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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 29 November 2008
This is a cartoon, but in case anyone looking at this is not sure what South Park is, I'll be helpful; it is a very adult cartoon, crudely drawn but vivid in its satire of mainly America, but also just people. It has a lot of crude action and language too, so if you're looking for kid's cartoons, go back to the search page.

This season of the show is arguably one of the best; the best laughs are had from the boys being boys.

For anyone who is new to more recent episodes, Butters and Cartman are a new kinetic force in the series, and produce some of the best material of late. Previous seasons gave us 'Casa Bonita' and 'Jared had Aides' as tasters. This season has 'Awesom-O', which ranks among the best episodes for non-political yet brilliant humour that milks the duo for everything they're worth. Other classics include 'The Passion of the Jew' which looks at the impact of Gibson's Passion movie as a potential cause of anti-Semitism (classic Kyle vs. Cartman), and 'Good Times with Weapons', the season opener, which is... well, it's a manga homage and again, it's a winner.

'The Jeffersons', 'Goobacks' (a clever immigration satire) and the um, P.Hilton episode with its hilarious ending featuring Mr Slave at his best, the no-politics 'Pre-School' (another great) and Cartman as a feux psychic in 'Cartman's Incredible Gift' all make this a great set.

South Park is, sadly, misunderstood; it takes free speech to non-violent extremes, agreed, but the guys have a lot of interesting things to say, and episodes like 'Up the Down Steroid' get incorrect labelling as making fun of people with disabilities. I say 'look again'; don't turn off as soon as something _appears_ to be crossing the line, because their humour often relies on open-mindedness, objectivity and patience. They are irreverant, and such people are necessary to test the strength of the things they criticise.
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A new dvd edition of season eight of the cult tv cartoon South Park. This is just the same as the previous version, just in slightly slimmer packaging with a different box cover.

All fourteen episodes of the season are here, spread over three discs.

Languages and subtitles are as follows:

Languages: English, German, Spanish.

Subtitles: English, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, German, Norwegian, Spanish, Swedish.

The only extras are a commentary on each episode from the two creators of the show. These can contain uncensored strong language but they're short - never more than five minutes in length - interesting, and often very funny, so they're well worth a listen.

Episodes are as follows:

'Good times with weapons.' Sees the boys buy ninja weapons and get into a lot of trouble as a result. This changes the animation to make them look like anime characters at certain points, which is something you may love or hate. But if you love it then you'll throughly enjoy it. The ending does reference something that was big in the news at the time the episode was made but probably won't be remembered by many now though.

'Up the down steroid,' has Cartman enter the special olympics in a bid to win gold. And Jimmy trying to do the same via taking steroids. There are some great moments of comedy here in a fun episode with a very satisfying pay off.

'The Passion of the Jew' has the boys sees the Mel Gibson movie and experience differing reactions. And find that the director is not a man to be messed with. Not an episode the creators of the show seem too keen on, but it is pretty clever and funny.

'You got F'd in the A' is a parody of modern dance movies as Stan is forced to get involved in a dance contest and Butters has to confront his past. Another one with some great moments and a memorable pay off.

'AWESOM-O' Has Cartman try and convince Butters he is a robot. But the joke goes badly wrong for Eric. The two are always a fertile paring for good comedy and a lot results in this because of that.

'The Jeffersons' has a man who acts a lot like Michael Jackson come to the town. Possibly another that is a product of it's time, but it dates very well.

'Goobacks' takes on the issue of immigration as people from the future come to the past looking for work and 'took orr jobs!'. A clever satire with a great ending.

'Douche and Turd' is bang on political satire as Stan finds the consequences of not voting in an election.

'Something Wall Mart this way comes' makes great points about how those who oopose megastores can't practice what they preach.

'Pre school' is a fun look at what the boys were like in their very early years. With some in jokes that will make Star Trek fans smile.

'Quest for ratings' has the boys running a news show and getting desperate for stories. An episode the commentary makes clear that had a bit of a tricky genesis, but it's pretty funny. And has film of cute animals in it as well.

'Stupid spoiled wh*re video playset' is a no holds barred and brilliant satire on Paris Hilton and her lifestyle.

'Cartman's incredible gift' sees him convinced he's clairvoyant and get roped into the hunt for a serial killer. Another with a slightly tricky origin, but still enough fun moments.

And 'woodland critter christmas' is the most incredibly twisted and brilliantly insane cute christmas animal show you will ever see.

A great end to a strong season.
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on 3 November 2008
A strong contender for the best ever season of South Park. Almost every episode is very good, with the vast majority being fantastic. I think there are more 'classic' episodes on season 8 than on any other.

Simply awesome. Simply buy it!
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on 2 May 2012
fan of south park since the 1st season, i could not resist to buy them on DVD.
Despite what people say it's a very clever show. I think you can't watch south park in different level. If I have to summarise, one level is the simplistic gags and vusua.
The other level is what are the point of view of the creator of the serie about a given subject or their view in life.

South Park with Futurama are my two favorite american's cartoon TV. If you look back from season 1, the graphics/animation are still OK and compare to the most recent seasons but you can't help to notice an improvement.
Also I have to say there are some very catchy music which in my point of view are better than some pop music of today.

If you like to see better show than Family guy (personal point of view). Just go for it, you won't regret it.
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on 14 May 2011
Another very amusing set of episodes and great to see Kenny back dying again! This season only had 14 episodes rather than the normal 15. Some really great episodes making fun of things that need to be made fun of. Made me laugh!
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on 17 June 2015
Because I was a bit disappointed with seasons 6 and 7, I only rented season 8 from Amazon LoveFilm - big mistake ! - it was so good I will ultimately have to buy it !
As an antidote for Political Correctness it pushes-out the boundaries even further - usually OK in-context, very clever, and very funny !
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on 20 December 2012
Slowly working my way through the entire set of south park DVD's by having the latest and one oldie each Christmas. Thoroughly enjoy this gift choice each year and no probs knowing what to buy me as it will always be South Park
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on 30 December 2010
I am not sure what these guys are taking, but they certainly get stranger and further out with every season. The actual standard of presentation has improved. If you are easily offended, then you should not be watching.
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on 4 October 2011
my son and my self loved to watch south park they are so funny got southpark for my son birthday and he loves them
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on 23 July 2009
brought for my son and has kept him laughting and entertained for hours. Loved this item. Fast and prompt delivery.
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