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on 31 December 2013
I find the phone easy to use and visually good. It gives me all the information I require at a glance, the only draw-back is the battery which seems to need charging on a frequent basis when all the Apps are being used, otherwise, perfect.
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on 8 April 2011
Had an Iphone for about 6 months and i really didnt like it my phone before that was an Htc desire. I decided that i really like android so i went back and got my self an Htc Incredible S the price was right for me as other websites were selling this for up to £499

What can i say the battery is great the screen is really great maybe a little problems in the direct sunlight but apart from that colours are great, it took me a couple of weeks to get used to the Desire screen this one is more natural on the eye. very quick and what i really liked is that it remembered old numbers and even Apps that i downloaded were free to load back up again because i had an google address. this phone even though it has a 4inch screen is great in the hand and very light the back feels solid and it grips well.

I orderd my yesterday at 11am got it at 9:30pm so i cant really moan all in all
very happy. and i know some people have had problems with geting a non Uk version but mine was fine.

This is a great phone it might not be dual core but it zipes around nicely and the music player sounds great.
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on 14 April 2011
I did a lot of research into the Incredible s and dersire s and although there isnt that much difference I'm definitely glad i went with the incredible.

This phone is incredible (no pun intended) its fast and reliable. The screen is also amazing the pciture is incredibly clear and the camera takes amazing photos and unlike previous htcs you dont have to download an app to take photos with effects.

Some people have asked why i chose the incredible over an iphone and the main reason is that im against buying into the iphone when i can get an (in my opinion) better phone for a lot cheaper.
The only downside to the incredible (as with every htc) and that is the battery however there are apps for that too.

Brilliant phone.
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on 10 August 2011
I bought this phone and liked it, until I installed the over the air update to bring it to Android 2.3.3 After that it started randomly missing calls, the phone wouldn't ring, it would go straight to answerphone. This happened even when I knew there was a good signal, I tried my sim in other phones, no problems!

The phone went back to HTC for repair twice, came back with the same problem twice. I finally got fed up with this and the good people at Amazon gave me a refund. I've since bought the HTC sensation and have had no such issues.

Im summary, I liked this phone, but if you buy it be wary of updates.
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on 19 April 2011
a excellent phone, better and do more than i-phone 4, a few things people should know, you must have a good data plan, it uses a lot of Internet allowance, and the battery life is not that good if you watch you tube video's and download stuff, get a spare charger for work or office £2.49 i paid, through amazon. case-mate cover is recommended aswell also through amazon, i recommend this phone, got mine next day, paid extra but worth it
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on 6 May 2011
Excellent phone.. i was really torn between the iphone, the HTC Desire HD and this phone.. And i am happy i went for this one.. the screen size was just about right.. the user interface is awesome, and the general appearance, speed and the battery life (unlike what other users have said. i disabled the background applications, just used the apps when needed and got more than 1.0 day of usage with lots of texting and phone calls) is just right... A phone worth having...
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on 5 June 2013
I have owned this phone for almost two years now (23 months to be exact) so I feel that I am able to give a decent review of it.

I have used this phone continuously everyday of my ownership and it has proven itself to be ever reliable. In fact, in all of my ownership I have only needed to do a "take the battery out restart" once, and that was when I was trying to take photos when I knew the memory was almost full. Other than that it has been really reliable for me. Even better is that now the software can be updated and now I am running on Android version 4.0.4 and HTC Sense version 3.6 which gives it a very modern feel and menu system compared to the stock one.

People often comment that the battery isn't great on these phones, although I find it to be on par with most others. If you have the network turned on all the time then yes it will only last a day (like most phones), but I tend to turn off the network overnight and that way the battery will stretch to 36 or even 48 hours with moderate usage. When on holiday with no network or WiFi connection, the battery lasted over a week in standby mode alone! However, with all the recharging and use on the original battery, its performance did start to degrade after about 18 months so I bought a replacement (genuine) HTC battery for around £12. This gave the phone a new life and the battery life was much improved. This is one of the big advantages of having a phone with a removable battery, and one reason I am not so keen on getting a more modern HTC instead with an integrated fixed battery.

Now that my phone is rapidly approaching its second birthday I have started looking around at the other phones on the market, primarily HTC ones, but apart from them having a duel or quad processor I can't really see the advantage in upgrading? Especially in terms of the picture quality, where I still believe the 8MP camera on the HTC Incredible S outdoes most other modern phones two years more modern than it! The processor in this phone is still more than fast enough for what I want too, mostly a bit of light internet surfing, Skype, YouTube and Facebooking. I have a few game apps installed but I am not a big gamer so don't need a big processor to do all the fancy graphics as I only play "simple" games, mostly word-based ones with little/no animations. But saying that I have downloaded some more complex games out of interest and it still manages just fine.

