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Customer reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 14 May 2017
I had only heard one track by Patrick Wolf before and decided to buy this album. What a great buy. I would recommend him to anyone. His voice is really rich and easy to listen to. His music is different from album to album but still worth listening to.
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Patrick Wolf is in LOVE and he wants the whole wide wonky world to know!
We should be happy for him. 'Lupercalia' finds him sounding far cheerier than
he has ever seemed before. The album is overflowing with warm positivity
and vibrant, tip-top, merry-go-round enthusiasm. Love can do that to you!

No longer 'The Batchelor' of 2009, these eleven wonderful songs prove what
we had really known all along. Mr Wolf is one of the country's very finest
songwriters. Listen to the glorious 'House' if any further proof were needed.
The melody, the arrangement, the harmonies, the words and that stunningly
rich baritone voice coalesce together into one juicily transcendent whole!
(By now it is probable that you will have noticed that I like this album!)

The romance continues unabated on 'Bermondsey Street'; a proudly defiant
anthem; a forceful challenge to blind prejudice and hatred. Bravo Mr Wolf!

The energy and the quality don't let up for a moment. The eighties sonic
elements and folksy threads which have always defined the best of his work
are still here but more subtely and gently integrated into a coherent entity.
Coming in at a little under three minutes 'The Future' is yet another powerful
manifestation of a creative imagination firing on all six cylinders.
Play it loud and you will feel the floor tilt under your feet!

Crikey! It's hard to pick a favorite amongst such fine fare but if I had to
reach for one then it would have to be 'Together'. It's a big, big song, full
of passion, sung from the heart with both spirit and that wonderfully controlled
vibrato fully engaged. Mr Wolf is as fine a producer as he is a performer.
(Having said that the beautiful 'Armistice' comes a very close second!)

Final track 'The Falcons', with its scintillating string section, brings
'Lupercalia' to an enthralling, uplifting and truly magisterial conclusion.

You will find all manner of wonders here. A rite of passage in every sense!

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on 26 June 2011
This album is unrelentingly cheerful. Which makes me go *finally* because Wolf has always been a master at the anthemic and uplifting. Even when the lyrics themselves aren't the most cheerful there's something soaring about his arrangements that make me happy. If I had one complaint about Wolf, then it's his tendency to pack anything and everything into an album. The Magic Position and The Bachelor both suffered for this. Sure, they had some cracking songs, and Overture from The Magic Position remains a favourite of mine, but there were also, in my opinion, some monumentally guff songs included.

There's no denying that he's musically and lyrically very clever but over the past two albums I've felt that he's needed to strip it back and tone it down a bit. And he has, wonderfully. Up to this point, my favourite album has been Wind in the Wires, a fabulous mix of traditional folk and the experimental stuff that I come to associate with Wolf. That album is by no means perfect either but I love it none the less.

Lupercalia is a different beast entirely when compared to his other releases. For one, it's positive lyrically on almost every track (he kisses him on Bermondsey Street and, standing brave on the balls of his feet, declares this the greatest love of the century), probably due to the fact he's engaged to be married to his partner (who gets a song named after him). This happiness completely saturates the album. And it's great. It's beautiful even. It makes a change from the utterly miserable, but no less brilliant, tone of The Bachelor. It's an album that deserves to be played loudly, sung at the top of your lungs with a big smile on your face.

It's also an album that is unashamedly poppy. It's "grown up" pop with depth and character, not the soulless stuff that seems to get churned out all the time. The string arrangements, the pomp and extravagance, are still there but they complement the songs rather than overpower them. And if some fans are disgruntled by this, then tough, because I think Lupercalia will generate Wolf a lot of new fans; I know my own mother is finally understanding what I love about him. The fabulous songs that are just off the mainstream and the fact that you really don't know what sort of thing he'll release next.

