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Customer Reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars

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on 23 August 2011
I have been running a set of these tyres on my no1 bike and bought another set for the commuter. So far I have had zero punctures in several hundred miles despite all that city streets can throw at them. I highly recommend them.
They roll well and are plenty grippy in the wet, not skittish at all like some tyres.
Of course they are not as fast as a pure race tyre but that is not what they are about at all.
They do have one downside which people should be aware of. They were a pig to fit and needed quite a bit of force to get onto the rim, which could easily damage the innertube unless a lot of care is taken.
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on 23 May 2017
Super product
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on 12 March 2015
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on 22 June 2011
I ordered two of these for my road bike to reduce the risk of getting punctures when riding. I always carry a spare inner tube just in case but the extra peace of mind these tyres give easily justifies the cost. So far I've only ridden about 200km with them which isn't really enough to comment on how effective the puncture resistance is, but the roads and paths which I use always have glass and thorns strewn across them, so I'm pleased that I haven't had any punctures so far. It's not specifically mentioned in the description, although the picture gives you some idea, these are a rigid tyre, meaning that they have a steel bead, not a flexible nylon bead as found in a folding tyre. This adds a small amount of extra weight compared to a folding tyre, but I'm not exactly a lightweight myself so this has little impact for me. As rigid tyres are usually slightly larger than folding tyres which allow for some stretch in the nylon bead, these were very easy to fit as they're not so tight on the rims. When riding they seem pretty grippy, although the usual care has to be taken over slippery man-hole covers etc. I have them inflated to around 100psi which makes for a firm but fast ride. My only negative would be with Amazon's delivery. As these are rigid tyres they have to come in a very large box. For some reason Amazon decided to package each tyre separately and dispatch them separately. This meant that I received two huge boxes when one would have been more than enough and could have easily taken 7 or 8 tyes without any issue. Not a negative for the product, more for Amazons packaging policy.
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on 6 May 2011
I got a Boardman Hybrid earlier this year and the stock tyres while very fast running are very thin and prone to punctures .....a lot of puntures.. it was getting me down.flints and thorns being the main culprit

I bought a pair of Schwalbe marathon plus from my local bike shop, I've always used these on my hybrids and always feel confident that they won't let you down ( litterally!!) for all my might I couldn't make them stay on ... any more than 50 psi and the bead would disengage and the tube would pop out...I returned them reluctently..

I got a pair of these Contis...from Amazon and so far so good ...easy on, nice flexible sidewalls,mostly slick with a small pattern as a tread.. wacked 110 psi in and no dramas .. looked ok as well

I had nice little 60 mile round Suffolk last Saturday and they have been great.. mostly road.. a bit of breckland path and a bit of dusty gravel tracks ( not fun on 28c tyres )and the bike and tyres coped very well..

This week cycling to work, daily 18 mile round trip ... plenty of hedge cuttings,pot holes,squashed wildlife & broken glass

So I've done around 140 miles and no puntures ..They feel as free running as the Maxis detonator stock tyre and I would say they are less skiterish over bumps and hitting +25 mph and nice a grippy in the corners.. people say they are good in the wet so don't have to worry about that..

nuff said really .. I like them .. time will tell if they last and the puncture protection is reliable

***** Update *****

June 2011.. Got to 750 miles and my first puncture, so not bad really ... took the opportunity to swap them around to even out the wear, not that they need it as they look hardly worn the front still had the manufacturing seam down the middle. Still not had a decent chance to check out the rain grip, but I'm not moaning..

***** Update *****

March 2012.. done about 3.5k on these now... one is starting to puncture.. so going to replace it by ordering another... under £22 delivered... £3 cheaper than last year !!! my local bike shop has them up for £35 !!

Did find out by the way why the Schwalbes were popping off the rims... apparently some of the Boardmans have undersized wheels, not by much but enough to make correct size tyres pop off ... Contis are apparently very tight to fit on correct size wheels... So bob on for Boardmans...

all in all puncture free and longevity ( I am poet and my mother knows it )

***** Update ******

July 2013

Time for a new rear, my fault really, I had put in 120psi as I was competing in a local Tri and I must of gone over something pretty sharp as it has gone through the protection..

Price has gone up to just under £26 but not much for all those miles of not having that horrible sinking feeling.

