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Customer Reviews

3.8 out of 5 stars
3.8 out of 5 stars
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on 31 July 2011
This really is not a bad film. After the amount of bashing this film got by the critics in the days before the film release i went in with very low expectations expecting one of the worst comic book film adaptions ever. To tell you this was an amazing film would be a lie but ryan reynolds is likable as Hal Jordon, and some of the sepcial effects are awesome. Some great action set pieces and decent humour. What more can you ask for from a super hero movie. This is no Iron Man but its decent for what it is. Do not let critics form your opinion of this film. The fact that transformers 3 made more money than this is a travesty. This is not the worst film of the summer and deserves more credit than it got.
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on 3 August 2011
Don't believe the anti-hype: it's the domino effect of criticism, one reviewer follows another until nobody feels free to have an original opinion about a movie. Green Lantern is a thoroughly enjoyable summer blockbuster; it has its flaws, but nobody should be going in expecting a tight Shakespearean plot with tragic irony and profound soliloquies. The script is more than serviceable, the acting far better than the likes of Transformers or Thor, and the plight of the central character one that we can all relate to. Give this movie a chance. It will surprise you.
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on 28 March 2016
Like many others here I really don't know why this came in for such a critical panning. Yes, the CGI could have been better, but not when it was made. Yes, there are departures from comic book canon, but most viewers aren't ardent fans and won't know anything about that.
Is it a great film? No. It is, however, fun, entertaining and first-rate Saturday matinee-style fare. A little saggy due to the requirements of it being an origin movie and the exposition can be a little tedious at times, but i stress 'a LITTLE'.
Don't believe the internet (he says posting this viewpoint on the internet) and enjoy this for what it is.
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Another month, another comic book superhero adaptation makes it to the big screen. This film gives us DC comic's Green Lantern. The Green Lanterns are a sort of universe wide police force, protecting people and bringing peace to the universe. Hal Jordan, the first human to be picked to join the corps, is an irresponsible human who has to grow up fast to meet his new responsibilities.

It's an average film. Way better than the Spiderman films (the lead actor is far more likeable and charismatic) but not as good as, say, Thor. On a par with Captain America. The bad points first - far too much time is spent in the creation and back story. It really bogs the film down. And while some things are gone into ad nauseam, others are glossed over far too quickly, and people (like me) who have never read the comics may well miss out on certain points. I know I did. And once the film does get going and Hal has a foe to fight it's all over rather too quickly, and you start to wonder why Parallax was an enemy feared by the entire universe when he seemed to be rather easily destroyed and more than a bit thick. Compare this to Thor, where the back story was kept to a bare minimum, and the enemy was much more menacing. I have to admit I found all the plot holes a little tedious after a while as well.

Good points - the action, when it comes, is well staged and can be quite a thrill ride. The special effects are nicely done, and the film looks good. Ryan Reynolds is actually very very good as the superhero, with a lot of charm, humour, and an underlying dignity (and it's hard to do dignity when dressed in a silly superhero costume!)

The extended version available here adds in a mere 5 minutes extra runtime, and doesn't really add anything to original film that makes me change my mind.

So, a film with good and bad points. A solid three stars.
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on 7 December 2015
Arrived fast, well packed and a great film, especially if you like DC Comic movies.
I'll not say anything to spoil it for anyone interested in seeing it, just, get it...You won't be disappointed.
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I read Green Lantern back in the 1960s, and on and off since – especially since libraries started carrying ‘graphic novels’. As far as I am concerned, the film is an acceptable adaptation of the comic – especially considering the changes to continuity that DC has imposed over the decades. The basic origin was a faithful copy, and the fact that ‘without fear’ has been upgraded to ’able to face his fears and overcome them’ is merely upgrading what was a simple children’s story to a more acceptable adolescent level, and gave us a meaningful plot. The alien characters and planets looked alien thanks to the motion capture and CGI; the story held together reasonably well; this is a Hollywood film, after all. What more could you expect? It may not be dark Knight or Iron Man, but it is a first rate second rate film, and streets ahead of the Fantastic Four or the first Hulk film, at least to me.

The extended edition – as far as I could tell, this is basically some extra scenes of the childhood interaction of Hal, Carol and Hector, to give some backstory to their adult relationships. It feels as if they slow the pace of the film down, so don’t go spending money to upgrade.

The 3D Blu-Ray edition – I didn’t find the 3D effects added anything to my enjoyment of the film.

(Query - did they buy-in the Galactus effects from the Fantastic Four to reuse for Paralax?)
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on 6 October 2015
Green Lantern is in my opinion an extremely underrated super hero movie.

The plot for the film follows faithfully the storyline originating in Green Lantern DC comic books of the late 50s early 60s. It took CGI effects only possible in the 21st century to bring the power of his emerald ring to life and with 3D Blu-ray the movie is even more outstanding.

Don't be put off from seeing this film by it's criticism or it's poor performance at the box office it is highly entertaining. As for Ryan Reynolds his performance hits just the right key. I've seen other super hero movies and believe me Green Lantern is near the top of my ten best S H movies.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 24 January 2014
Once upon a time there was a universe entirely drawn on computer. It spawned a race of heroes known as the `Green Lanterns' who wore computer generated suits. However, a large computer generated baddie thing came along and they had to fight it. They imprisoned it on a computer generated planet at the edge of the galaxy until three computer generated survivors from a crippled computer generated spaceship accidentally set him free.

Cut to Earth where Ryan Reynolds plays a test pilot of a computer generated fighter jet. And, guess what, he ends up joining the team of computer generated Green Lanterns. He uses his cosmic ring to create an array of computer generated special effects in order to fight the computer generated baddie.

Do you get where I'm going with this? 99% of this film is drawn on computers.

If you can get over this, you might like it. To be fair, the story's not bad - what you'd expect from a superhero film. The actors do their best with what you'd expect. I know it's been given a rough ride and it does have some stiff competition in the superhero movie leagues against the Marvel Avengers franchise, but it isn't as bad as you've probably heard it to be.

It'll never be the Dark Knight, but at least it won't be Daredevil.

Special mention to the scene where Ryan Reynolds takes his girlfriend to a bar one night - it's almost entirely filmed without the help of computer graphics!
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on 18 July 2011
If you are a Green Lantern fan you have been waiting an eternity for this, but because of the special effects required, it really could not be made until now. The story line is ok, it is not over the top, and is reasonably true to the comic book. As you would expect the effects are awesome, and as much can be expected from a super hero movie. The build up is a little slow, and I do question if it was all needed. Having said that it was all relevant to the plot. There are a million and one stories to be told about Green Lantern and the corps, enough to keep WB going forever, this film is a nice set up for what hopefully will be more to come.
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on 27 April 2014
this film is just awful, now I am a huge comic book reader and love the green lantern comics but this film was poorly made and the appalling actor that is Ryan Reynolds didn't help the situation.

do not buy this film
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