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Customer Reviews

3.9 out of 5 stars
3.9 out of 5 stars
Platform: Xbox 360|Change
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on 17 September 2011
Bought this game on release day after seeing a couple of reviews via youtube which pursuaded me to get it. Its not a mass survival horror zombie game which many know the 1st trailer for the game had you believeing so and then you have electrical machete's which made you think over the top Dead Rising, BUT! thankfully its not!
There were reviews saying that a horde of zombies was 10 or so and was so small compared to others like Left 4 Dead and Dead Rising, this is obviously is intentional because you try taking on 10 odd zombies at once and you will be killed fairly quickly.
The game starts at a slower pace and you will often find just 1 or 2 zombies together and are fairly easy to deal with but as you progress you will find larger groups especially in the city when what seems like an endless wave of zombies just keep coming which brings you to the decision to stay and fight or just run! which i've found out has come in handy at keeping me alive sometimes! Nothing more exciting than running away from zombies on bearly no healh and sprinting for the nearest building with a door to slam on them!

There are a few bugs( many fixed with recent xbox patch) Melee combat gets a little odd when zombies are right ontop of you as the hit detection sometimes seems a little useless but rarely happens, kicking and the different weapons all handle well and are more or less powerfull in the different character hands. Guns can seem fairly weak but if you aim for the head you will find they are really effective especially against the human enemys.

Very pretty! The water and lighting effects are some of the best i've seen(especially the water). The weather changes per sections of the map instead of a rotation which is a little draw back but the world looks stunning overall, There are some graphical bugs and textures are slow at loading in at places but i found by installing game to hardrive that alot of the graphical problems either disapeared or just happend less often.
Blood effect is quite realistic and to detail, like how the blood flows on the ground or the spray patterns on the wall and the blood which accumaltes on your weapons after use.

Ambient/background sounds are brilliant and working really well and placing you in the location you are be it the resort/junlge or city. Weapons and impact sounds are also really well done.

Overall the game is outstanding and i've not had this much fun in awhile, from pacing your hits to take on multiple enemys or running and jump kicking a zombie down. The different zombies really add to the gameplay and make you re-think your strategy. The different characters with perks/furys really add to replay ability and will create for a long lasting game along with the many different weapons/upgrades and add ons.

For me this is the best zombie game i have played and it may not be scary/horror zombie gameplay but it sure is fun and at times can keep you on the edge of your seat. A few miner bugs but an absolute must buy for any zombie/survival fan and the online co-op is excellent not had a single connection problem to date.
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on 12 September 2011
Ill start by saying that the game has many flaws of which stop it technically from being a 5 start game. But, this is very deceptive, the game itself, the experience is nothing short of top grade fro which i give it 5/5 stars for fun. This is really Far Cry 2 with zombies, a beautiful blend of free roam survival, with, a genuine fear factor in the zombies which is something ive never experienced before in a video game.

The game fails to live up to its now infamous trailer, withe the family. The games big weakness is that of story, this is something that usually for me brings an experience right down. But, its not that simple in this game, the game is a survival game where the story is wishy washy with no real wow factor, but, as i just said, the key word in this game is SURVIVAL. This is not dead rising humor where zombies are to be honest at time, rather hilarious, this is not left 4 dead 2 which is just a bit of fun, this is a game which is about the core experience of of surviving and using whatever means necessary to to survive, ie, kill a zombie with a boat paddle. As you progress through the game you get a more destructive arsenal of weaponry, some you get to create. The weapons are truly awesome to use, most of which is based around melee combat, though, there are guns in the game. The game controls are suitably heavy, and realistic, unlike left 4 dead 2 where you felt like you were some kind of terminator. Through my experience with the game, i felt suitably under powered yet not so much so that it becomes annoying.

Graphically, the game has glitches. Overall, the game is very beautiful, and the locations are at times stunning. Figure models are good but nothing to write home about, by environments and zombie animations, weapon animations etc are truly great. The only flaw really is that after load times (which arent that many as most of the game is seamless with transitions from outdoor to indoor) the graphics take much longer to load than they should, textures taking a while to kick in making it look like an early ps2 game texture wise till it loads. Now, sound, this is one of the bi successes of the game, its brilliant. No annoying music as in overused, and the zombies always make there presence known each class with there own call. It is awesomely tense when you know what awaits round the corner. It is worth pointing out that in this game, unlike so many in its class, the zombie classes are ridiculous in nature, bigger more powerful zombies are very tough and powerful, but, you dont feel so powerful you want to slam your controller on the floor. The balance, mostly, is very good.

