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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 8 December 2011
The films are all unique and brilliant. These are the films which all sit inside the top 100 films ever made. The quality of these blu ray releases is wonderful. 2001 is the film to show to mates when they are umming and ahhing about upgrading to blu ray. the picture is sharp enough to cut the eyeballs and is truly breathtaking. Also, Lolita and Barry Lyndon were previously unavailable on blu and make their debut here. Barry Lyndon is one of my very favorite films (it also has my favorite cinematography of any Kubrick film) so I was very pleased about this, it often gets overlooked but I would personally put it a nose ahead of full metal jacket and EWS. The extras are more than enough on the discs but also included is a whole documentary which is in depth about Kubrick on disc 8. At triple the asking price it would still be a reasonable buy but at this price it is literally a steal - about £3 a film. I have many of these on DVD but at this price I just had to upgrade. If you are even slightly into Kubrick you will without a doubt come back to these films again and again. I'm not wishing to be dramatic but its a price so low its almost criminal. I saw The Shining for sale in a well known entertainment outlet last week and it was £14.99 on normal DVD with all the extras included here, that is two thirds the price of this collection which has 6 times as many films (all in High definition), a documentary and a small book!!!! Buying this at the current price is a steal and even if somehow you haven't seen all the films included just go ahead and buy it I swear you won't be disappointed. So amazed by the price was I that I researched the Blu ray releases to make sure they were not really poor restorations and transfers but this is far from the case = all are known to be good while a few (2001 & The Shining) are noted as being outstanding eye popping transfers. In summary get your hands on this before they sell out and then put the price back up to a reasonable amount, which should surely be about £10 a film. Get it .... Quick !!!
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on 12 May 2013
Seven films for around a fiver each - pretty good value, and that's before you consider the richness of the material within. There are not many artists I would consider geniuses in their field, but Stanley Kubrick is one. A director with an utterly unique vision, he stamped his personality all over the screen. It's worth considering that Kubrick visited a wide range of genres, most only once, and yet several of these films are regarded as undisputed classics of their kind - 2001 (sci-fi), The Shining (horror), Barry Lyndon (period drama) and so on. Kubrick famously preferred his films shot in Academy format to be presented on home video in open-matte 4:3 ratio - not without controversy as despite his liking for the squarer framing, the more recent movies were shown at the cinema matted to widescreen, and presumably shot with the wider framing in mind. For years open-matte transfers were all we had - even for 1999's "Eyes Wide Shut" - but fortunately the studio has presented the films in this set in their original theatrical widescreen ratios, or very close to. The films look great in HD, especially 2001. Audio-wise, the more recent transfers (Clockwork Orange and Barry Lyndon) have DTS-MA tracks, while the other films have uncompressed multi-channel PCM audio, which is wasteful of disc space but otherwise should make no difference. Don't expect much in the way of surround effects - 2001 is the most impressive, being shot in 70mm with multi-channel sound in mind, but Kubrick preferred mono for the rest of his films, up to and including Full Metal Jacket. Overall we've been well and truly spoilt with this boxset. For the price of three cinema tickets and a couple of drinks, enjoy the work of a visionary director looking the best it's ever done outside of a cinema.
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on 10 December 2011
I bought this set just for 2001. For the price, that alone on Blu Ray would be a bargain. Those that complain that we don't get as much as the USA are missing the point. It's still an absolute and unmissable banging bargain!
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on 20 May 2011
Hey, love these films to bits and have seen them many times over.If you go to the site there are two films missing in this set as the yanks are getting Spartacus and Dr Stangelove - USA 10 Disc set - UK 8 disc??.Yes these are available seperatley but it would have been nice to have them in the UK release..If you also go to and check out Mark Twains's review and go to permalink there is a great comment section by maelje which explains why the films in this collection are the correct aspect ratio's - worth checking out!..
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on 3 August 2015
If this was twice the money I'd still recommend. Sure, this set may not include some of Kubrick's earlier work (*cough* Dr. Strangelove *cough*). But the fact is that it DOES include 7 of his certified masterpieces, all on blu ray, in one set. This is great for those who've been aching too see these films in HD and for those who want to get into Kubrick's films for the first time; and to be honest they're aren't many better ways see these films. I haven't seen a single film in this set that I didn't love or at least appreciate its beauty or their acting prowess. If you love Kubrick or just love films in general; this is an absolute steal!
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on 8 December 2012
You are getting not only Kubrick's finest, but some of the greatest films ever made in high definition and at a very reasonable price (sometimes it drops to £18, or even £15)

The highlight in terms of picture quality is '2001' - which is by far the most well-restored of the entire set. The rest are above-average. Kubrick's vivid colours and flowing cinematography are given the justice they deserve: The zooms in 'Barry Lyndon', the steady-cam shots in 'The Shining', the harsh palette of 'A Clockwork Orange', and the Christmas lights in 'Eyes Wide Shut' have never looked better. I suppose one could argue that the grain and occasional murk present in a few of the films adds to the overall effect - indeed, I much prefer a grainy film to one that's been murdered by DNR.

The packaging is not perfect. For a start, whilst the discs are well protected, they are extremely difficult to extract from the case. 'Lolita' and the bonus documentaries particularly are a struggle, and I'm actually reluctant to watch these two again simply because I'm worried about snapping the discs in two when taking them out. I've seen this kind of packaging done much better before, but I prefer it to the US version which simply slots the discs into a cardboard sleeve (which is very likely to cause long-term damage to the discs). Also, I was lucky to pick this collection up back when it came with the booklet. If you own any literature regarding Kubrick then your not missing that much, but I can see why some are disappointed that its no longer included.