I will just add, I run these at about 80psi on my daily commute as I'm a bit (lot) of a lard a** and I think it just makes it little easier on them.... also a bit of a training aid as when you pump them up to go racing... you fly..
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on 16 June 2011
I have just purchased a set of Gatorskin hardshell 700 x 23. I have purchased puncture resistant tyres before, and found them to be a little sluggish, these Gatorskins however are very good, and quick. I have them pumped up to 8.5 bar and have had no problems. The grip is very good, my average speed has increased by around 3mph, I don't know if that is the tyres or my fitness increasing, but I am very happy with the ride. these tyres seem thinner than my previous tyres, even though they are apparently the same size and width.

I ride on some terrible roads, plenty of pot holes, and glass and it seems that these tyres haven't even been scratched!

Fast, durable, puncture resistant, light, very thin, yet have plenty of grip.

The only thing I would have liked would be a selection of colours, as my bike is black and can look a little dull, but the tyres are faultless so far. I do around 20 miles 4-5 times a week and they are still like new.
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on 7 November 2016
I'm sorry to say that these are no better than what I had during the summer: ultra sport from Continental.
Indeed the inside of the tire feels more rigged than ultra sport, but in terms of puncture proof they are just as bad.
Or maybe is just my luck that I have in London.
I also do a weekly tire inspection just to pull out some broken glass, but that still didn't help in my case.
In terms of performance I couldn't write anything because I'm a beginner. Usually I ride about 300 miles/month and I had about the same amount of flat tires as with ultra sport.
My personal experience would tell me that with any tire I'd buy is just a matter of playing my chances.
As for the seller, I received them promptly and well packed.
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on 22 March 2017
Fits quite easily but you do need a reasonable set of tyre levers. I use a plastic 3 set. Make sure the first thing you do is have the tyre fully enclosing the wheel before you try and work the first side inside the rim. Always work to finish on the opposite side of wheel to the valve. I can't give 5 stars until I've done a few hundred miles -without a puncture hopefully.
It feels to have a nice grip, I feel in contact with the road and yet it gives a free running and smooth ride.
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on 6 September 2012
I originally converted to this brand and series, and indeed size, after finding my local bike shop out of stock of the range I had previously used. Punctures are hugfely reduced, and I would suggest NOT using those slime-filled inner tubes, firstly because they don't actually work as they ought to, secondly because they clogg up the valve, and thirdly because like every tyre on the planet they are still subject to shock-tears and seams splitting under pressure. So, standards inner tubes plus these and away you go.

the 25mm is a huge performance advance over narrower guages, a much smoother ride and only a tiny additional roll drag to contend with - which might anyway be seen as a good thing as you work harder, and working hard is what cycle training is all about. I've also found thast wider tyres are somewhat less likely to puncture, which sounds against logic as a larger area is in contact with the road surface - but truth holds out.
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on 26 June 2016
I had a very mixed experience with my Gatorskin. I have been cycling very heavily for the past year and a half, around 20 miles a day, and after speaking to several of my more experienced cyclist friends this was THE tyre to go for. All round, very durable tyre.

When I first received the tyre, I gave a rudimentary inspection, nothing thorough, before putting it on the front. After cycling approximately one mile on a flat tarmac B-road, I stopped to have a look at my tyre to see how it was getting on, check the pressure etc. It was at this moment when I noticed a bulge in the side, and on closer inspection it appeared to be a tear across from the side of the rim to the middle of the tyre. Now don't get me wrong, I understand tyres can be damaged. But during this cycle, I did not notice one bump, one hiccup. Naturally, with anything new, one is very careful. This led me to believe this was a fault with the product that had started BEFORE I had received the tyre. After getting in touch with "Bike Champions" and sending the photos I have attached here (taken on initial 1 mile inspection) they simply insisted that I must have been cycling across debris and had done the damage myself. The gentleman I dealt with was very insistent that I was not telling the whole truth and I frankly had very bad service from him. I did not necessarily expect a refund, but I received no courtesy at all.

Let's say this fault was caused by myself. If that is the case, then this is a real shame, as what appears to be quite a lot of damage was caused very easily by an impact or debris that went unnoticed by myself. If such an unnoticeable bump or piece of debris could have caused such damage, it gives me great doubt as to the quality of the tyre.

Perhaps I had a very unlucky experience, but to suffice to say I was left unsatisfied with the gatorskin. It is of my opinion that this was damaged prior to use, but if not then the gatorskin is not very durable at all.

I know there are a lot of great reviews of thus tyre, but feel it only fair to share my experience, which is not necessarily solely a reflection of the seller, but of the tyre quality itself.
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