This is a must buy for anyone who remotely likes horror or zombie fests. I nearly missed out on this game due to reviews id seen published beforehand, i agree with many of them, but, as i said at the beginning, its really not that simple. It has glitches which just technically take it down a notch, but, the experience is simply brilliant.
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on 21 September 2011
I wont go on about the story and mechanics of the game as many people below me have already done that.

Bottom Line

This game is pure fun, and very addictive you always just want to do that last -close by- mission, which then leads to another mission. Ive racked up a lot of hours on this, and still only 14% progress on the actual story, because Ive been doing lots of side missions. The combat is fun, especially when u get a strong weapon and as a zombie runs towards you u hit him in one smash and his head blows up, as his body continues on running!! The graphics are good, the scenery does remind you of being on holiday, but it has a very eerie feeling. The sound is spot on its a very quiet game and the mons of a distant zombie is soon the soundtrack to the game!. The weapon upgrades and skills are well done and you start looking after your modified weapon a little more, stratgey plays well here.
Not the scariest of games out there, a few times a zombie has caught me unawares and made me jump but nothing that is dreadfully scary. The story line could be out of a b-movie not great but believable in a zombie apocalypse world. Now the BUGS!! well to be honest i was worried when i got this because of the bad press, but honestly trust me its all over inflated garbage... Theres nothing ive had thats broken this game for me AT ALL! yes ive had a car stuck on an object and ONE weapon i lost when thrown and my fast travel destinations disappeared (nothing a quick reload didnt fix) seriously theres nothing ive had thats stopped me having fun!! Ive absolutely NOT had a save game crash or delete!! and this is on XBOX let me remind you...

If you like zombie films and games like condemned and far cry with an slight RPG element you will love this as i have!!!

-lots to do= side missions, main plot missions very addictive cant put it down
-Audio and visuals very immersive and eerie, some how they have made a vacation island quite eerie!
-Weapons upgrades and character skills are nicely done and nothing over complicated
-Combat is fun and quite rewarding when u get that head smash in your first hit!
-One of the best games of the year

-Few MINOR bugs do exist (getting stuck on objects, or the odd lost weapon) nothing game breaking!
-Car controls could of been better (no look back or handbrake)
-Items and objects do reappear which in a way takes away the survival feeling but, it in turn does make the game more fun and bearable.
-hard to get a head shot when throwing weapons with the auto aim taking over.

DEFINITE 5 star game dont believe the BS!
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on 31 October 2011
Okay, I've started this game twice now. The first time (40 hours or so), about 83% complete, I was with some voodoo priest called Ope and faced off against a thug, a butcher, a few walkers and a few infected. Now if it was left up to me, I'm sure I could have battled through this, but the idiot Ope ran in and kept getting himself killed, therefore 'mission failed'...start again, in the same place, with your already battle damaged weapons (and NOWHERE to find either the money OR a nearby workbench to fix them). Basically trying to attack Level 35 zombies with blunt, broken weapons.
Nearly sold it on ebay after that.
Gave it a second go (about 50 hours), took my time this time, spent hours levelling up, making sure all weapons I was carrying were Orange, upgraded as much as possible, and all MOD upgraded, as well as carrying the developers' 'secret weapons', loads of Deo-bombs, molotovs and large medi-kits. Now, I thought I was ready to go with that cabbage Ope and face his dead tribe. Only thing was, after getting off the boat I went into Jin's storage (a girl who can carry your stuff as your weapon inventory can be quite limited even if you upgrade extra pockets) and the game crashed. Turned off the XBOX, tried re-starting it and the loading screen just froze after the music died down. Roughly 82% through the game, leveled up to 42 and all gone again.
So there you have it... 90+ hours down the drain. It feels like this game was rushed through the final production and development stages and didn't even go through quality control. If Techland / Deepsilver have 'game testers'...FIRE THEM, the game is riddled with glitches. Either you get stuck on invisible terrain, you drop a weapon ...moments latter it vanishes, or is left floating in the air, save points are very rarely where you saved, (that's another thing, you can only save when the game decides that you can, with a ridiculous 'autosave' feature). I've had the XBOX (an Elite, so its not an old one) slow down when the oncoming zombie horde grows to more than 10. While swinging a melee weapon they can sometimes pass through a zombie causing no damage, in game survivors all look suspiciously alike, (depending on wether male or female), losing stupid amounts of money when you're killed (about 10%, so if you have $40 you will lose $4 or if you have $40,000 you will lose $4000), jerky movement in some situations to the zombies, overly repetative gameplay - bash something, pick something up, drive somewhere, talk to someone, bash something, pick something up, bash something, drive somewhere, talk to someone, pick something up, bash something, pick something up, bash something, pick something up, drive somehwere, talk to someone, bash something, pick something up... you get the idea. Or if you get a gun, ammo is not only limited but pretty useless and has little effect to not only zombies but also the human enemies, who sometimes can absorb more damage than a zombie!?
This time it IS going on Ebay!
If you've not bought it yet, it does seem to be a popular game so chances are there may be a Dead Island 2 so I'd wait for that, (maybe next time the developers will get it right), wait a few months and get it for less than a tenner second hand, or keep checking ebay, who might get my copy!!
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on 27 February 2014
Was taking a risk when I bought this game as I pretty much hate all other zombie games out there (Dead rising could have been so much better imo) but was very happy to find I not only loved this game but became very addicted to just going around looking for better weapons and items. The story is a great length with some sad tales of desperation leaving you immersed in the fact that the world is in apocolyse state. theres also plenty of side missions to get your teeth around and these can be very challeging and enjoyable. The Zombies can be terrifying (Ram :O) and have you running scared at times but put the hours in and you'll be a zombie killing king with the best weapons for smashing skulls and leaving the island alive, Overall great experience and the First zombie game I have fell in love with.
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on 26 September 2011
Ok so, you've read the Dead Island Reviews online and don't know whether it's actually any good or not. Well here's the honest review.