The reason why Dr Strangelove [Blu-ray] [2010][Region Free] or Spartacus [Blu-ray] [1960] are not included in this version of the box-set is because Sony owns the UK-rights to 'Dr Strangelove', and 'Spartacus' similarly is owned by Universal. Both of these films are available on Blu-Ray separately in the UK, so its not the end of the world - and there is more than enough content in this box-set to still be worth your money. However, the US version of 'The Shining' is not included (which I've been told is superior). This is the only in-excusable omission from the box-set: since Warner Bros owns both the European and US versions. Its really not hard to have a menu pop up before the film starts asking if you would like to view the US or European version, Warner Bros...

The US version of this Box-Set has its pros and cons as well. The packaging is much worse, but if your really picky about having 'Dr Strangelove' and 'Spartacus' (again, both are available separately in the UK), and you want the US version of 'The Shining' (although, you won't get the European version) then as long as your not too worried about the packaging, get the US version if you happen to come across it at an OK price. All Warner Bros Blu-Ray's are Region-Free (something ALL companies including Criterion should do), so if you think its a worthy investment then go for it. Otherwise, you should be happy with this cheaper, more convenient option.
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on 12 July 2011
Kubrick's films are finally given a blu ray set to be proud of. The discs come in a flip style amaray blu-ray case (like the Alien Anthology replacement), and nice hardback book with info on each film, which both slide nicely into a hardback slipcase. The way the discs are stored in an amaray case may seem a bit cheap but is actually not only more protective for the discs but makes them easier and quick to access. This is a better style than the American boxset which may come in a more aesthetically pleasing book style, but to remove the disc for that you need to physically tocuh the bottom shiny side of the disc, and edge it out, which has been reported can lead to scratches.

The set contains the last seven Kubrick films. The American release gets Spartacus and Dr Strangelove aswell, but as Kubrick was brought on as a director without preperations for the former, and the latter film being a satirical comedy and thus not necessarily as deep and artistic as his later work, this is no big problem. The transfers are mostly great, the two best would be 2001 and The Shining.

The special features for each disc are identical to previous releases, with a few new additions here and there. The two blu ray debutees, Lolita and Barry Lyndon, only contain theatrical trailers. However the set does include the documentary Stanley Kubrick: A Life in Pictures a two hour chronicle of the incredible filmmaker.

Overall this is an essential purchase for any film or especially Kubrick fan, even more so if you only own a couple of the Kubrick blu-rays and want to experience more great films from this truly visionary filmmaker.
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on 16 June 2013
As usual, this is a product (not movie) review of the Bluray set "Stanley Kubrick: Visionary Filmaker Collection." released by warner home video. Stanley Kubrick: Visionary Filmmaker Collection [Blu-ray] [1962] [Region Free]

There are several major problems that demerit what should be a great release.

1. As already noted, the discs are really difficult to remove and must be flexed considereably during removal. The possibility of breaking one during removal is a real concern.

2. The discs have pictures but no titles on them so identifying which disc is which is not always easy. When I took out "Eyes wide shut" I had to check the case to see what the title was.

3. The information on the discs is in french although the disc menus are in english. Go figure.

4. Three of the movies did not have proper disc menus and started playing as soon as the disc was inserted. Very annoying and simply unacceptable. This may have been a firmware issue with my BD player but I did not have the same issue with the other 3 discs.

5. Most (excluding 2001: A Space Odyssey) are presented in 1.78:1. Although IMDB shows most of these feature films shot in 1.37:1 there was certainly some matting for the theatrical release. I honestly do not know if the theatrical releases were 1.78:1. I suspect they were 1.85:1 so maybe someone can clarify this.

6. The Shining is the shorter 120 minute version and not the full 147 minute version.

7. Finally, and worst, is the terrible quality of many of these movies. I have a 65" screen and the graininess and blurring during movement was very noticeable (as other reviewers have also noted). I have watched DVDs with better quality than these blu-ray releases. As noted, these are either upscaled DVDs or poor transfers from the original source material. Either way, they are not Bluray quality and as such really makes this Blu-Ray release worthless.

The only positives about this set are the inclusion of subtitles and the price but even these cannot salvage the wreck that this release is.

I give it 1 star.
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on 25 July 2011
Am a big fan of Kubrick's films. Truth be told, was feeling a bit hesitant when ordering, since I own most of the movies here in previously remastered versions. So I wasn't expecting a lot of new features from this blu ray set because the old ones are pretty good enough already for me. But anyhow I bought this set when I saw the big drop of its price not long after the set was launched. At less than 30 quid, it's a knockout bargain for me. I mean, what can you really buy out there with that kinda money?

Overall, the quality of the blu rays are superb. Unlike the US version, which has received numerous complaints on its book design disc holder, this box set comes in more traditional packaging, the discs are held firmly, individually in a large plastic box. So no worries for people who fancy to buy this version. You can always buy Dr. Strangelove blu ray separately, do don't bother with the 8 discs or 10 discs dilemma.

I was really glad that they have included new documentary on THE LUCKY MALCOM together with Stanley Kubrick documentary on the last disc. Tested a few of the discs, some picture quality are significantly improved, especially Barry Lyndon, but well, if you like, the older version in my dvd collection was simply not good enough for the latest LCD or LED tv anyway. The major attraction of the set is Space Odyssey 2001 for me. The opening landscape footage never look better for me. And I am glad that I bought this new version though somehow so far I have found no new featuers are added into the blu ray version of the movie. But still, the price beats all imperfections.

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on 20 December 2013
This is a fantastic deal for a fantastic box set but sadly the fact that it no longer comes with the hardback book does disappoint me but it's still very good.
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