I don't find it to be "laggy" and the call and internet reception has always been good. Call quality and sound is also good. If you turn up the loudspeaker it will also go quite loud without distorting, but to be honest the loudspeaker isn't the strongest feature on this phone.

The screen size of 4" is ideal for my hands too, I can reach all corners with my thumb if I hold it in one hand. I have played around with a 4.7" HTC One X and the Samsung S3 in a shop, but even with my large-ish hands they still require two-handed operation or to hold it precariously if you try and do it one-handed. But maybe you would get better with practice? Either way, this Incredible S is on par with the iPhone 5 in terms of screen size, and if I'm honest its perfectly big enough for me.

The case of the phone is black plastic as opposed to metal, but I have no issues with that since plastic doesn't dent and mine looks in really good shape considering the life I have given it! The screen also doesn't even have a scratch on it either, and I haven't been using screen protectors as I think they dull the responsiveness of the screen.

So as a verdict, I am going to say that I am more than happy with my purchase of this phone, and the only problem is that when this one does finally pack up I am going to have a really difficult time in choosing something to replace it that will satisfy me as much as this one has.
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on 2 August 2011
I bought a Sony Ericsson X10 Mini Pro six months before purchasing the Incredible S to dry run Andriod. The X10 does not really do Android justice with it's small screen, small memory (which on the earlier Andriod version did not allow installation of apps on the SD card) but still does a few things better than the Incredible S - and that's why it's only 4 stars.

Yes - this is great device. Fairly fast, fully integrated - a beautiful screen and the phone / 3G coverage is no better or worse than my X10 was. Well - in terms of the phone and wifi that is. The GPS on the Sensation is not as sensative unfortunately. One killer app (NOOM) that I have relys on GPS. On the X10 it works in my trouser pocket whilst walking - in the Sensation the GPS signal strength is less - so it is not so accurate. It subsequently means the app won't track walking routes correctly.

However the built in SatNav downloads the maps and is a replacement for a normal car SatNav - be warned though that you must buy the licence for the 'nicer' front end (it's called Premium Nav) although the basic front end (for free) is OK.

Other points of note - battery - if you use the thing is a day - if eveything off then two. It takes longer to charge than the X10 - which was 1 hours - the Sensation is more like 2.5 hours.

The use of widgets is pretty neat - as is the integration of Facebook / Twitter and contacts - and that's even without syncing everyhing.

Some ringing features - rings louder if in a handbag (dark place) - goes quieter when you pick it up and move it are really welcomed too.

Camera 500% better in terms of features than the X10 - albiet the quality is similar despite the jump from 5 to 8MP.

It is more technically sophisticated than an iphone - but not (in my opinion) so refined. But at nearly half the cost for the basic handset it's no contest really for value. And of course you can install SWYPE (keyboard) which IS revolutionary and something the Apple doesn't have.

Oh - and it has beautiful quality phone calls. The speaker sound is not as loud as my X10 though but useable.

Buy one - you won't regret it - I think.

Maybe I was too tough - 4 1/2 stars.
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on 22 July 2011
I've had this phone since May and i can't really fault it. It's fast and has a brilliant vivid display. The camera takes 8mp photos and the camera records in 720p HD. The home screen is fully customisable which i loved and the 1GHz CPU is really good. The only negatives about this phone are that the android market isn't brilliant and also when i take a ringing phone out my pocket it sometimes causes it to dismiss a phone call which can be annoying. This is a very useful phone in many ways from finding songs on sound hound to using Google maps to find my way home. The HTC Incredible S is one of the best smart phones available at the moment and is defiantly a competitor to the IPhone 4.
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on 16 April 2011
I have been using the HTC Incredible S for 2 weeks now. and i really don't know what bad should i say about it except for the battery, other than that everything is just nice. its has many many many features that i did not expect, few ones like:
- when for is ringing, just flip it and it will silent
- while talking, just flip the phone and speaker mode will enable, pick the phone in ur hands or just flip it on its back, it will return to normal mode (i use that ALOT). very handy if ur talking and want to change ur clothes and use pc or anything else where u dont want to get ur hands busy with the phone, quick flip and response.
- once u pick a call and bring the phone close to ur ears, the screen goes off, a security so you dont touch any button on screen.
- whn phone in ur pocket, automatically the ring tone increases more than normal

i'm telling you, this phone is really incredible, many other features that are endless. im 2 weeks in use and still finding more stuff that im loving everyday.
Definite recommend it, specially with the 4 inch screen (perfect size, just between 3.7 inch and 4.3 inch of some other smart phones)
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