I do have to add, that all the negative reviews I have read about this game seem to be people who've never played a F.P.S.R.P.G. before. You'll see complaints such as:

"All the quests are fetch this or escort that blah blah whinge whine!". = It's like these people have never played Borderlands before! I actually think the quests are about as varied as it's possible for an RPG to be! How else are they supposed to give you a quest and reward you with xp?!

"My weapon runs out to quickly!" - Yes this is a Zombie survival game! Weapons are durable! You have to use them wisely! Additionally, this isn't even true of certain weapons; I can use my main axe at the moment to kill about 100 zombies before it needs repairing! Thats one weapon and you can hold up to 10(or in that ball park)!

I just read a review here on Amazon where someone complained that his weapons run out when he's out in the field away from a work bench! I'm sorry doesn't that sound just a little bit like REAL LIFE YOU MUPPET!! They are supposed to be trying to make you feel like part of the outbreak and put you in that situation! Besides, if you're miles from a workbench and out in the field then perhaps you could use a non stamina/weapon durability draining attack?!

"Zombies and Items respawn after a time!" - Errr yeah, what part of R.P.G. don't you understand, this is standard! You don't have to re-loot that box! Are you seriously suggesting that once a crate is opened and looted that it's empty for the rest of the game?! You'd then be moaning that you can't find items for mods!

"It randomly respawns me miles away from where I was when I die!" - Again, standard practice! You wouldn't want to respawn directly in the middle of the zombie mob you were just in the middle of would you?! Additionally, it's not actually that far away!

"There are very few guns!" - This is not C.O.D. there is already a C.O.D. Zombies game!!! For christs sake, people will start saying "This isn't C.O.D. 2 Stars" Ridiculous!

The BAD/WEAK Bits.
There are some minor glitches with combat and quests that really should have been stomped out at the testing stage. Simple things like zombies behind doors being able to hit you if you get too close to the door. Or every so often when you swing your weapon the swing "animation" doesn't initiate and it looks like you haven't swung your axe/bat/mace etc at all, the hit still registers, but it can be distracting/off-putting to your rhythm.

The graphics aren't very polished either (Chrome Engine!!!!), but to me, this is a good thing, it adds to the "B-Movie" feel of the whole game.

The voice acting can be mildly hilarious at times as well, but again, I think this adds to the whole experience and is actually not a major concern.

This is the only game I've ever known that can make daylight scary! Most games rely on things suddenly going pitch black and other stuff jumping out at you. Dead Island is different (although there are pitch black scary sections), the combination of noise, and atmosphere is electric. You never feel safe.

There are a huge array of weapons and mods to weapons, it's genuinely good fun upgrading and customising.

With the weapon system set to Analogue I had an absolute blast smashing and cracking and breaking zombie legs and heads!

This game is huge! The potential for replay is quite massive too what with 4 different characters and each has their own set of skill trees etc!

