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on 3 December 2013
I've been using the 600d for nearly a year as both a video camera and for my photography. I'm a big believer in the importance of the lens over the camera so I've used this camera with some very expensive professional lens on the the last few months and it's yet to fail me as a camera!

The body is strong and well made and I've found it to be a great all rounder, perfect for someone new to photography but also perfectly adequate for a more experienced shooter.

The video function of the camera is great and I've used it extensively for the recording and production of promotional videos in the time I've been using it. The on camera microphone is surprisingly effective (although not great in noisy environments). The lack of constant auto focus in video does make it a little more difficult for the beginner however I use all manual lens' for video work so not a problem for me.

When shooting stills in low light I found the ISO to be adequate and having used both the 650d and 60d I'd say the extra cost of the 650d isn't worth it based on that specification difference. Their is some noise on mixed light environments that isn't ideal but that's possibly an issue with my skill rather than the camera.

If I were purchasing again I would seriously consider the 60d (now replaced by the 70d) it's specification may not be massively different but some of it's shooting features such as the top screen etc and button layout do make it much easier to use in the field!

I would also seriously consider the 100d as an alternative now too! The price is great and the camera is seriously compact! I found the focusing much faster and the button layout far more intuitive than the 600d plus the benefit (or negative depending on your opinion) of being touch screen! Having used it for some time now the flip out screen is far less useful than I anticipated and it spends most of its' life just sat in the camera like a none pop out screen so the 100d is not worse off for not having this, in fact I think I'd prefer it for ease of adding video viewfinders etc!

Having said all of that I'm very fond of the 600d and it's been a great camera for me, I imagine now it's replacements (700d) or alternatives (70d or 100d) will get much attention however as it's price drops the 600d becomes a better and better deal it think!
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on 27 October 2013
The camera came on the first day of the delivery estimate in perfect condition.
I have been playing around with it for a few days now and the photos are incredible quality - even for someone who is an absolute novice with cameras!!

The only thing I would say is that in order to film videos on this camera you need an SD card of mark 6 or above.
I'll be honest I had no idea that SD cards varied in anything other than memory size. However due to the quality of the footage this camera can produce the SD card needs to work quick enough. Anything less than mark 6 will mean the camera will film for about 20 seconds and then stop.

Other than that there is nothing at all that I could complain about. If you are looking for a top of the range camera that can be used by any level of photographer then go for this one. Every time
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on 23 March 2014
Having previously owned and enjoyed using my first ever Canon EOS 35mm SLR camera, a 1000F film camera for many years until the battery leaked and stopped the shutter working correctly, I was fairly keen to reacquaint myself with Canon's excellent SLR cameras as soon as possible.
I think it's true that if you have got used to the way a particular piece of equipment, such as a phone or camera works and enjoyed using it then you are more likely to stick with the brand when replacing an old item. This was definitely the case for me but with the added requirement that the DSLR should also be as user friendly as possible with our telescope so that my wife and I can continue with our astrophotograhy hobby.
As such this particular camera wins over its rivals by virtue of having a screen which you can swing away from the back of the camera and tilt to any angle thereby making it easier to frame and focus on the particular object being viewed through the telescope without giving yourself neck ache.
I have only had the new camera for a week or so but have already remembered the 'Canon feel' in my hand and started to enjoy using one all over again
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on 22 May 2014
I bought this after taking part on a digital photography course at my local college, and realising I was very limited with my then bridge camera. I was apprehensive but this camera is so user friendly and easy, I am thrilled with it. The menus are simple to navigate, and the most used options such as white balance is all readily to hand with the cursor wheel on the back. The LCD viewfinder is great, and battery life very good. It is easy to change lenses and there is very little I could fault this for. It is a great entry level for beginners but advanced enough to keep going with. The only negative I have is that the Macro for close-ups is sometimes lacking in certain lights, I like to photograph flowers close up and it doesn't always focus well but that is easily over-ridden with manual focus. Would recommend.
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on 26 December 2012
Took ages talking myself into buying. I was frightened it was an expensive boy toy.
Its my 1st SLR. Had a play with one 30 years ago but I've stuck with my compact on autofocus ever since.
Its early days yet but everything about this camera is well thought out and simpler to use than he purist would have you believe.
Each shot gives good results that encourage you take another and before long your experimenting with the settings.
Think about the lens options before you buy. It comes with a 18-55mm which has a focal length similar to your own eyes.
I was rightly advised to buy the 18-135mm lens package but as it cost more I didn't listen. I now have the camera with standard 18-55mm lens and an additional Canon 55-250mm lens.
Luckily this worked out a bit cheaper than the 135mm option and gives more flexibility but I have to lug two lens around.
Be careful to buy image stabalised lenses. They cut camera shake and lessen the need for a tripod.
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on 25 May 2014
I thought I was getting good results with my old Finepix, and wouldn't say a bad word about it. But this is a fabulous camera, especially for the money paid. Everything I need for a day can fit into a decent sized bag, batteries last for an unexpectedly long time, I have bought a second lens, Hoya Pro-1 digital UV filters for each lens as protection and get fabulous results with a Hoya digital circular filter. When greeted with the operating manual I was slightly worried but it is a very 'intuitive' camera to use. Spend some time playing with the settings.