Is it perfect? Nope, but it's darn near close to it. It surpasses Wind in the Wires in my eyes, and it pains me slightly to say so as that is such a wonderful album and special to me, but Lupercalia is Patrick at the top of his game and, for me, there is unlikely to be a finer album released this year.
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on 20 June 2011
There is only one word for this, and that is joy. The artist is obviously very happy at the moment and his joy explodes from the opening of the first track 'The City' and barely lets up until the close of the album. This is Patrick's most straight forward album but certainly not dumbed down. The City and House should almost certainly become modern classics.
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on 21 April 2014
Bought this for my partner, he loves it. Have to say I'd not heard of this artist but having listened to the cd a number of times I really like it.
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on 18 December 2011
I have no past history of listening to Wolf, and found The City bing played on Radio 2 initially irritating but....then it grew on me. The follow up single "House" had a similar effect - and both have videos that justify logging into youtube. This is an album of beautifully written, and often beautifully cliche ridden, songs - both the anthemic and the balladic, wonderfully sung, and just a little bit old fashioned - but from an era that never really actually existed, or maybe will exist in the future. I am struck by how a lot of modern artists have "extreme" images but ultimately their music is dull and middle of the road (GaGa is a classic example of this); well, Wolf's image is coherent from the vids to the fashions to the lyrics to the music - and that makes it pop with depth and maturity and a certain level of confidence in it's vulnerability = this is music that "Gets inside you". A particular strong point is that it actually hangs together as a complete album with proper songs, each of them given the same level of attention - like records used to in the good old days - but I guess that may turn off the ipod generation, and I am sure the sales so far are way short of what they deserve to be. Strongest songs for me - House, Falcon. The first 5 star album, for me, since Stephen lindsay's "Kite", and that was years ago.
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on 11 December 2012
I have just come back from watching an acoustic Patrick Wolf Concert in Bristol and must write a review!!

The performance tonight was sublime, to the point he was forced back out after finishing as the crowd gave him an encore to remember!

As expected, the music was fantastic, but what I was most impressed with was the way he entertained us. It turns out patrick isn't only a fabulous musician, he's also a great entertainer too!

The most captivating thing about Patrick is his originality. Everything from what he wears to what he sings is entirely his own creation.

Patrick is incredibly (and almost annoyingly!) talented with most instruments (yesterday he played the guitar, piano, violin, and harp) but what makes him stand out most is his VOICE.

Patrick sings from the heart with a deep and powerful voice, and his lyrics reach out to most if not all audiences.

His band are great too, especially the violinist, with whom he makes an incredible duo!

I strongly recommend this album as it is more uplifting than his previous work, and most importantly - it has the song TIME OF MY LIFE which is my favourite. I beg that you listen to it and the lyrics!
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on 21 July 2011
I first discovered Patrick on Radio 2 and quickly fell for The City; House initially disappointed because it sounded a little same-ish but it has grown on me, so I wasn't sure what to expect of the album...
After 2 and a half listens I am bowled over - what a great fresh sound. Only the warbling on Slow Motion stops me giving it 5 stars. Well worth the plunge!
...and a week later I am absolutely hooked!! I still don't care for the warbling (on 2 tracks in fact) but the rest is superb - fresh and uplifting - the most enjoyable new music in a long, long time. Hope my fleet car speakers hold out until its replacement due end August!
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on 10 December 2011
i have followed Patrick from his first album, and he never lets me down. lush full sounds & poetic lyrics. the lead track from this album 'the city' is a theme tune to the struggles since the banking collapse, telling us, despite the many being stung by the few, despite the losses and hardships many are suffering, there is one thing that the bankers cannot take from us. love. the love of our family & friends.

i cannot recommend this album enough, it's my album of 2011. giving all my mates a copy of this album for Christmas!
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on 31 August 2013
We purchased this album as a direct result of watching the Jo Wiley sessions on BB2, which featured Patrick Wolf, who we had never heard of before. His music is just pure genius! A mixture of classical and pop - every song has great lyrics and a really catchy melody. His music has brought our family many happy hours of dancing and singing around the house, in the car - and even in our daughters classroom! Can't wait for him to play live again in London - we'll be there for sure!!
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