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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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TOP 50 REVIEWERon 13 May 2015
A review based on use with mortar, bricks and paving slabs.

My mother has a wisteria in a brick planter / rockery, constructed from semi engineering bricks topped with cut paving slabs all the way around. This was built around 3 years ago and all the cut slabs had become loose.

Now in an ideal world, I would have simply removed all the mortar and stuck back down with fresh mortar. The problem with this method is a possibility of breaking a slab when chipping off the mortar and the fact that the slabs she bought at the time were end of the line and are no longer available.

In the past with this sort of situation, I would have just removed the slab dusted the mortar and stuck back down with weather proof exterior PVA glue. I've done this several times over the years and it has always dried solid and firm in a day or two and years later each slab is still stuck down. However, repairing a single loose slab is a rather different prospect to doing several adjoining slabs in one go with PVA. It has no grab and takes an age to set which can easily result in movement and is susceptible to the effects of the weather.

In fact, if I were to have done this I would probably have done one slab per day, waiting for the previous to have dried before doing this next. As such I needed something to do the job that dried quickly to enable me to do it all in one day, and after a little searching I decided upon Gorilla Glue.

Based on my experience with the glue I would offer the following observations.

Gorilla glue is carcinogenic, it does not state this anywhere on the product information about this so be warned.

The glue is a slightly viscous but very runny liquid that looks like Rowse honey, and if you apply the glue vertically it will run, if you apply on the underside of something it will drip.

The best way to describe this glue is to compare it to Soudal fixing foam that's super concentrated and had all the moisture removed that gets activated and foams by adding water. If applied as per the instructions it starts to expand within about 15 mins and continues to do so for over an hour. I strongly advise that you should babysit your work until it is fully cured.

The product description states that the glue expands 3 times its size, the bottle states that it expands to 3-4 times its size, the fact is it expands to more like 6-8 times its size. I used on top of bricks to adhere a slab on top, in this situation a thin bead in the middle of the brick not going within 1" of the edges is the optimal solution.

Anything that the glue comes into contact with while in liquid form (brick, mortar, slabs, skin) will turn black. If you get the glue on anything not intended use white spirit and a nylon brush to remove, this will sadly not prevent black staining but it appears that white spirit makes the glue inert and prevents it from foaming and removes the glue from the surface.

When gluing the 3rd slab down I suffered a glue run which covered almost an entire brick, I managed to clean it off quickly enough, but the brick went black, I tried to jet wash, then scrubbed with soap, then white spirit and in desperation tried muriatic acid twice and nothing worked, I just ended up with a slightly faded and mostly black brick.

When the glue is dry it can be treated in the same way as expanding foam, it can be cut, sanded and filled if required.

This glue has no initial grab; it is not that sort of glue. The items being glued can easily be manipulated for up to 30-45 mins after applying the glue, I would advise against doing so after 15 mins however, and is rock solid within 2 hours.

Roughly 2 hours after applying I yanked the corner of one of the slabs upwards with all my strength, while I'm no weight lifter at 6'1", a 44" chest and weighing 17 stone I consider myself stronger than average. This amount of force would easily have disjointed a slab laid with mortar, yet the slab held down with gorilla glue did not budge.

Since it has been in place it has suffered torrential rain, 24c direct sunlight and several nights of ground frost and I am glad to say is as secure as the day it dried.

The day after I had laid all the slabs back on top of the planter I found that one was uneven, and I did not want to leave it as it was. Being very careful with a 4lb hammer and masons chisel I was able to separate the bond, I started at one end with a few taps, and worked my way around to the other edge and then went back to the start and repeated until it came loose.

Given the strength of the glue I would seriously advise against just taping the chisel through in one place until the slab comes loose as it is a very real possibility that if you do you will crack the slab in half. I would compare it trying to remove a large ceramic tile intact from a wall that has been stuck on with decent adhesive.

Wear gloves, I used a pair of latex gardening gloves and they protected my hands fine, at first I wore a pair of latex gloves underneath but found it was not necessary. If you get any glue on your gloves, pour a tiny bit of white spirit on the glove and rub the palms together and this will prevent transfer to anything you are handling.

Wear a long sleeve top, I did not and even as careful as I was I still got a tiny blob on my arm, if this happens to you use white spirits to remove and then wash with soap and water.

Wear a dust mask, I was using the glue outside in the open and used a P3 mask that filters 99.95% of airborne particles yet still suffered throat irritation for several days after use.

This is a hard one, the adhesive properties of Gorilla glue are undeniable, but not without cost. This stuff is exceptionally hazardous and there is no amount of pressure, money or other incentive that would make me use this indoors ever.

