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on 2 December 2011
I bought this on the basis that I wanted a caseinate-based protein for overnight absorption to aid muscle recovery and growth. Since USN's Protein Dessert is basically whey protein concentrate, egg albumen, and calcium caseinate, it seemed like a good idea.

So what do you get? Firstly Amazon's list price for USN products is 1/3 off the prices on USN's own web site, which is a good start. The protein dessert comes with a 17.5g scoop and you are supposed to use two scoops per serving (with 150ml of water or skimmed milk). It's a 454g tub so it provides 13 servings in total, more or less a two week supply if you eat it daily. I actually found one full serving to be quite a lot to eat after a meal (it makes you feel full quite quickly), so I may halve the servings and stretch this tub out for a month.

Each serving contains:
23.7g protein,
1.9g carbs (1.4g from sugars),
1.8g fat (1.4g saturated),
2.7g fibre,
255mg salt.

Having read the other two reviews already which mention difficulty in mixing and random grittiness, instead of using a hand shaker I used an electric hand whisk to mix the protein powder with milk. The result was a smooth blend with no clumps or grittiness, although I must say the powder really likes sticking to the inside of whatever you're mixing it in. Like Sarah B, I found that even after a couple of hours in the fridge it was a semi-liquid slop rather than the fluffy but set "Angel Delight" style treat I was hoping for.

In terms of taste it's not bad at all. You can taste the cocoa and the sweetener but there's also a salty taste which I guess is what differentiates between "chocolate flavour" and "chocolate cookie flavour". It's not the most delicious dessert ever but it certainly passes the taste test. Which is kind of important, because the main objective of this product is to give some kind of normality back to people who are optimising their diet for maximum muscle development. Turning an 8-hour protein product into an "instant dessert" is actually quite clever, and I'm surprised more supplement manufacturers haven't released their own versions yet.

It's kinda expensive compared to IGF-1 which is USN's equivalent non-dessert product. At the Amazon price, it's about £1.45 per serving compared to £1 per serving for the plain old IGF-1. If you can live without the pudding guise then you could save a third by just using IGF-1 every day, but sometimes it's nice to have a treat and if you have Protein Dessert in the cupboard then you can do that without spoiling your regimen.
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on 2 August 2017
Love this., full of protein and taste nice
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on 13 October 2011
(Written by my 24 year-old son) I have been taking IGF1, which I do recommend for anyone who wants extra protein after training, without the extra carbs. I have type 1 diabetes, and therefore cannot take the high-carb types of protein supplements - so it is really good to see a new addition to the menu.

What is really good is that this can be taken before bed - on the tub they say it lasts for a full eight hours - and it really fills me up for the night. What is not so good is that the tub is really tiny compared to the equivalent amount of IGF or PhD that one would get for a similar price! I did take advantage of the special offer of two for the price of one this month, but at the normal price it would be much more expensive. You also use two scoops per serving, so the tub goes down quickly. The scoop is provided, and a little smaller than the IGF one.

The taste of the chocolate flavour was very good, but I did find the powder difficult to mix with water, and it had a few lumps in it even after buying a special shaker and doing a lot of shaking. Also, the shaker was hard to wash up afterwards.

A lot of guys at the gym say that to take a serving of protein supplement before bed can help your body recover faster. I can't really comment on the long-term benefits or otherwise as yet, because I have only been taking it for about 10 days. But I have found it a filling bedtime snack with some extra nourishment, that hasn't put my blood sugars up during the night.
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on 27 March 2013
Great tasting product, you need to use 150ml per double scoop or 300ml for 4 scoops, which make around a full bowl when set as it expands while in the fridge. Once it has set it tastes great and is very moose like but I used a little less water than it said to. If you use the amount they tell you to use then it ends up like instant whip texture.
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on 25 May 2013
This product tastes amazing, extremely quick delivery. Id recommend this product to anyone who is trying to lose weight and get lean, it certainly covers my chocolate fix!
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on 12 July 2013
When I'm training and controlling my calorie intake I sometimes go to bed and feel hungry or just can't sleep because I'm not feeling completely satisfied. I find this protein dessert works a treat because not only does it taste yummy (I feel like I'm cheating on my diet eating it!!) but I then feel full and/or satisfied and can sleep, plus it repairs my tired muscles during the night which helps me with my training the next day. I personally make it quite thick so I feel like I'm eating pudding, I do have a sweet tooth so it satisfies that craving! If I've been training hard (I'm an athlete) I'll also often eat it as an afternoon snack and it completely eliminates any cravings I have from being tired. Would definitely recommend. My only negative comment is that it does use aspartame, as do most products, so for that reason I won't use long term.
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on 27 May 2013
Love this product
Good just before bed I don't like sweet things so this product was just right I put it in the fridge for a few hours made it up with milk not water was just like real moose good product be buying again soon quick delivery using free super saver I would recommend to others
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on 21 January 2014
I got this as a part of USNs 'body makeover' box, so it wasn't as expensive as usual, but I wouldn't pay £20 for it. It's a small tub that'll make you 13 servings.. That's not a lot for your money. That said, for a low carb (2.5g), low fat (1.8g), high protein (24g) dessert, it does fill a gap in the market as there's not much else available. I recommend mixing with a USN tornado shaker and putting it in the freezer for a few hours to make an ice cream.. The taste is reasonable, probably not as nice as I had hoped, but as good as you'll get when you look at the lack of fat and cards. Perfect for that late night craving.
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on 27 November 2013
A good gilt free dessert for those wanting to pack up some lean muscle and on a low carb low fat diet. Great taste without the sugars and perfect if you get the cravings for something sweet and less healthy. Ideal late night snack before going to bed.
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on 25 June 2013
If you're naturally skinny/thin and trying to bulk up, this product is for you!

When trying to put on lean muscle, I generally use Maximuscle Cyclone 1200 g Strawberry Size and Strength Shake Powder. However, I noticed that it was hard for me to get to sleep if I drank a Cyclone shake immediately before bed. That's probably not surprising considering everything they put inside protein shakes these days. So I wanted to try something that was specifically designed as a late-night snack or something to take before bed.

As you're probably aware, your body repairs itself while you sleep (and that includes your muscles), so your muscles grow a great deal when you have a good night's rest after a good training session.

Obviously, protein is necessary for muscle growth, and taking a slow-release protein supplement gives you body more to work with while you sleep. Slow release protein releases nutrients over 6-7 hours as opposed to 3-4. This means you're giving your body more nutrients to work with while you rest.

I've gained two kilos in three weeks, which is amazing if you're supper skinny like me and have always had trouble putting on lean muscle mass.

The only reason I give this four stars in stead of five is that it is VERY EXPENSIVE for what it is. There are cheaper "slow release" proteins on the market, but I haven't tried them yet, so I can't compare them, but I'm fairly satisfied with this product.

FYI - I freely admit that you can get the same benefits of slow release protein from eating a big helping of cottage cheese right before bed, but I just couldn't stand the taste. While no protein shake is perfect, this one is fairly tasty in terms of shakes. In fact, it's my favorite, which is one reason why I never forget to take it at night.
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