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on 18 July 2017
I had bought this camera for college.
It's long since gone for a year or two now, but not due to any complications, I had finished college and outgrown it.

It's absolutely a brilliant and well recommended camera for any beginner. Or just anyone who fancies some high quality holiday snaps. It gives a range of options, but doesn't completely drown you in them, keeping it simple yet sophisticated.
It feels built to last. Not cheaply made like some other cameras can feel. I practised with a range of cameras during my course, and I would always come back to using my own (this one).
The battery life seemed to last perfectly fine, I could take it out for a day shoot, come back and the battery would still be fine.

I can honestly say I personally never had a problem with this camera. Great for beginners, probably not suitable for anyone experienced as it's very simple in any DSLR terms.
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on 4 April 2014
Amazon as usual very slow to despatch but that aside its' a great little camera, good spec and easy to operate once you've read the manual a few times. Disappointed it didn't come with the Image Stabilised lens although you shouldn't need that at these short focal lengths. I also bought a 55-250 IS lens where you sometimes need stabilisation at the longer focal length.
I think the 12 Mp quality is un-necessary unless you are blowing up pictures for street size posters, the lowest setting is good enough for PC viewing and 3 Mp good for A4 prints.
It's light and well balanced with through the lens viewing - very practical camera which comes with some good software for editing and printing. You can also operate the camera from your PC, not only shooting but changing settings. Canon also have some good support features on its website where you register it.
I not only use it for terrestrial photography, I use it with my 8" telescope and spotting scope with the appropriate adapters - it gives excellent results with both and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it in spite of the fact that the price went up by £5 since I ordered mine - it's still good value and probably beats all other prices.
The only complaint I have about the kit is that you'd expect to be able to photograph something straight away - you can't - you then have to buy an SD card to store the images.
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on 2 April 2014
This is my first DSLR camera and after using it for many months I am very happy with it. I spent a long time searching for something within my budget and this was on a deal with the lens.

A friend has a much higher end Canon along with many lenses he has let me use which has increased my enjoyment.

Being new to the camera world I cannot think of any major issues that a pro would have with regards to camera's but this one suits me just fine. Even though it records video in 720p and not 1080p it still provides fantastic quality recordings.

One little niggle for me though is when you have auto focus on it can take a while to focus and sometimes not at all in low lit areas however as far as I am aware this isn't an issue with this particular model, just the nature of photography. But, due to experience I find myself manually focusing more and more, it was mainly at the start it was a point and click job, which again it does in fantastic detail and as always, a computer cannot predict what you yourself want to photograph!

When recording video, its manual focus only, auto doesn't work and whilst this isn't a major issue, it can be quite irritating when recording video outside in the sun when trying to look at the LCD and decide whether you are focused properly or not, to then discover back home on the computer that your focus wasn't as sharp as it could have been, but this is just due to the glare from the sun on the LCD. If anyone has any recommendations or tips to reduce this and improve the ability to focus video in the sunlight I would appreciate this.

Battery lasts a decent length, I have only recharged it maybe 3 times over the past 5-6 months? (Can't remember date of purchase) and that is with maybe a dozen videos taken and thousands of pictures taken.

In short, I'm chuffed :)

As stated I am happy with this product and would definately recommend to anyone who is wanting a good DSLR on a budget.
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on 15 June 2016
Best buy i ever made. Since I'm just an amateur photographer this camera was perfect for me. Not too complicated, great auto modes for starters and it ended up with me hving loads of lively pictures of my little boy. Now I've learnt a bit more im testing my skills at manual mode and still am happy about how the camera works.
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on 11 March 2014
I have just moved up from a bridge camera, and this is proving to be a great buy. There are plenty of options to keep you amused. If you just want to point and shoot then there are plenty of pre-sets for you. Or you can do it yourself. I found the 18-55 lens a little restrictive. And bought a 70-300mm lens too,but I do like an outdoor shot. If you are taking family photos of the kids,pets etc.. Then it will be fine.
The camera does feel a little bit fragile. I have had no problems with it, its just a feeling. However having had previous problems with battery doors I feel this is a weak spot,particularly if you want to get the memory card out regularly. For laptop editing, for example.
I think this is a good product,and as you get a lens too, it is a great price.
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on 27 October 2016
What a superb workhorse camera. Hasn't let me down in four years of regular use, handy video clip feature, plus easy to use manual settings if you want to be creative but the P- Program setting copes with most lighting. Big range of used lenses fit this camera body too. Light enough to carry around on holiday or at an event, even with a 200-300mm telephoto on it. Recommended.
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on 21 August 2013
I did some homework before buying my first digital SLR. A quick trawl through Google provided a number of favourable reviews of the Canon EOS Digital SLR Camera. It is an entry level digital SLR but has proved easy to use and the instruction manuals (both printed copy supplied along with CD ROM version) are very helpful. I have tried the camera out in a number of situations - exterior daylight photographs, interior shots with and without the inbuilt flash and some night exterior shots in poor light or near street lights. The camera has coped well with all this different situations. The Amazon price compared very well with other suppliers so one happy customer!
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on 2 August 2014
This is new baby. I dabbled in photgraphy some decades ago and oh! how things have changed. The arrival of this wee smasher heralded my absolutely having to buy more gizmos to stick to it. They're cheap and cheerful too.

I have yet to plumb the depths of it's capabilities but I firmly believe it will be fun all the way.

Seriously though.. This seems a lot of camera for the money. Well made and just "feels" nice in your hand. Pair the supplied lense with a 75-300 and you will have a great capability for catching pictures.

Definitely for the serious amatuer and those who don't understand the functions of £2000 cameras to begin with. Fork out for Phot-Shop and like me you'll soon be churning out great looking Pics to bore the Bejasus out of your pals with.

Don't think! Buy!
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on 18 March 2013
This was bought as a gift for someone who was wanting to move on from compacts and get into photography a little more.

As such is was the perfect camera. It has more than enough functionality for an amateur and is light enough so as not to put them off either!

Whilst compared to some models it feels rather plastic-y, the body appears to be built well and feels quite strong to hold.

The body is also rather small for those of us with larger hands but with a grip wouldn't be a problem.

Picture quality is great for the price and I would have no hesitations in recommending the 1100D to anyone just starting out.
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on 11 June 2013
This was the first DSLR I bought, without any professional advice or even looking at different cameras in a shop. I just used common sense and advice from friends.

I am extremely happy with this camera, it has so many different functions and settings that I am yet to discover them all.

The record function is really great, which was important to me as this was chiefly what I bought it for.

I am also really happy with the quality and resolution of photographs that can be taken on this camera.

Finally it's a fairly lightweight model but also sturdy so no fear of it breaking every time I put it down.
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