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on 10 February 2012
Prior to purchasing this, I spend months looking at IEM's below £50. My shortlist included Soundmagic PL50, Nocs NS400, etc. Only reason I needed this is one of my tips for the Samsung Galaxy S2 IEM went missing. I choose this over slightly cheaper Sony's with button controls as the driver and sound quality is quite good. At £32 you really can't go wrong with these.

The packaging is superb. You get a lot of tips of various size, 7 to be precise. 4 are normal and 3 foam tips. You also get a cord wrapper and nylon pouch. To see more about the packaging do a search on youtube about the unboxing video. The onl problem I see with the packaging is that you need to slightly force the wire clip into the nylon patch and there is space though tight. On the normal silicone tip you will get good sound isolation. I have not tried the foam tip yet as I want some sort of sound coming into the IEM's so that I'm aware of the surroundings. The wire is L-shaped (right side longer) so you could hang it over your neck. This is quite useful thought from Sony. Also, you could buy tips from Comply and since this is a Sony product some models share the same tip size.

Sound is where it gets interesting. This IEM's need to be burned in before you get good sound. Also, it may take few hours for the tips to get comfortable in your ear. A minimum of 15 hours should be allocated to burn in. You can listen to tunes directly though it may sound a little harsh muddle middle bits. After the burn in session, the sound quality is nice. Quite warm. You will hear the bass represented quite more here. This is not some beats monster headphone and those wanting pure bass should find those products instead. Compared to the Creative Gigaworks T20 SII and the Philips HP890, the sound is warm, good mids and slightly off at the top. The sound is not analytic and you don't need an AMP with this as it produces quite a loud sound without increasing the volume. Also, if you use an amp, the sound may turn even warmer. Minor software Eq tweaks could be useful to correct the high ends.

The only downside to the IEM's is that they do not have wire controls but for £32 I can't complain. Most high end IEM's don't have controls so that is not really a problem.
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on 7 August 2012
For me these are a massive downgrade from the EX300 from comfort and sound quality perspectives. They do not sit securely in my ears compared to the older model despite using the exactly the same rubber flanges. This results in a total loss of bass and inferior noise isolation. I accept this may be a quirk caused by the shape of my ear canal and the new design but I'm really unimpressed and wish I'd returned them when I had the chance. Gutted I can't get the EX300 any more which really hit the sweet spot regarding sound quality, fit and price.
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on 27 January 2013
I've been using these headphones since December 2011 and they have only just given up on me, despite some rough treatment. The thing that finally got them was the rubber - the silicon patches on the side (which really make them comfortable to wear and stay in well) have started to detach. This is about as long as you would expect a pair of headphones in this price range to last you, so no complaints there.

They come with plenty of bud sizes, both normal and insulated with foam to choose from. There isn't a whole lot of difference between the normal and foam ones, except the latter have slightly better noise isolation and are prone to having the foam filling coming loose, which was a pain every now and again. Since that happened I played it safe using the normal ones been as there isn't much difference.

Sound quality is well balanced, with no emphasis on either the lows or the highs, just a nice clean sound throughout the range. Maybe there is a slight (and only slight) drop off where the higher register becomes a little tinny, but not enough to be noticeable in normal listening. I listen to a wide variety of music, including but not limited to Jazz, Blues, Rock, Alternative and Folk.

I can't compare these headphones to many others, been as I haven't had anything else since 2011, but my last pair were some Sennheisers that fell out all the time. I can break these down into things that I found good and bad about them though:


- Very comfortable, don't fall out easily due to the silicon on the sides
- Balanced sound range, not too heavy on either of the extremes
- Durable, so a good investment for something in this price range
- The jack is at a right angle to the wire, so it doesn't cause problems when plugged into a phone in your pocket
- Comes with lots of ear buds and a sturdy carrying case


- The rubber might give up on you after a year or so
- The sound quality isn't the absolute best at the extremes of the high register
- The cable gets easily tangled

I hope you find this review helpful, I've enjoyed using these headphones for over a year now and I hope you get the same enjoyment out of them too.
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on 31 March 2012
I've tried several different makes of earphones, looking for a pair that sounded good, were comfortable and actually stayed where they were supposed to, without having to spend silly money. Well, I think I might have found some that fit the bill at long last! The MDR-EX310LPB sound good, with good bass and clear treble. I listen to various types of music such as acoustic folk, electronic rock, prog rock, heavy metal and others. I've been very impressed with the sound of these Sony's on every type. They feel comfortable and stay in much better than any earphones I've tried up to yet. The only reason I've not given these five stars is that they were more expensive than I would have liked. I would recommend these without hesitation.
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on 11 October 2012
I bought these Sony Headphones as a replacement for the original headphones supplied with my IPod, and I must say that I'm very glad that I chose to upgrade.

I had previously owned a pair of similar Sony headphones (whilst my sister had also owned a similar pair) which, themselves, gave a good sound quality. Thus, it was based on such experience that I decided once more to venture into the land of Sony's headphones.

