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on 16 January 2016
Reviews of headphones are very subjective. One person may say there is too much base, while another may feel that there is too little. Another may say that they are extremely comfortable, whereas another might describe them as vice-like. With this is mind I give my review below.
General Info:
I have four sets of headphones, all for different functions. I have a Sony on-ear set, connected to my speaker system on my desktop PC, A Bowes and Wilkins P7 set for my Personal player and a set of Technics RP-F200 for late night TV watching which are plugged into my Denon surround system. This Panasonic set are to replace the Technics, as the ear pads are deteriorating.
Build Quality:
As good as anything that you could expect for £40.
I find them light and easy on the ears and I experience no discomfort when wearing them for a couple of hours. In fact they are more comfortable than my P7s that cost around £300.
Sound quality:
This is where it becomes very subjective. Compared to all my other sets, I find the base very boomy and on some occasions masks out much of the other frequencies. I used the track ‘Somewhere’ from the Barbra Streisand’s Broadway album as a test for this. Of course if you like a lot of deep base then this will, literally, be music to your ears. However when the base is absent the rest of the range is quite acceptable and in my case does the job of watching films and other general TV very well.
In summary:
I would be cautious about buying these for those of you who would describe themselves as audiophiles as you will hear the flaws in the base spectrum and the lack of separation immediately. If you just want to listen to music on your personal player, they will also serve well, as long as you are not expecting faithful sound replication. They are perfect for any PC sound system or plugged into your TV. If you are looking for more than this in a set of headphones for a similar budget then try and go to a pair of Sennheiser HD205. Momentums (2.0) or HD518s.
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on 4 April 2017
This is a great set of headphones - but mainly if you like a great levels of clarity, and a very lively sound signature, with great vocal clarity, and you hear instruments you didn't hear before - but mostly if you listen to classical, country or pop. Okay, but not great for Rock or EDM. I've been through 4 pairs in 5 years (as I keep losing headphones) and always end up re-buying them after trying others including The Bose entry-level over ear headphones (too base heavy, pop music doesn't really shine), and Sennheiser Momentum (Great for dance music, not so great for classical), as well as near price items (e.g. AKG K92 - close, but just not as lively).
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on 9 June 2015
Brilliant headphones. Incredibly value for money.
Originally purchased as cheap monitoring headphones for mixing. After using them for a bit of standard music listening I am not constantly using them. Brilliant sound. Very well balanced. Huge frequency response. Very very comfortable too.
A lot of headphones these days are marketed towards a certain audience. Or simply as being very bassey as that's what a lot of people think is good now days. However these are crisp, great balanced EQ which can easily be edited with any basic EQ on your phone or computer. They sound great with all types of music as they should. From Bands like Nirvana, to The prodigy, The beatles, Classical music and other.

Would definitely recommend.
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on 17 June 2018
Best headphones I have ever owned. This is the 4th pair I have bought of this model because I love the sound quality so much. The first pair I ever bought was probably a decade ago, I really can't remember how long I have stuck with the RPHTX7-W. My first pair cost 12.XX£ but I would still recommend them to anyone at their current price!!! They cut out sounds from your surrounding making them great in airplanes and when you want to not hear what's going on around you. They have a super rich sound making them great for electronic and vintage music alike and an added plus is that they keep your ear nice and warm in the winter :P
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on 16 June 2017
After trying out two slightly cheaper headphones before returning them both to Amazon I decided to splash out a bit more to get something that was higher quality. Definitely worth the extra money! Really good sound quality and the headphones fit comfortably around my ears without squashing them at all.

The headphones I had bought and then returned were both 'wireless' but I found that the bluetooth connection would disconnect randomly, plus you had to worry about keeping the headphones charged. These Panasonics are much better; you never have to worry about charging them or about the bluetooth connection cutting out- because they are powered by the good old fashioned aux cable.
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on 15 August 2016
I'm a music fan. A big one. Got my music every time I'm out. It's important as it keeps my demons away. Therefore I need good headphones too.

Before those one I've got really good ones. Able to deliver sound on every level of noise and all tones. From high to very low.

Here I'm not so sure I can compare them with my previous one. Wasn't sure is it the problem with my smartphone ( HTC one m8 with active HTC boomsound ) or its not the case. But I did try with both on and off option. No results.

So I've try with my sister's smartphone ( lg g5 and huawei p9 ) and always the same music as it was on mine. And even then sound was a bit low in tones.

