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on 1 March 2013
This era was riddled with mystery some stories well known this was one less well known great action scenes fulfilling characters .
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on 29 June 2014
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on 10 August 2015
Great siege style film
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on 23 March 2015
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on 16 October 2011
The film is a good quality medieval bloodbath, brutal, exciting and full of heroic moments. It works well, though not being english, the events depicted in the movie were absolutely unknown to me.

There were a few strange things, which ruined the experience. The army hired by King John (Paul Giamatti is hilarious in his role, especially when shouting like a madman) came from Denmark. The characters, their ships, their gears all looks like of warriors of the North. Though they speak hungarian... yes, they speak a central european language. The filmmakers did not take the effort to dub danish. I realize that some scenes were made in Hungary, the danish brutes stuntmen were all hungarians for making the movie was cheaper this way (there is no problem with that, hungarian stuntmen are amongst the best in he world), but if one makes a historical movie (even it is going to be an action packed blockbuster), he should take care of the details.

I myself am a Hungarian, it was a very strange experience hearing my language in a english speaking DVD. It was fun after all, hearing roars like "Anyád kutya!" (Your mother is a dog!) or "Meghalsz, mint egy disznó!" (You die like a pig!), but did not helped immersion...

Battle scenes are very, very brutal, sometimes felt watching some gruesome gory horror movie, but after Braveheart, all medieval battle films must show some real carnage. I hated when Purefoy fought with his huge sword gripping it at the blade (if he could cut an armoured man in half with that,it would have cut his tiny fingers off.. ok, it looks good on the screen, but silly) and enjoyed the moment when the castle was tore down (good CGI work I think).

The film was good after all, Danish-Hungarian mercenaries rule!
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on 23 September 2012
This is a solid film which deals with treachery, the Magna Carta and the will of egotistic despots, so engrossed in themselves that the lives of their noble countrymen are meaningless. Of King John, a selfish sod megalomaniac who imports Dane mercenaries to slaughter on his behalf- his own people. And it all takes place at a strategic Castle. Nothing extraordinary about it other than it needs to be taken before the march on London. And 20 brave souls led by a Knight Templar, Thomas put up a massive fight and buy time... much like the 300 Spartans before them. For the French forces to come to the aid of "the free spirited" English fighters.

The blood and gore is an essential ingredient missed by some other critics here on Amazon. They play the barbarism of the time. The lack of human values and principles of a King obsessed with himself... his "by divine right stuff"...chops off hands and feet.... serious blood lust.... a monster of a man.... how better to do it than to show this graphically.Reminds one of someone later on the other side of the channel- a frothing mouthed megalomaniac with a box mustache and siphalis on the brain...

Eurpean history is written in blood.... something today's Europeans need to remember, and gain courage from.

Noble people long gone and better than us have died for a just cause.
Well done the people who put this together. An honest attempt to display what it might have been like living in these "Dark Age" years.
And, I bought my copy on DVD from Amazon. Couldn't find it anywhere else.
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on 3 January 2013
Ironclad is mentioned in the Guide to Rochester Castle (where the main action takes place). It is pretty true to life - medieval life - and to the known facts. King John is well-presented for what he reputedly was - a sort of medieval Caligula - and the dialogue is clear and intelligent. No-one could fault the action sequences. It certainly helps to present the England of those days in a less than romantic light and also the siege warfare for what it undoubtedly was - ruthless and nasty - and underlines the reasons why Castles were so apparently well-fortified. A must for the medieval enthusiast.
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on 26 May 2013
The Alamo? Magnificent Seven?

Based on Actual events? Whatever the basis...did not care a jot about any of the characters history or whatever happened to them as they all seemed shallow and undercooked...(Best served raw?) ..but all characters were eventually hacked to death. Some good actors who could have done more with a story line and narrative. So where was Robin Hood in all this....I think he was trying to stop the French rescue team from landing.....attempting to save the 'Magna Carta' Whatever, something lost in the translation.....rights of the common man versus large corporations and sinister powerful families ( All Norman French).
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on 28 September 2011
I really enjoyed it. My son and husband also found it very enjoyable. I have said it before and I will say it again if it entertains then it has done its job. This did its job.
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on 10 September 2014
An enjoyable Sunday afternoon movie. English history is fudged and muddled for narrative purposes and the plot takes a predictable but fun course. Ragtag bunch of soldiers, impossible odds, fighty fighty fight.

The cast makes this better than it otherwise would be. Charles Dance proves there's more to him than lions and Lannister gold, Brian Cox leaves no piece of scenery unchewed and the always supremely cool James Purefoy does an excellent turn as a Templar knight. Also worthy of a mention is Vladimir Kulich who plays a surprisingly noble enemy mercenary. His was one of the deeper characters in this film.

So in summary, this won't challenge you. It won't redefine your life. It's no masterpiece, but if it's raining outside and you fancy a cup of tea and a good film, this might just be it. Seven out of ten.
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