I would strongly recommend this game to anyone. Whilst it's not as polished as it could or should be. There is great fun to be had. Don't believe everything you read online in the reviews. I think people had a stupidly high expectation of it after THAT trailer came out and were disappointed it wasn't some Deus Ex HR/G.O.W. 3 Uber Polish 9000. It's a cracking game. If you enjoyed Borderlands then you'll enjoy this. I'm going to be playing it over and over. Go and buy it, level up a few times, get hooked. You won't regret it.
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on 16 January 2015
Simply couldn't get on with this game. Maybe I want playing it right, but halfway through the game, there were so many sodding zombies I simply could not continue. So got frustrated and got out another. It was cheap and worth a go, but there are so much better out there.
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on 16 May 2012
Don't get me wrong. I liked the game enough to continue playing it and finish the SP, but it's not one I'm likely to replay again.

The gameplay and visuals are fun but the missions become too repetitive, too quickly. Also, in common with many other 'rpg's' the missions are sometimes a little nonsensical. I mean, in the situation of a zombie invasion, why on Earth would I risk my life to rescue a teddy bear for a grown woman?

The main quest line is fine, although in the city I gritted my teeth and sighed every time the story directed me to go back into the sewers to get anywhere.

The most annoying aspect of the single player campaign is the fact that, at certain cut-scenes, the other playable characters suddenly appear from nowhere to join in the conversations. I mean, it is supposed to be the SP campaign for a reason, right? These other characters never show up to help you in the main gameplay, just the cut-scenes. And boy! Is the token black gangsta character annoying! It's just jarring and makes no sense that they are there. In multiplayer, yes, but not the SP campaign.

As with all such games, the multiplayer is probably the more enjoyable aspect. Get a bunch of your mates together and just go nuts on the zombies. Except as noted above, the SP is fine, just repetitive for the most part.

A lot of the time you can simply run past most of the zombies and ignore them. The deformed, bloated ones that explode are easily gotten rid of using this technique. Run past, which triggers the explosion mechanic, and by the time they do pop, you are well clear of the danger zone. Carry a couple of guns around (when you get them) but also make sure you have a couple of knives/clubs etc. and a couple more in your inventory.

All in all, a nice game, but no lasting appeal. Certainly not the horror-survival game I was hoping for. Oh well, back to looking!
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on 12 September 2011
Why, you might ask, would I title a review in such a way? Well, simply put, this is a good game, but does not fall into one category or another, and therefore, to my mind is not 'great'. For example, there are smatterings of other game genres in here apart from the simple zombie apocalypse which most people will expect. There is an element of Fallout style gameplay, side scenarios, much searching through places to find equipment, creating your own weapons from rags, lighter fuel and a dead frog (i jest), as well as the storyline driven escapades that your character goes on. However, it is not as good as Fallout or Oblivion or other games of that genre. It is part survival horror too, with some trouser browningly tense moments as you work your way through some elements of the game (see the car park for details), but because the threat is very 'samey' there is never the same level of skid mark enducing moments as the likes of Resident Evil or Condemned for example. Its also got co-op, which is fun, unless someone just wanders into your game and acts like a prat, which is annoying, and unfortunately, without stopping your game, very hard to stop. However, unlike Left 4 Dead, the co-op seems to have been something bolted on to the game, it being more of a game you can play with 4 different characters, then focussed on co-op play as a major facet. Hence I give the game 8 out of 10 for all of those areas, whereas there are games I have mentioned in there that are 10 out of 10 in their niche.

There are a few little glitches that I am sure someone will create some DLC for shortly such as getting lodged in certain locations, missions unable to be finished as the person doesn't recognise you have done the task... all the usual stuff. However, this hasn't stopped me thoroughly enjoying playing the game, and disappearing for a whole weekend to do so much to the chagrin of the Mrs. Some of the combat can be really hard work, sometimes the odds seem madly over the top, but it certainly gets your thumbs moving! My only real 'gripe' with the game is the lack of an ability to move quietly, at all. Crouch, still like an elephant during rutting season. Move slowly, same again. Would be nice to at least try and do some sneaky stuff rather than every time having to resort to the same 'crowbar to the swede' approach.

All in all, I would recommend this game as thoroughly entertaining, a good idea, and well worth a weekend of ear bashing. Just don't expect it to be a classic.
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on 24 May 2012
I bought dead island a couple of weeks ago for My Xbox 360 and I don't think I've been
playing much else! It's a very unique RPG in the sense that it's so loosely an RPG that Raw action takes centre fold in the game! As a few reviews have said, this game does have a LOT of side quests which are good for getting the adventurous people engrossed in Banoi's wonderful graphics and solid gameplay. As for the comments about complaining about auto aim..... Well you clearly haven't tried the "analogue" fighting system- harder to lean, but more rewarding to control. Definitely worth the 5 star reviews, deep silver have done well.
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