I have stuck to image stabilised lenses and am astonished at the quality of imaged I am achieving. Even though the sensor is not the equivalent of a 35mm, am surprised at the quality of the enlargements I can achieve. Very pleased with all aspects of the camera
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on 11 January 2014
When I bought this I had longed for a digital SLR. I had a film SLR but the cost of printing photos that didn't turn out was just defeating me. This was not long out and had a price drop to £480 (this was a bout a year ago, give or take a month).

Being an amateur, this was a great bit of kit that offered a more than entry level set of requirements. If any amateur can get this for a good price then it is definitely worth it. Even if you are Semi-pro this is still a good camera. I would like a full frame camera but thats a bit too much for now!

This camera has a lot of good functions for its price and delivers great results. The manual makes it easier to understand who to operate it, and help from Digital Camera magazine is improving my photography skills greatly. A great feature is the Vari-angle screen, as this was one of the first SLR's to utilise it. It dramatically helps with angles you would want to get but wouldn't be able to see what you were recording. I absolutely love my 600D
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on 7 March 2013
I'd been wanting a digital SLR ever since they first came out, but was waiting for a really good one to come down to an affordable level. Well, the EOS 600D is just such a camera, and from the research I did, seemed to represent the best value around - at least at the time of purchase.
It's simple enough for people with no experience of SLRs (e.g. my wife) to get perfect shots with minimal familiarisation, and yet offers all the control and flexibility for the more demanding enthusiast too.
The image quality is superb in both stills and video, although the autofocus only really works in decent light levels.

To photograph our premature twins in the neonatal ICU, the standard no-flash setting seemed to work just as well as any of the customised settings such as AP etc. and delivered some great results, although after a few days I also bought the Canon EF 50 mm f/1.8 II Lens, which allows you to get much clearer shots even in the darkest of scenes.

I thought I'd still use my pocket point & click camera for the more spontaneous moments, but this one is just so good, so easy to use, and produces such excellent results, I now use it everywhere and for everything.
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on 3 June 2014
This camera would be inadequate in the eyes of the pro but for us mere mortals who nevertheless take a bit of pride in our photos, this does the job in style.

Loads of useful features, well built and the kit lens is more than adequate.
The video feature works particularly and surprisingly well too.
I bought mine nearly two years ago now and it hasn't disappointed.
The only negative I have is the imaging software which is hopeless but I guess most will use something like photoshop to do the job properly anyway.

It is well worth getting a manual on the camera and learn the various settings rather than just rely on the auto photo settings. This way you will get even more from this great value camera.
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on 7 April 2014
This was bought to take the place of a failed Fujifilm bridge camera and represents a return to Single Lens Reflex photography. I realise that Canon are phasing this model out in favour of the EOS 700D (which is significantly more expensive) - but this camera is fantastic and does everything I need. Colour balance and saturation are both excellent, and the standard "kit" lens is perfectly acceptable, staying sharp throughout the zoom range (18 -55mm, which has to be multiplied by the APS-C sensor factor of 1.6). By the way, the "updated model" recommended by Amazon is the 100D - which doesn't have an articulating LCD screen and doesn't have the same capability/flexibility in terms of exposure control.
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