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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
Format: DVD|Change
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on 19 April 2017
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on 3 October 2009
Some people buy abdominal cruncher machines, some people buy books:'How to get the perfect abs', some people do thousands of crunches a day whilst some leotard clad humanoid screams instructions from the TV. I like to develop my six pack by watching South Park and laughing my rear end off. Seriously, I watched three episodes in a row of season 4 and could hardly move the next morning as my stomach muscles ached so much from the hysterics of the night before. This season simply contains gem after gem, there isn't a bad episode among them.
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on 26 January 2013
South Park Season 4 take comedy to a completely new level. This hilarious DVD boxset contains 17 outstanding episodes. One of my favourite seasons of south park and a must buy for any fans of the series.
The tooth fairy's tats 2000. (10/10)
Cartman's silly hate crime 2000 (10/10)
Timmy 2000 (9/10)
Quintuplets 2000 (8/10)
Cartman Joins NAMBLA (9/10)
Cherokee Hair Tampons (8/10
Chef goes nanners (8/10)
Something you can do with your finger (8.5/10)
Do the handicapped go to hell? (10/10)
Probably (10/10)
4th grade (9/10)
Trapper keeper (10/10)
Helen Keller the musical (7/10)
Pip (6/10)
Fat Camp (8/10)
The wacky molestation adventure (9/10)
A very crappy christmas (8/10)

You may think I'm exaggerating on the quality of the episodes due to the ratings I've given them but trust me, I haven't. This season is south park at it's brilliant best and in my opinion it outshines some of the newer seasons quite a lot. Whether you're currently a south park fan or you're new to the show, definitely pick this season up asap you will not regret it at all, trust me.

However nothing is perfect, not even this. The pip episode alone simply weighs this season down a little bit. It is based on the novel 'great expectations' by Charles Dickens, and as you fans should know pip is one of the class punching bags in the show. He is constantly teased (particularly by Cartman) for being a Brit, and a nerd. Pip is the main character in great expectations and I found this one episode quite boring as Pip is the only character from south park featured in this episode. Although this season is perfect for me excluding this one episode of course.
So finally, as I said before check this season out it is well worth the money whether you find it cheap or seemingly expensive. A great edition to add to or start a collection. I'm going a bit off subject here but even the box cover looks pretty appealing to me. The front shows the boys in their fingerbang boy band outfits and the back is from tooth fairy's tats 2000 with the boys in their posh clothes after they make big buck from a tooth trade. Hope this review is helpful for those considering a new season to buy:D
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on 30 December 2010
If you plan to buy one series of south park this would be the one I recommend. It pushes the boundary of what it is possible to use in a comedy. Creating a piece of comedy genius which is both politically relevant and completely ridiculous in parts. If you want to see Eric Cartman dressed as the tooth fairy or see what happens when the gang have the whole town to themselves This is the DVD boxset for you.
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on 27 February 2013
South Park, how I wronged you. I loved the first couple of series and then I watched the movie and thought you'd never beat it. So I turned my back on you and now, only just now, do I see I was wrong. Parker, Stone, forgive me. I spent so long thinking you'd never find a way to be as cutting and as dark as you did on the big screen. Boy, was I mistaken! South Park is something to be cherished, laughed at and, at times, look away from and gasp. This is comedy doing what it does best. Shooting for the biggest targets and never once trying to deny its intentions. Important, hiliarious and down right dirty. South Park is one of a kind!
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on 17 September 2011
excellent south park before i got bored of it. only one episode of that annoying poo creature and all the rest were laugh ones backside of funny. from ms choksondik to timmy possibly the best alternative singer ever, i was tardy for church because of that episode its great set aside an evening and enjoy.
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A new dvd edition of the fourth season of cult cartoon South Park. This has all seventeen episodes of the season spread over three discs.

It's exactly the same as the previous editions of this season. The only difference is the packaging which is now more compact.

The dvd has the following language and subtitle options:

Languages: English, German, Spanish.

Subtitles: English, Danish, Norwegian, Dutch, Finnish, German, Spanish, Swedish.

The only extras are a short commentary on each episode from the two creators of the show. These commentaries don't run longer than five minutes maximum. But they're well worth a listen, being very funny and very eloquent and interesting. Although some may wish to be aware that they contain uncensored strong language.

As to the quality of the episodes here: the show became an instant hit in it's first year thanks to sheer novelty and shock value. But once that wore off in year two the quality of the writing rather lost it's way. However, once the writers slowly found what they could do with the show, it slowly picked up. And this season marks another stage of the steady improvement that followed year two. Whilst some of the episodes have ideas that don't quite work out, and some are stronger than others, there are very good moments indeed in thi year. Watch out for a two parter that does act as a sequel to the movie. And the episode 'Pip' which retells the story of Great Expectations. But adds Robot Monkeys into the final scene. The four main characters don't actually appear in this one, but if you can get past that and you know the novel, then it's great fun.

The christmas special 'a very crappy christmas' amusingly parodies the original short film that led to the first series of the show.

The opening episode introduces new character Timmy. A handicapped boy who says nothing other than his own name. A character who was an instant hit, and gets some great moments throughout the year.

A season that now comes over as being stronger than it did at the time, and has enough great moments to make it worth getting.
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on 4 August 2011
I have all 13 seasons of south park and can watch them again and again. They are so funny and true but not suitable for overly sensitive, easily offended or narrow minded people
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on 23 April 2012
Very good, funniest show on television, hilarius jokes, great entertainment, it absolutely kicks american aas like never before, good use of the bad language
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on 3 January 2013
These re- packs are excellent value for the money. When trying to gain a collection of a box set it becomes very expensive but this makes it far more affordable and the quality is good.
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