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on 16 July 2015
I find this review difficult to write. I've read the Pryce family series by Nadia Lee and enjoyed them but felt uneasy with the way the central characters treat the love interest. In this story I hated Alex then he redeemed himself but by the end of the story I didn't like any of the characters. Natalie is treated badly by everyone and her family history is used as a weapon by someone who should love her and she forgives this! I liked the style of the story and the story itself but I didn't like the characters at all. I'm hoping they grow on me but it's unlikely.
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on 27 April 2017
It wasn't a bad read but I've read better. Just trying out this author will give another chance but if I don't like it any better than this one won't go there again.
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on 3 April 2016
I really enjoyed this book the story line is interesting and has a few twists and turns. It is interesting as there are two story line the love affair between boss and assistant and her relationship.with her family very intriguing.
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on 18 April 2017
Not for me - poor imitation of 50'shades
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on 24 May 2017
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on 7 October 2015
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on 9 April 2014
This book was reviewed for Kelly's Kindle Konfessions.

This book is about revenge. Alex wants revenge on the people that he holds responsible for his family life being torn apart. He decides the best way to get the revenge he desires is to seduce the daughter of his enemy. Unknown to Natalie, she meets the successful CEO of her company in a last minute meeting, that seems to change her whole world.

A dinner meeting between Alex and Natalie soon turns into a different sort of dinner, one were Alex bets and Natalie takes the bet, starting them off on the course they are heading for. “Come on, you feel it. There’s a lot of chemistry going on here.” “I’m not a teenager anymore. I don’t let my hormones make my decisions for me.” “Wanna bet?”

Natalie gets a promotion at work, but all is not as it seems, Alex and Ethan her boss seem to ulterior motives for this promotion. Alex tries to get to know Natalie on a more personal level, especially as she lost the bet and has to spend time with him, but she won’t let her guard gown when it comes to her family. Natalie has a strained relationship with her family, although no one outside of the family know this. Natalie is very good at playing the role of the daughter who does no wrong.

After having a couple of their dates/get together interrupted by Natalie’s family, Alex decides enough is enough and whisks her away to his cabin. Things soon heat up and they spare no time getting to know each other physically. Natalie is shocked by how Alex seems to break down her barriers, she isn’t so guarded around him. “Alex had been the only one to make her feel truly desirable. Wanted.”

While Alex is away on a business trip, Natalie is approached by Emily her godmother about helping her to keep her company, Natalie is to loyal to the company she works for to do that, she won’t be unprofessional or do something morally wrong. Natalie has feelings for Alex, but when she receives a gift off him while he’s away she assumes he is like her family and will just try and buy her off with nice things. Returning, Alex is shocked by Natalie’s welcome. Once she explains that she won’t be bought with jewellery he gives her the other present he picked. “That was all I wanted. I wanted you to give me time, not money.” This seems to be the shift in the relationship between them. Alex can’t stop himself when he opens up and says, “I missed you.”

More twists come into the story, we have more interfering family members, problems at work for Natalie and in the end a broken heart for her. Natalie’s world seems to have shifted to a place she doesn’t know anymore and isn’t really sure what she should do now. “Im moving. Someplace far away from here.” “You can’t go.” “Oh, I can’t? Just watch me. I don’t have a job or a family. The people I thought were my friends here were only out to use me. The man I thought I was in love with, doesn’t trust me.”

The epilogue tied the story up very nicely, did they get the happy ending they deserved? Did the family finally keep out of her life? You will have to read it to find out. This book, had many twists in the story, some unpredictable. Completely worth the read, and as the first book in a series, I look forward to reading the rest of the books. Well done Nadia Lee on writing this amazing book.
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on 27 May 2014
I was pleasantly surprised by this book! I loved the story line and the characters for that matter the only reason it didn't get five stars is because I thought the sex scenes were a little vague,you know lacking in detail some what.. At least compared to authors like slyvia day,Beth Kerry and Portia da costa.. Either way I thoroughly enjoyed it!!! Defo worth reading indeed!!!
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on 2 March 2014
This book was a great read and I would highly recommend it to others.who like romance and enjoy a light read
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on 5 March 2014
Though I enjoy category romances, there is a tendency for authors of these books to fall back on tired formulas and stock characters. Read a couple of them in a row, and you start mixing up the alpha-male heroes and exotic locals. Nadia Lee's VENGEFUL IN LOVE stands out by taking some risks with plotting and offering a non-mainstream protagonist.

Natalie Hall is beautiful, bright and accomplished--standard romantic heroine--only she's also the Asian adopted daughter of a United States senator. She's a study in contrasts. Natalie is successful, but she's not overly ambitious. She comes from money, and yet she's unpretentious. Most tellingly, she's the shining star of her family AND the black sheep who was never truly accepted by her adoptive mother and sister.

Alex Damon isn't quite as unique a character as Natalie, but his back story has a nice kink. His father built a lucrative company and then lost it all thanks to a conniving mistress and a greedy wife. Alex has since grown up and created his own high-tech empire, but his childhood loss consumes him. He wants revenge. Natalie, the god-daughter of the mistress, is to be his weapon.

Of course, it all goes sideways when Alex falls for Natalie. Further complications arise when she's implicated in a case of corporate espionage. Alex doesn't want to believe she'd betray him, but he can't quiet trust her either. Meanwhile, Natalie is in the throws of her own conflict--how to break free from the only family she knows, even though being around them makes her feel worthless.

Nadia Lee adds some wonderful twists to her plot. It's difficult to predict from which direction the next blow will fall on our couple. And the identity of the real corporate spy came as a surprise. None of Nadia's characters is straight forward. They are flawed in fabulously genuine ways. Even the minor ones are given weight in the narrative.

My problem with this book, and the reason I didn't give it five stars, is that the intricate plotting collapses right before the finish line. After building great conflict and tearing our couple apart, the resolution comes too quickly and the loose ends are tied up too neatly. Alex should have had to work harder to earn Natalie's forgiveness. And the epilogue made the resolution seem even more rushed and artificial.

I enjoyed the book, but the ending let me down.
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