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Customer Reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 3 June 2012
Just watched this blue ray last night. The film was brilliant, typical Steven Spillberg. It was a film with great emotions, and leaving right to last what kind of ending it was going to be. I'm a softie but this really needed the tissue box. Brilliant , definitely buy
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on 21 January 2012
I've already seen `War Horse' twice at the cinema and on both occasions found it thoroughly entertaining and emotive. Steven Spielberg has created a marvellous movie adaptation of Michael Morpurgo's much loved children's book about the journey of farmer's son Albert Narracott and his courageous horse, Joey.

Joey is bought on a whim by Albert's drunken father at auction whilst he's supposed to be looking for a horse to work the plough; however Albert quickly takes charge of Joey and they quickly become inseparable. Inseparable until the outbreak of World War 1 and Joey is sold to the British Army ... there the story continues as we (the audience) follow Joey on his journey through one of the worst chapters of warfare and Albert vows to find him.

Janusz Kaminski has done an outstanding job of capturing the beautiful Dartmoor landscape, almost making it another character in the film. Spielberg has assembled a great cast of Britain's best such as David Thewlis, Emily Watson, Eddie Marsan, Peter Mullan, Tom Hiddleston and Benedict Cumberbatch. However, it's newcomer Jeremy Irvine and Niels Arestrup who caught my attention most throughout the film.

Irvine is fantastic in his first central role as Albert, he illustrates to perfection the terror which young soldiers had to overcome to make the murderous run across no mans land during the Great War plus he interacts with Joey in a totally believable way to make you feel that he genuinely would follow that horse into the hell of war. Arestrup is heartbreaking as the grandfather whose character shows how war can destroy a family and the effect it has on those left behind.

What also helps 'War Horse' pack an emotional punch is John Williams amazing music score, there are some scenes when Williams music kicks in had me welling up.

I can't wait for `War Horse' to be released on blu ray as in my opinion it's right up there with some of Spielberg's finest work, which is all the more impressive given the superb catalogue which Spielberg has created in the past. 'War Horse' tells a story from a war which shouldn't be forgotten now the last of the veterans has passed on. I hope there are plenty of extras on the release to show how much work went into this marvellous movie.
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on 24 February 2012
This is a film about one of the worst wars of all time but seen through a horse's eyes rather than a human's. Joey the chestnut thoroughbred is the undoubted star of the show throughout.

Reflecting the actuality of the First World War Joey doesn't stay long with anyone once the war gets started. There is no point complaining that Joey's owner appears at the beginning and then at the end and therefore it's difficult to get to know him as a character as that is the whole point. War rips connections apart and it is a miracle - especially in the First World War - if anyone can find their friends again at the end of it, whether they be human or animal.

I've read some of the other reviews on here and I don't see how anyone can say it is a sanitized or sugar coated version of the First World War. It has within it men on horseback with swords being machine gunned in their dozens like the threshed corn from which they emerge, two boy soldiers shot for desertion, a grandfather with a sick child having their meager possessions plundered without thought or care by the enemy, a horse dying from over work, the hero Joey being nearly ripped apart on the barbed wire (a scene which is obviously meant to remind us of all the many thousands of men who met the same fate) and harrowing scenes where soldiers go over the top in the filth and the mud and noise and confusion only to be cut down before they have gone more than a few yards. Oh and our hero and his friends blinded by gas. Sanitized? Sugar coated? I think not.

Joey's experiences touch all the major points of the war and make us stand back for a change and look at human behaviour from a distance. The barbarity on show certainly makes us think who are the animals in all this.

Once the surviving war horses' ordeal is over their debt is not even acknowledged and they are sold off for meat to French butchers. Again this is typical of selfish, unthinking, greedy human behaviour. The kind of behaviour that gets us into wars in the first place.

The film is also wonderful at demonstrating the special bond that exists between humans and horses. Joey brings joy to many that he meets despite the constant misery of the war and we are reminded when seeing his uncomplaining and tireless service of the debt people owe and have owed to horses over thousands of years.

I won't spoil it by saying if our likeable young Devon hero is reunited with his beloved Joey in the end but suffice to say even the toughest will shed a tear.

And finally I don't think, as some reviewers do, that the sunset at the end is overblown or sentimental or old fashioned - rather it reminds me of the sun setting on the old European way of life which the War blew apart for all time.

Normally Steven Spielberg keeps his adventure films separate from his more thoughtful, heart-felt ones but War Horse is a satisfying meshing of both action and heart that should please and inform anyone interested in the First World War.
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on 20 June 2012
Warhorse was beautifully filmed and well acted, but having seen the show in London which was so unbelievably moving I felt a little disappointed with the film.
They added some french scenes which I thought were unnecessary,made no sense and spoilt it for me
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on 29 December 2015
A great film can watch it over and over again
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on 4 January 2017
A very good film. Just get your tissues ready.
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on 7 January 2015
a wonderful film - need to watch to appreciate
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on 28 January 2015
best film ever thank you for a speedy delivery
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on 20 June 2016
Beautiful, but not as powerful as the theatre.
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on 6 September 2012
If your name is Felicity and you own a pony then this might make you cry. Otherwise, it's a highly improbable shmalzy shmucker of a film peppered with annoying accents, English toff stereotypes and more horrible Huns than you could fill a Greek beach with.
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