I would strongly advise against using in a situation where should it run, it would ruin the finish of the items being worked on.

Given the same situation again, I would use my old tried and tested method of weather proof PVA for the job, there is just no way that I would consider using this again, the risks just outweigh the benefits it offers.

If I were to review based on my experience I would only give it 3/5, however I can see that it has many useful uses that I would consider it for in future should the need arise. I would go so far as to recommend keeping a small bottle handy in the shed as I can not think of a better product for emergency weatherproofing repairs in the middle of a storm.

As such I am more than happy to give it a 4/5, as it does do nearly everything it says on the tin.

This has admittedly been a rather one sided review based on my use thus far I do hope however that you have found some part of this review of use and I wish you well in your upcoming projects.
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on 26 May 2016
I purchased Gorilla glue after hearing that it sticks anything to anything and essentially that is true so lets take that as read and move on to my personal pros and cons about this product.

First of all it is very fast acting and although it is not completely cured it will provide a strong hold within an hour depending on the conditions in which it is being used. If you set something to dry over night (which I highly recommend) it will be rock solid by morning.

One aspect I didn't know was how the stuff works, and this is VERY IMPORTANT so you aren't surprised by the way it comes out. Now for those of you who have not as of yet scoured the web to find out if contact with your skin will kill you like the blood of a Xenomorph (the answer to which is no but get it off right away, I used dish washing liquid and hot water and fast) you will not have come across numerous pages of people with the same question but also one which tells you that Gorilla glue effectively works by drawing the moisture out of the two surfaces you have placed together and uses it to create the bond. This is why the manufacture recommend that you dampen the surface prior to application.

THE CON: When Gorilla glue absorbs the moisture it needs to work it reacts like expandable foam sealant, meaning that if you haven't clamped your stuff together before hand you will more than likely have a 3mm gap where the glue has pushed apart the two flat surfaces. This was a particular problem for me and meant I had to start again.

THE PRO: It is magnificent stuff when you know how it is going to behave, but if you don't you may find yourself starting again so learn from my mistakes. Plus a little goes a long way so don't be too eager to smother it on, a simple zig zag pattern will be enough.

Protection wise I'd agree with the well ventilated room and also recommend surgical gloves (the ones provided do the trick but they are clumsy).
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on 17 July 2014
I have only used this once since purchase; sticking metal leatherworking blades into wooden handles, with great success..The instructions say that some dampness speeds up the curing process so I gave the work a light spray and it works.The glue expands when curing so a little goes a long way.The fact that this glue can be used for sticking most materials is a bonus for anybodys toolbox.recommended 5stars.
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on 21 May 2016
This is really good glue for a multitude of different substances. The container is a good shape and the nozzle is really good. Remember to wipe off excess glue from top before closing. Will order more when this has been used up. Note that this glue does expand slightly so joints must be clamped until set, excess cleans off well. I have just ordered more but have gone for the larger 1 litre size, I am really pleased with this glue
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on 9 November 2016
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on 1 December 2015
This is the third time I have purchased Gorilla glue, and can say unequivocally it is one of the most versatile adhesives I have ever used. It sticks almost anything to everything. You must just remember to squeeze out ALL of the air from the container after use, as it will go off if you don't . And that is probably its only down side. I have used it to stick the sole back on my walking boots, and it outlasted the boots. Fix rawplugs in oversize holes, and glue plastic plumbing pipes of differing sizes together. It's brilliant. Buy some.
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on 12 April 2016
Good value tub of glue with a handy stopper on the top of it (attached to the bottle so you don't loose). The glue sticks pretty much anything - from cables directly onto a wall,to kitchen unit facia and general all round use.

Goes tacky before it dries fully so easy to adjust if you don't quite get it right.

Highly recommended, just to have around for when needed or for pretty much any job
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on 9 August 2014
Solved so many long-standing household problems (loose bathroom door handle, kitchen drawers that would come apart every time I opened them, broken garden chair - it even acted like cement and glued paving stones). Unbelievable stuff. I actually don't know how I did without it before.
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on 26 November 2015
Only used this twice so far. First thing I glued was hard plastic to hard plastic and it did not last more than a couple of days. The second item was wooden dolls house staircase and this has lasted although it is not really under any stress. Although the glue is glue, I would not rate it as being as powerful as claimed. But there again, it is not something that i would use on a daily basis.
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on 12 March 2013
did the job of repairing a bird bath very well.needied a waterproof glue and this is doing the job so far.
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