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4.9 out of 5 stars
4.9 out of 5 stars
Format: DVD|Change
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on 26 April 2017
S'ok season six is where it starts to really shine i think.
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on 16 August 2007
I was waiting for this dvd for ages and in the end imported the US version. But for all you who don't own this series must buy it when its released over here. South Park just gets more hilarious as the series go on and this series continues the fantastic comedy and will not dissapoint. Episodes such as Scott Tenorman Must Die and Cartmanland are side splitters. A must own for any South Park fan! I Have imported up to Series 8 and trust me they just get better and better.
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VINE VOICEon 19 August 2007
'Pee Learce' already called it, but I'm calling it again! "South Park: Series 5" is definitely a must-have for any fan of the long-running satirical animation. Ordinarily I don't write reviews for TV series, but here I'm compeelled to 1) express my joy at the long-awaited release and 2) tell others to buy it because its so damn great.

The easily-offended need not apply, as this fifth season proves to be one of the show's most joyously offensive and darkly humoured. Beginning with "Scott Tenorman Must Die", one of the show's most famous, and most-loved, episodes. One of the most shockingly, and guiltily, funny episodes of the show ever. Then there's the infamous "It Hits The Fan", a mocking episode in which a certain word is repeated uncensored 162 times in total. Then there's the tongue-in-cheek "Cripple Fight", followed by scientology/David Blaine spoof "Super Best Friends", followed by change-in-style "Terrence & Phillip: Behind the Blow" installment, and then one of my personal favourites in the hernia-inducingly funny "Cartmanland".

From there, "South Park: Series 5" only pushes the limit on offensiveness and in-your-face satire. The crude and brilliant "Proper Condom Use", the iffy "Towelie" is the weakest episode of the bunch, "Osama Bin Laden Has Farty Pants" is a hilarious spoof of the old Bugs Bunny vs Elmer Fudd 'tunes', "How to Eat with Your Butt" isn't particularly brilliant in its methods but gets you laughing easily, "The Entity" is a trend-setter in the series where Cartman fully transcends into the hateful, idiotic racist we know today, "Here Comes the Neighborhood" isn't one of the series' best but does alright, and "Kenny Dies" sees Kenny leave the show completely -- if only until the end of season 6.

Closing with what is perhaps the series' best episode, "Butters' Very Own Episode", "South Park: Series 5" is a delightful and unashamedly in-your-face-and-offensive series of what, in my opinion, has been television's best animated series since at least 1999. Like the previous reviewer said, "South Park" gets better as it goes along, and adding what is one of the show's best series ever to your collection is highly recommended.

An utterly brilliant and wholly superb animation that deserves more recognition than a bi-monthly rant from 'The Sun' about how it is 'sick'.
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The fifth season of cult tv cartoon South Park is presented complete here in one box set, spread across three dvds. This is a reissue of the set, but the only difference between it and previous versions is that the packaging is smaller. All the content - and picture quality is the same as before.

Languages and subtitles are as follows:

Languages: English German Spanish.

Subtitles: English Danish Dutch Finnish German Norwegian Spanish Swedish.

The only extras are short commentaries on each episode from the two creators of the show. These are well worth a listen because they never go on longer than five minutes and they're funny and articulate and interesting to listen to. Although there is the occasional bit of uncensored strong language in these.

Episodes are as follows:

It hits the fan: A cop show is about to use a certain swear word uncensored. But as a result people discover why they used to be called curse words. This episode uses one of them five hundred times. And keeps an onscreen counter of how many times it does that. It's a very clever and funny look at how we regard strong language.

Cripple fight: The boys fight for gay rights when their scoutmaster is banned for being gay. And Wheelchair bound Timmy gets jealous of Paraplegic Jimmy. The fight scene to end all fight scenes results.

Super best friends: Satires scientology with David Blaine setting up his own cult. And Stan turning to Jesus for help fighting back. Along with the latter's special friends. This episode does do things in the satire of old 70's superhero cartoon super friends, which many may not be familiar with, but that shouldn't stop you enjoying it. And do listen to the commentary as it points out something about a certain image in the episode...

Scott Tenorman must die sees Cartman out for revenge on another kid who tricked him. A very black comedy with a very memorable ending.

Terrance and Philip behind the blow sees the boys try to reunite their feuding comedy heroes. Or else the people running an earth day festival will be very annoyed. The second storyline is okay but the first is great.

Cartmanland sticks to one storyline as Cartman gains a lot of monay and Kyle reacts badly to it. Cartman's plans for what to do with lead to escalating complications.

Proper condom use sees sex education lessons at school lead to a battle of the sexes. Literally.

Towlee introduces Towlee. The most pointless new character ever. Which is the joke. And a great one. As the boys get caught up in a battle for his existence. And don't care about it.

Osama Bin Laden has farty pants was made right after sept 11th 2001 and is the show's unique and ultimately quite touching response to it.

How to eat with your butt sees Cartman play a joke that has unintended consequences for him.

The entity sees Mr Garrison develop a new form of transport and fall foul of airlines as a result. A slightly dated episode as it's a reaction to heightened security post sept 11th but the secondary plot, which has Kyle having to put up with his nerdy cousin Kyle, has some great moments.

Here comes the neighbourhood sees Token feel left out because his family are richer than everyone else. Whilst black celebrities move to town. And folks try to drive them out. For reasons that they say are definitely not racist. Another where the commentary is required listening.

Kenny dies sees Kenny dying. And Cartman fighting for stem cell research. This has some great parodies of certain movie cliches.

Butters very own episode gives Butters a chance to take centre stage as his parents problems lead to them trying to cover something up. An episode that takes a well deserved swipe at certain people who got away with certain things.

So whilst the topical aspects of some episodes are now rather dated, it's still a strong season and worth five stars.
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on 11 March 2008
I've been a South Park fan since its inception and this series is just as funny as all the rest. I chilled out having a drink when watching "The Entity", once I saw the contraption Mr Garrison had invented I laughed very hard indeed. Unfortunately I had not had time to swallow my current mouthful. After my sides had stopped hurting I was able to clear the mess.

"Scott Tennerman must Die" was genius, as was "Proper Condom Use". The only episode that wasn't that funny was "Here Comes the Neighbourhood"
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on 2 October 2015
Its was good, its the last disc was unreadable therefore i can only review 2/3 discs but i was good though, a must have for South Park Fans!
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on 1 September 2014
Brilliant DVDs and cheap with not a scratch amongst any of them. I bought 50 ish DVDs all in good working order
Brill movie must watch
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on 19 May 2014
Great service would definitely recommend came when they said it would great product would definitely use them again for next order!
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on 26 July 2013
Season 5 is hilarious!
It contains all 14 episodes from the fifth season, and I highly recommend it to all south park fans!
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on 3 January 2017
Bought this for my son, as he loves South Park
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