In the end I've try with different equaliser on my smartphone and this did improve quality of tones. It wasn't the perfect but I could hear difference already.

After bit of googling I was able to convert my music using different tones settings ( things I never did when I was using my old headphones ) and now I can say its what I was used for.

But if you are first time to headphones over ear you can easily give it 5 stars. As materials feels good, cable is long enough to get into my pocket in trousers and not that long so I will not by accident step on it.

And I would really recommend red colour. If you are into music and this is your first time - must have! As you wouldn't be disappointed.

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on 21 March 2014
I love these headphones. They look like classic studio headphones from the 60s/70s. They sound great not too bassy as many headphones tend to sound these days; a nice balanced sound, almost flat, not too 'coloured' but certainly not tinny. It will make music sound they way the artist / producer intended it to sound, then it's up to the listener to EQ to taste. This means that they are also useful for recording/mixing applications.

Bare in mind I mostly listen to classic rock/pop/funk/country/soul from 60s/70s Dylan/Neil Young/Otis Redding/the Meters/Led Zep/James Taylor/Stones etc...I don't listen to dance, rap, dub etc so I don't know how they would deliver bass heavy music but have no reason to believe these phones couldn't handle it.

The sound proofing means you don't have to whack the volume up on your player to hear the music over street noise / traffic etc; so kind to your ear drums. They're light-weight and not as bulky as the classic headphones on which they are designed and really comfy to wear for long periods. The price can hardly be beat. There's a choice of colours, I got mine in black, they don't scratch easy and are well made. Pure value.
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on 11 July 2016
I've been searching for a new set of headphones, reading lots of reviews. I was struggling because I'm on a very tight budget but take audio quality quite seriously. For reference my first set of good headphones were Sennheiser Hd 215's (£56 at time of writing and a very good pair of headphones) which completely broke after several years of use, followed by Sennheiser HD 201's (£21 at time of writing) that were terrible in comparison that I have been eager to replace. Both were used for listening to music and watching films at home.

These Panasonic headphones have been reviewed quite well so thought I would give them a shot. I'm very impressed with the sound quality, lots of depth without lacking presence. You really get that "in the room feel" that a good pair of headphones should give. I'd be hesitant to say they sound better than the 215's because its been a few weeks since they broke and my memory isn't perfect. But they are certainly comparable. The sound is very good and for me they are reasonably comfortable.

The build quality however seems quite cheap, they have a very plastic (almost disposable?) feel to them. That's not to say they will fall apart, they just feel a little flimsy. The cable is only 1.2m and intended for portable use, so you will need to get an extension cable if you use it for your TV. The cable is also permanently attached. With my 215's and most good studio headphones the cable is detachable which is good because with excessive use cable wear can result in a crackling sound. Its much easier to replace the cable than the headphones themselves.

Ultimately the sound is great and they're reasonably comfortable, I'd be surprised if you could find anything significantly better for £40.
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on 22 January 2015
I've never heard any other headphones with a tonal balance quite like them. The extra detail I hear mostly seems to be in the upper bass and midrange; these are the best headphones I've ever heard at reproducing male voices. Although the tonal balance can sometimes give them a warm sound it can also accentuate the darkness in a recording. "Visions in blue" by Ultravox, for example, sounds disturbingly menacing. On the whole I'd say that they make the music more enjoyable than any others that I've tried, including some very much more expensive ones. They do seem to benefit from a running-in period though, the treble is somewhat reticent when they are new.
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on 2 April 2012
I wanted to buy some new headphones after becoming bored of using my only pair of in-ear phones for everything, mp3 player, DVDs, computer etc. I bought these after reading some extremely decent reviews which pointed out the very good value, cost versus quality. I didn't want to spend too much but still wanted a good quality build and, more importantly, a good quality sound. I have some fairly high-end Creative speakers hooked up to my PC and these headphones certainly hold their own against those. The sound is as clear as the source, no artificial overblown bass, everything just seems to sound as intended, even showing up imperfections in some lower-bitrate mp3s I'd ripped many years ago. The isolation works very well, I can happily listen to music/play games/watch movies without background noise while my wife watches the TV in the opposite corner of the room. They are also very comfortable.

So for 35 quid, we have a well built, great sounding product of premium quality but bargain price which begs the question, what's the catch?!
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