The design itself is very good. The headphones come with a range of earbud sizes, meaning they fit comfortably and that they stay in place. Also, the wire is not split 50:50 between Left and Right, but more split 75:25, which means you can more easily keep any excess wire out of the way. The supplied carry case gives very good protection to the product, and is small enough to make using it viable.

The sound quality is also good. Whilst small, in-ear headphones will never reach the sound quality of larger headphones, this pair has a very good range regardless of the volume, the tone, or the style of music being played. They deal well with bass, whilst high notes remain crisp and clear rather than becoming tinny (as can happen with some other models of small headphones). They also block out external noise very well, so you're music is no longer spoiled by an impatient driver beeping someone, or a loudmouth pedestrian chatting away on a phone!

All-in-all, a very good purchase if you want a pair of good quality, but affordable, in-ear headphones.
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on 18 April 2012
I can't fault these, even if they were double the current asking price of £35, i would still rate them as worthy of that price tag.

I listen to all genres of music and these handle all of them beautifully; they are loud, comfortable, noise isolating (from outside noise) and clear.

What sets these apart from other headphones is the excellent base (even does dubstep with no crackling) and the wire tidy which is very useful when using these in conjunction with a remote.

I don't know why people pay the absurd asking prices for the Dre branded headphones when you can get these for a fraction of the price and it's a trusted brand name to boot!

If there is one thing these headphones leave me still wanting is more noise isolation in terms of not sharing my music with the outside world but after buying a few highly rated in-ear headphones over the past couple of months, it's looking more and more like an impossibility for this form of in-ear headphone technology.

I'm guessing a new technology which would allows the speaker closer to the ear drum would be required.

I'm aware that closed cup over ear headphones are suppose to achieve complete noise isolation both inside and out but they make my ears too hot with prolonged use, so they are not an option for me.

Anyhoo, for £35, you can't go wrong with these, i can't recommend them enough!
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on 13 January 2012
I first bought Sennheiser CX870 earbuds to replace a broken Sony set which was originally supplied with my MP3 player but the Sennheisers were so flat as to be unlistenable. The new Sony set are excellent throughout the range from bass to high treble and make listening to music great again. On top of that, they were £10 cheaper than the Sennheisers (which have now been consigned to the bin) and are superb value for money!
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on 10 May 2012
This is my fourth different pair of Sony headphones, each time they get better and better!
One I still use at the gym, one lost and one the left speaker stopped working for some reason (I got a good couple of years use out of them though).

These didn't take much to 'burn in' - I left them on very loud for a day(not in my ears!).

The bass is exceptional - nice and deep but also clear and defined as I like it.

They block out a decent amount of external noise - even if you don't have them playing any music.

Treble is good - not harsh like a lot of cheap headphones.

I went on to internet radio to listen to different types of music and found that Flamenco guitar sounds pretty good with these headphones :) (Although I listen to Hardstyle generally).

The box/holder that comes with them is a bit bulky, but good for keeping the cables from getting tangled.
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on 22 April 2012
Sony have crafted these superb headphones at such a staggering price point! (£35 @ time of purchase)
I am incredibly fussy when it comes to audio quality; I have tried too many headphones over the years! For the last few years I settled on Sony's older, more expensive MDR-EX500's (£50-70).
While the 500's sound superbly detailed, the treble can be slightly to harsh and sharp, which led me to these EX310's, considering these are only meant to replace the older EX300's (£30-45), they are shockingly close to the 500's.

These 310's are so warm and vibrant to listen too, the treble is beautifully crisp and natural, and more rounded than the 500's, yet importantly they don't sound muffled or muddy like most headphones have a tendency to suffer from. Bass is strong, taught, controlled and poised, there is no sign of the bass drowning out other frequencies (another common headphone issue).

The only criticism I can muster for these headphones would be that they seem to have a slightly narrower sound field side-by-side with the EX500's, there's not quite the instrumental separation obtained by the 500 standards(I'm being very picky here as the 500 have multi-layer diaphragms!) but highly, highly impressive none the less.
Despite this I cannot help but prefer the 310's to any other headphone I have ever heard under the £100 price point, heck they even give Shure's SE210's a damn good run for their money!
It is hard to put into words, but the 310's just have a superbly dynamic, energetic and enchanting sound quality. There is such depth to music that is incredibly hard to come by in the world of headphones.

The construction of the headphones is very strong and vibration-free. The added rubber back makes a huge difference with staying securely in your ears. The amount of buds supplied with these is great for obtaining the 'perfect' seal in-ear; the carry case is a lovely touch but not that practical for most due to its size but maintains strong means of protection in transit.
These phones look great too! Highly, highly recommended!

But remember to RUN THESE HEADPHONES IN at lower volumes to avoid possible permanent distortion problems (36+ hours), they will sound richer too!

Review based on testing with Sony X & A-Series Walkman
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on 20 December 2012
I friend of mine had bought those but for a much higher price than they were on here. For the price i paid, i don't think i could of got a better pair. I feel that they are above the similarly priced Sennheisers (as there is always competition between the two). They are great for pretty much any type of music, i play my music with no EQ on and these do actually make the songs sound different depending on their premixed EQ. They do have a great level of bass (if the song has it) and the mids cut through well and the treble/highs do not break apart, even at high volumes
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