet to find 2 or 3 reviews by experienced film reviewers and make your judgment whether or not to buy this film. If you want details of the quality of the blu-ray aswell as a review I suggest [...].I have watched over 640 films in my life and I rate this one 9/10.
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